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RP Concluded [Swarmtide Rising] The Hunt Begins


Convention Veteran
RP Date
YE 44.7.1
RP Location
YSS Densetsu
YE 44.7.1
Taisho Fletcher
YSS Densetsu

This conference room on the YSS Densetsu was large, today it hosted Taisho Fletcher, all eleven of the Chujo of the 7th fleet, and a few special guests, along with various functionaries. Fletcher trusted his Chujo, preferring one on one discussions to large meetings like this. However, a meeting like this every three months or so kept everyone on the same page. Ultimately, their decisions were his responsibility. The Chujo were a diverse group, over half of them were Nekos, but it was still fewer than in many groups like this. He also had Separa’shan, Kodians, Phods, and Yamatains who were all trusted advisors and commanders of his forces.

He glanced back at one of his bodyguard, Subaru. The young neko had been a survivor of the first Swarmtide attack. She was also something of a wildcard, which is why he had decided to keep an eye on her personally. Her charcoal black skin that was speckled with white freckles was a true black, not the deep chocolate of her boss.

The clock ticked over to 1300 hours, and Fletcher spoke up. “Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s make the most of our time together. Chujo Hatsue, I believe you have a briefing on the Swarmtide situation.” The room quietly instantly.

The dark Neko with blue eyes nodded and stood. “Yes, Sir. Our briefing three months ago didn’t have many details, as much of the information we have now wasn’t confirmed. I’ll start with a timeline. Seven months ago, one of our secret research bases was attacked by forces we now describe was the Swarmtide. We believe their goal was to secure a datavault containing a back up of our research and then make the destruction of the base look like an accident. However, swift action by soldiers stationed there were able to prevent the destruction, but not the theft. Four months ago, Theraxis, a moon in Abwehran, was attacked in a similar manner and destroyed. We deployed intelligence assets with the cooperation of the local governor and determined that it was indeed a Swarmtide attack. Historical research indicates three other attacks in the last five years are likely Swarmtide related. With this information in hand, we were able to trace a rough trajectory, north-east beyond the Tiig'Riiba homeworld. Scouts deployed in that area haven’t detected anything at this time.”

Fletcher nodded, listening, “What is your analysis of the threat?” He asked.

“There are two portions to the analysis, a biological and a tactical one. I’ll allow an expert to give the biological analysis. Shoi Sanssinia, can you give your report?”

A tall thin Separa’Shan attending volumetrically sitting next to Hatsue nodded, and stood, perhaps a bit stiffly. “You are all cleared for the following information. I deployed to Ayenee in YE 40. While there, we fought some remnants of the Chaos Hive. They were tenacious fighters, and they managed to damage or endanger several of us on the mission. As one of the medical personnel on the ground, I was able to study them and their genetics. I was called in when we received some swarmtide bodies that resembled genetically, the Chaos hive. There were initial concerns due to the integration of distinctive Mishhuvurthyar and Nekovalkyrja genetic changes. I think this means that they fought the Mishhuvurthyar at some point. The Swarmtide genetic structure is very flexible, almost a sort of meta-genetics in a way. Very few of the Swarmtide I studied had identical genetics. Each one seems to be custom made for a specific task. There were a few commonalities I was able to identify. The ones I were, were also common with the Chaos Hive. To confirm this, I suggest an expedition to Ayenee to find more remnants and examine them.”

Sacre continued explaining, “The Swarmtide are completely biological as far as I’ve been able to determine. However, they are able to replicate many of the same functionalities as our own systems in their own ways. For example, their soldiers have a biological armor similar to the Yamataium and Hemosynth we use on our own ships that allow them to repair damage. They are capable of communication and coordination across vast distances through a biological Ansible organ. For unknown reasons, this organ is often on the exterior, but protected. If targeted, it seems to disconnect the individual from the swarm as a whole and prevent coordination, although it is still capable of fighting and it seems to still be recognized by other swarmtide creatures. However, if wounded too severely, it will be eaten by its comrades. This seems to boost regenerative capabilities. After battles, harvester crabs seem to comb the battlefield for biological material and novel genetic samples. We believe that once returned to the fleet, these genetic samples are available to be used in future biological creations.”

“Do you think they can be communicated with?” Issus Elapide, the Separa’Shan Chujo in charge of communications asked.

“Not at this time, while the Swarmtide exhibits intelligence and adaption, it doesn’t seem to be able or willing to communicate with us. Telepaths on Ayenee described the Chaos hive as a constant hunger that could never be satisfied.” Sacre answered.

“Not too different from the Mishhuvurthyar,” Yamato Kioko remarked.

“In some ways, but they are radically different in others. The Mishhuvurthyar were originally designed to be biological weapons, but ones that PNUgen could control. Control requires communication. They also seem to have a sort of swarm intelligence while Mishhuvurthyar are individuals. Mishhuvurthyar are the neighbors who want to murder you. The Swarmtide is more like a force of nature that blows your house and everything around it down without noticing.” Sacre responded.

“Tactically, the Swarmtide seem to rely on overwhelming numbers. A thousand of their soldiers for one of our Mindies seems to be a net win for them. They are capable of combined arms and are not afraid of shelling their own to secure a victory. We have no idea what their numbers are in our universe, so it is vital that we crush them before they can become a serious threat.” Hatsue added, moving on to the tactical briefing. “Their space forces appear to follow a similar specialization pattern to the ground troops. Fighters, Gunships, Carriers, all seem to be organic in nature.”

Fletcher nodded, considering what was being said. There was a bit of debate and questions running around the table and he listened carefully. However, his mind was on the near hopeless siege he had fought against their ancestors. Mountains of bodies that they just kept climbing over. “Ultimately, we don’t know enough. So our priorities are discovering more information about the threat. Specifically, I want to know where they live and how they plan to hit us. And preparing for a conflict with them. For that reason, I’m authorizing a mission to Ayenee and deep space exploration to find them. Kioko, your taking the lead on the mission to Ayenee. Ersus prepare a strike team for me. I’m going to have Banebridge send you some names of personnel I want included. Williams, you are going to send a Plumeria squadron with a light starbase to find them. Chikuma, work with her on that. Shizu, work up plans on how to fight these bugs. Hitomo, prepare White Hammer for an engagement with the Mishhuvurthyar. Hatsue, I’m going to need to know where a Mishhu I can talk to is. I want to know if they are involved somehow. Any questions?”

There were none. “Excellent, let’s move on to the next item on our agenda, Davis what….”