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  • Current IC Month: 8月 YE 42 (through November 21, 2020)

Super Duper Secret Present


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RP Date
YE 42
RP Location
Kyoto, Yamatai
Klaus felt a weird sense of deja vu. Here he was back on Kyoto, waiting for someone and feeling nervous as all Hel. Though there was the subtle difference, that instead of waiting for his now current lover, Setsuya, he was waiting for her daughter, Sachiko. And so for the 2nd Ocean Day in a row, he stood in the busy Kyoto streetline, wearing a black shirt with blue jeans, waiting for a woman.

Five pairs of feet left the transport when two eyes spotted Klaus as they made their approach to the location that they were supposed to meet. Whiskers behaved well on the transport, sitting beside Sachiko like a good girl not paying attention to the other passengers or allowing herself to be distracted, even though a little Neko girl wanted to pet the robodog, and a Karen tried to buy her but Whisker’s mistress refused.

Soon they were off, the transport and they made their way to Klaus’s location. Whiskers wagged her tail at the sight of Klaus, a new friend to play with, and she jumped for joy happily. Sachiko laughed of course before turning to Klaus and saluted him. “Itatski-Hei reporting for helping duty sir!” she said with a big grin on her face, though he was higher in the ranking than she was, but she knew this wasn’t a Star army mission.

Klaus laughed at Sachiko's salute, returning it. "There's no need for that Sachiko. We are not on mission right now." Looking to Sachiko's feet he saw a dog wagging its tail. "Hello there, is it yours Sachiko?"

Sachiko just grinned at his response to her salute. “True,” She said, and her grin widened when his attention went to her masterpiece. “Yup, she’s my greatest masterpiece, she’s a robot dog, but you can’t tell that can you, she looks so real. “Whiskers moved forward and sat in front of him, her right paw held up for him to shake. Which pleased Sachiko more, since she didn’t program that. “I rebuilt her using some metal from a junkyard, and with some parts, I fixed, but her mind is experimental, a bit of robodog, and Drake, Drake was to control a special weapon inside.

Klaus blinked at Sachiko's statement all while taking the dog's hand and shaking it. "I guess your mom wasn't kidding when she said that you were a genius. Does she have a name?"

Sachiko blushes as the man her mother was dating, and the man she would soon call daddy complimented her. Though it was true she was a bit of a genius when it came to technology. She smiled as she watched as he shook Whisker’s paw. “Her name’s Whiskers well Itto Whiskers since I thought it would be cute. “She told him feeling pleased that they could talk about Whiskers, but that wasn’t why they were there. “So, where do you want to start first?” She asked.

"Nice to meet ya, Whiskers." Klaus's smile lessened a bit. "The original plan was for us to get together with your mother and just spend some time together. But she got caught up in work, so it's just us two. And Whiskers of course. How do you feel about grabbing a bite to eat? There's a Kikyo's Pie not far from here."

Whiskers barked though it sounded almost like she chirped. The message was clear though, it was nice to meet him too. Sachiko frowned when she heard that her mother had gotten caught up in work and she nodded her head. “I love going to Kikyo’s pie! I agree with the idea” she said the frown back to a smile. Though it was at the back of her mind, that perhaps mom’s work excuse, was a trick and that she intended for the two of them to interact since he might be her father.

After a bit of a walk they found a Kikyo's Pie shop with not too many people. They managed to secure a table on the outside, allowing Whiskers to remain with them. After placing their orders, Klaus turned to his lover's daughter and asked,"So I hear you are deployed in the YSS Shiroyama. How's that posting been so far?"

Whiskers lounged beside Sachiko as she waited for her mistress to eat her food. With the orders made, she turned to her future daddy as he asked about her posting. “Pretty well, we got an awesome ship to use when we go to Terra Multa on missions, and I was able to get a space on the station, I call it my Tinker space. I can tinker all I like there. I can also go down to the planet, there’s a place called the Heap it’s full of stuff, technology and things that are broken; I’ve been fixing them and learning how they are made. I created the Virtual Home Sleep from parts and talking to Auntie Suzume’s people. They were a great help. Oh, I’m also working on a new project; I thought I needed to create it. I had a horrible feeling in my gut during my shower because I was thinking about you and mom.” She told him.

