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Star Army Trivia Night - Saturday Night

Join us for the first
(at least the first in a long time)

hosted by Wes

This Saturday Night, April 3rd
10pm-11pm EDT (7pm-8pm PDT)

Join Wes on Discord to test your knowledge of obscure and interesting Star Army lore for fun and prizes! 🎉


Founder & Admin
Staff Member
🌸 FM of Yamatai
🎖️ Game Master
🎨 Media Gallery

Whisper 7
SageShooter 5
_AC 5 (1 bonus)
Hyralt 4
KrimsonWulf 2
Dragon_God 2
sublimeinal 2
Raz 1
Reynolds 1 (1 bonus)

No Point Rounds 6 (3 bonus)

Thank you again everyone who joined! This was really fun and I hope to do it again soon!