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Jack Pine

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[[Message Begins]]
From: Section 6
To: Galactic Horizon.

Hello, recently S6 has made the decision to change locations. We will need some things for a long trip to find a new home to base our organization in and maybe in time, even start a new nation. We've looked through your public catalog and composed a shopping list of sorts. We'll be basically clearing out our bank account for this transaction. We're also interested in some of these heavy armor we heard you have in development.

\/ Item list below \/
10x sport shit
50x Gauss rod rifles
10x hyper shift rotary changing
200x hands free comms collars.
200x external respiration kit
500x multimendfoam
500x pridwen deployable cover
500x bubble blower grenades
100x foresight helmets
10x URSAs
10x Balaena industrious platform
10x squid rigs
10x sardine can rigs
50x of the new heavy armors

We look forward to your reply and hope that this will be the continuation of our long standing friendship.

Commander and Director
Mark Oaklen.

[Message End]]


Everything Is Magical
FM of Neshaten
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Director Oaklen

Long time no see pal, only just back in town and you're now leaving!

Although from what Mr Black has told me, we may be moving in with a new partner soon too. Down to business however, I've looked over your list and checked the stocks we have here as well as held on IIS and I'm pretty sure we can have it all packed into some containers on a frigate for you in a couple of days, as you probably are well aware of mobilising this much stuff takes time.

Now here comes the nasty part, pricing:
10x sport shot = 2 500ks
50x Gauss rod rifles = 50 000ks
10x hyper shift rotary changing = 50 000ks
200x hands free comms collars = 30 000ks
200x external respiration kit = 40 000ks
500x multimendfoam = 6 250ks for 500L
500x pridwen deployable cover = 500 000ks
500x bubble blower grenades = 250 000ks
100x foresight helmets = 50 000ks
10x URSAs = 1 000 000ks
10x Balaena industrious platform = 100 000ks
10x squid rigs = 20 000ks
10x sardine can rigs = 30 000ks

We averaged out the ERKs your ordered at 200 a piece for this order, as we assumed you'd want filters and extras to help you along and this way you get the whole lot for a bit less than it normally would be, all ammo for this order has also been included for free given the bulk size of this request. So here is the total.
Subtotal: 2 128 750ks
Bulk order discount
Total: 2 125 000ks

We also look forward to continuing the friendship between our respective groups and I for one am sure we'll bump into each other in future, you've got my number so call me if anything is urgent.

Kryss Black

Jack Pine

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Game Master
Miss Black

Nice to see you back. I'm transferring the funds now, you should receive them shortly. Thank you again for products and the generous discount. We'll be sure to call if we need anything more, and we look forward to sending you a postcard from the new homeworld.

Director and Commander
Mark Oaklen

>>>Fund Transfer - Complete<<<


Everything Is Magical
FM of Neshaten
Game Master

I'm pleased to announce the heavy suit you'd heard rumours of has been completed and is now available for purchase at 20 000KS per base suit. Weapons and ammo will be extra of course but since you are one of our valued friends I'm sure we could work something out.

Please let me know what numbers you're thinking of.

Kryss Black

Jack Pine

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Game Master
Miss Black

I would like 50 as listed in the original order with full weapons. We have recently made more income and can shell out for the addition to the order. Please list your total and I will have the funds transferred.

Director, Mark Oaklen