The initial smile in Klaus's face was replaced by a guilt-ridden expression at Sachiko's last words. "Thinking about your mother and me gave you a bad feeling?"

Sachiko blinked when she realized she hadn’t finished her sentence. “Sachiko you Baka” She shook her head “Sorry, for not finishing, actually what gave me the bad feeling was you all on your ship and an attack has severely damaged it, and critically injured your engineers and technicians, leaving you all with no way to fix the ship. What I am creating would help with what and show what would be needed to fix and whether the damaged ships that were downed during the attack was compatible with yours. I’m sorry I was so unclear before."

"Oh. I suppose that's much better then." The Minkan's expression eased off. Deciding now was the best the time to ask it, he said, "Sachiko, since we are alone, I wanted to ask you...What do you think of my relationship with your mother?"

Sachiko nodded in agreement at his words and finding herself pleased that she made things clear. Already she could see his expression change and she hoped he was feeling better. At his next question, she placed her hands together. “I’m pleased that mommy can find someone she can love, and I am hoping things stay this time around too, and though I do want to say I’d love to be a big sister, if you two don’t want kids it's ok.” She told him with a grin at the thought of being a big sister, and that they had a family.

“I know mom loves you, and you love her just the same way, right?” she asked him before going on “and that’s the most important thing.” She said.

"I love Setsuya." stated Klaus. It wasn't a boast or anything. It was a mere statement of fact. "I love her more than anything in this galaxy. She's my first love but I already know that I would die for her. And for you." Klaus leaned forward. "You are a part of her. Setsuya, the woman I love, is both warrior, caretaker and mother. She's all those things put together and you are part of her identity. It's why I wanted to spend time with you honestly. I don't want you to feel that I'm stealing your mother from you. I'm not here to try and become your father. I'm here because you are part of the woman I love." Realizing he just spend a lot of time monologing, Klaus grew flustered. "So, yeah. I'm glad you're okay, with me and her."

Sachiko smiled as she listened to his speech and she learned just how much he loved her mother. Klaus is a good man, and a kind man, too which she found from when he said he didn’t want to make her feel like he was stealing her mother from her. She laughed when it appeared that he grew flustered from his monologue. “You’re a good man Klaus, and I know you’re not trying to be my dad, but I feel like you’d make a great dad, and I have to admit, I’d like to call you daddy but only if you’d feel comfortable with that.” She told him before turning as their order was being brought to them, while Whiskers got a bone to chew on.

Klaus was stunned at the Neko's words. She wanted to call him Dad. He was so surprised that he barely noticed the pizza arriving. For awhile, he looked in silence at his pineapple and olive pizza, expression pensive. "I'd like that," he said, finally. "I'd like that alot Sachi. I'll give it my all to try and become worthy of it." With that finally said, Klaus tore a slice of the pizza from the pie and enjoyed the sweet and salty slice.

Sachiko smiled at him as he finally responded to her words. She knew he would try and she knew he would succeed, she had belief in him. She picked up a ham and pineapple pizza slice and begins munching on it. Sounds of enjoyment soon forthcoming as she ate it, “and I will continue to try being a good daughter, and if it happens, good big sister as well. “She said with a smile as she couldn’t help but think what her little sister would be like with parents like Klaus and Setsuya.

Klaus laughed nervously as he thought of all the opportunities he had to 'expand' Setsuya's family. The many, many opportunities. Refocusing on the subject, he said, "I know you will, you are your mother's daughter." After sipping his soft drink, he asked,"By the way, do you have anything else planned for the evening?"

Sachiko smiled as she was given another compliment and she continued to eat her slice. She swallowed the slice and was about to get another when he asked a question. “Nope, I got nothing planned that I can’t do tomorrow, so I am as free as dust in the solar wind. ‘She said before she grinned at the reference to that holovid.

