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Approved Character [Star Army] Matsuda Erina


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Well, this took most of my evening/night, but Matsuda Erina is ready to be reviewed. I most likely forgot something or misunderstood something. But seeing she is an officer, I wanted to give her some background, reasons for her behavior and such. If something wrong, I shall edit it as soon as I can, thanks in advance for reviewing <3



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she has a hard time following orders from people
I don't think this character is a good fit for the military, especially as an officer, unless this wording is removed or changed. I insist.

Other than that, I am OK with this character.


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Ahh yes, I totally messed that one up. Well that you get with writing so late. I fixed the wording as it was not my intend that she has problem with following orders, more with interacting with people.

She is honest, loyal and trustworthy and while she has a hard time listening or interacting with people, she has no problem following orders, regulations and the mission that is assigned to her.