Nodding, Klaus leaned forward in a conspiratory manner with a smirk. "I actually might need your help. Don't tell your mother but I'm actually picking up a gift for her, since it's the one-year anniversary of when we met. Do you want to go help me pick it up?"

Sachiko blinked in surprise, and then she looked series as she too leaned forward and nodded. “I’d be honored to help with that!” She said feeling very pleased at being asked. Her mind swirled with ideas on what he was getting her mother before she decided to just wait and see.

As both of them finished their meal, Klaus lead the young Neko and her dog through Kyoto passing stores, cafes, stands and neon lights. They made small talk along the way on various subjects, until they reached a storefront that said, 'Godfrey and Morrison Clothing Company.' As both of them walked in, Klaus turned to Sachiko, "I decided that for your mother, she should get something both fashionable and practical." the Minkan turned to one of the shop staff, asking for his order. As the staff member went to retrieve it, Klaus continued to explain himself. "And there's a particular item that fits that description that this company makes. It costs more than my monthly salary, but I think it was worth it." A shortwhile after, the staff member brought with him a garment bag. After thanking the staff member and taking the bag, Klaus turned to Sachiko with a teasing smirk. "Wanna see it?"

The young Neko walked with her father figure and speaking with a variety of small talk, including what the Artemis was like, and whether he and her mother were comfortable there before finally, they had made it to their destination, which appeared to be a clothing store. She admittedly was confused, especially when he mentioned he decided that her mother should get something fashionable and practical. She didn’t know what item that would be that would have cost him months’ salary.

She turned her head as the staff member brought the garment bag over, before looking over and nodded, “yeah! I wanna see!” She knew it couldn’t be bras, no way would that cost him a month’s salary. She waited for him to take it out so she can see.

"Alright then." And with a dramatic florish, Klaus revealed a black leather jacket with crimson shoulder pads and cuffs. "This is a Legend Mark III jacket, custom tailored for Setsuya. It's made of leather, stone thread and wool with hollowed out section int the pads and cuffs for extra armor. Not to mention, belt holes for tactical harnesses and a little something I added." Klaus gestured towards the jacket collar where 'Setsuya' was written in golden cursive. "So, give me your honest opinion, you think Setsuya will like it?"

What Sachiko had been expecting, it hadn’t been that! As she saw it, a smile was on her face which only widened to Cheshire grin height when he mentioned custom-tailored to Setsuya, which meant he had her mother’s measurements. Her hands moved up to hide the grin her body shaking in laughter before she burst out laughing. “Oh gosh, daddy! That’s…” she tried to say and went into her laughter before calming down. “That’s adorable daddy, that you would get it in her size, mom will be happy that you were so thoughtful!” She said ignoring the looks she got, and some quietly commenting on the possible height of her mother, and the woman he was dating.

Klaus's face burst red at Sachiko's words. He knew he gave her permission to call her that, but... He really wasn't ready for the emotions it brought up. "I'm glad you like it then." said the Minkan, rubbing the backside of his head, flustered beyond all belief. Noting some of the looks they were receiving and seeing no point in hanging around, Klaus packed up the jacket. "Let's go get some air."

Sachiko did indeed like it, and she felt ready to go when he was as well. She followed him after he packed up the jacket. “Air sounds good” she said as she followed beside him. “You were right, it’s fashionable and it can be made practical too.” she commented to him as her tail swayed behind her, and Whiskers padded beside them as they left the store. “So, where to now?’ she asked him the moment they were outside.

Spotting a nearby Treasure Trove Frozen Treats stand, Klaus smiled and gestured towards it. "How about a bit of dessert?"

Sachiko grinned as she too spotted it ” Last one there has to pay!” She said suddenly as she ran as fast as she could towards it, leaving Whiskers beside Klaus before Whiskers runs after her mistress since she didn’t have money to pay for things.

Unable to help himself, Klaus laughed at the retreating back of a girl he was thinking more and more of as a daughter. 'If I ever have a kid, I hope they are just like her.' he thought as he chased after her. They spent the rest of the day together, growing closer. As a family.