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RP Talks and coffee. (Post-mission 10)

Yoshiro Tanaka

Well-Known Member
RP Date
After mission 10
RP Location
Cabin 6
(Continued from JP)

Yoshiro was expecting to get chewed out about his questioning of orders that Taisho Irim gave them. He had his issues about questioning the orders, as he was a soldier of the Empire but he also felt guilty for thinking about ignoring the fact that he could have been asked to kill innocent civilians. "So what are you here for sir?" Yoshiro asked, knowing the inevitable he thought was coming.
Cabin 6

Trowa examined the model on the table. His own son would be old enough to play with such things before he knew it. It gave him a slight pang, being separated from his family. He loved being a Starship Operator but he also loved his family dearly. It made it slightly easier to be away from them knowing that by doing his job, he was infect, protecting them.

Yoshiro's question brought him out of his thoughts back to the present. "I was merely checking on you to see how you were doing." Trowa chuckled. "I passed Sanda on the way to the showers. She wrapped her arms around me and gave me a hug as if I'd come back from the dead. She didn't say anything, just hugged me and kept going, her music blasting so loud I could hear it through her ear buds." Trowa pulled out the desk chair. "What I'm saying is, that's pretty strange behavior for Sanda, who is a hard core Ranger. If that last mission shook her up, Ms. I'm-too-much-of-a-bad-ass-to-show-any-emotions, I could only imagen how the rest of the crew must be feeling." He left the question unset, but clearly asking how was Yoshiro dealing with it.
"Well I don't know what to feel. When I heard that there were possible orders to kill civilians, I felt like I had to question that but when I heard that the orders had come from a taisho, I didn't know what to do.I felt so bad that I questioned orders but to have not questioned why we were to kill civilians would have made me feel worse." Yoshiro said "One of my first missions on the Aeon, the first one, we were to liberate a prison and rescue a crashed pilot. Higaflan, I believe the planet's name was and I ran into surrendering NMX Nekos and killed one by accident. That incident has been with me for a long time."

He worked on the model he was building for his younger brother. After a few moments of putting parts together he spoke again. "My former captain Nashoba was the reason that I questioned that order in the first place. She said to be the best soldier and person that I can to honor my father's sacrifice in protecting my family while trying to evacuate them to a safe place during the invasion of Yamatai. Got his head blown clean apart. But as to why I questioned those orders, it was because I remembered those things. Granted, like you said to me during the mission, be glad that I didn't have to go through following the orders but why were they given in the first place?" Yoshiro said, a slight bit of anger in his voice. "Is the price we have to pay for our honor, our very souls? Is killing innocents who cannot defend themselves even honorable in the first place?"

"If that is what we have to do then damn honor! I will not pull the trigger of my weapon on some innocent being, even if their governments are our enemies. But I also feel bad for questioning any orders from anyone higher rank than me. I really don't know how to separate my soldier self and my human self." Yoshiro said, tears forming in his eye. "I am ready for punishment from the captain but I don't know what to do. I don't know what my father would do if he were faced with this." Yoshiro punched the wall and heard a knuckle snap. He held his hand as he tried to figure out what to do.
Trowa remained silent letting Yoshiro get whatever was on his chest off. Although as the young man spoke, Trowa could see that he was getting himself more and more worked up. The eye-patched Nepleslian could see where things were heading but still he closed his eye and winced as Yoshiro punched the wall. At the mention of the Aeon and Captain Ise, Trowa couldn't help but smile. Like Yoshiro, he had served on the Aeon under Ise. He wouldn't be where he was today without her wisdom and advice.

"Calm down Yoshiro. You're letting your emotions run away with you and I think it's clouding the situation more than what it actually is." Trowa said. He leaned back in his chair and crossed his leg, getting conferrable but also showing a relaxed posture, hoping to help put Yoshiro at ease. "First, I doubt the captain plans on punishing you. You didn't refuse any orders. At most, he might remind you about the importance of the chain of command and why we follow orders quickly and without question."

Trowa absentmindedly patted his pockets as if he was looking for something. He was looking for his pipe but he left it at home when he was on ship, knowing the Star Army's policy on smoking. Sighing that it wasn't there, he continued. "Second, and this is just my personal opinion but I've never heard of Mishhuvurthyar civilians. Yes I understand they are a variety of slaves but I've never heard of actual Mishhuvurthyar civilians. I fought in the second Mishhuvurthyar War and never has that ever come up. As far as I'm concerned, there are no such things as Mishhuvurthyar civilians. Now Euikoshi seemed pretty sure of what they were and being a science officer she probably knows a good bit more than me but from all I've ever seen and heard the Mishhu as a species care only about domination and turning all other races into their slaves. Besides, they attacked us. Their Rippers attacked the away team and some big gun just about destroyed the Resurgence, not exactly peaceful actions. That alone would have given us just cause to wipe out the whole base. However, Aoba used his judgement as there was potentially some slight question about if there are actual Mishhuvurthyar civilians or not."

Trowa took a deep breath and rubbed his beard. "Look Yoshiro, war is messy. Things aren't always going to be so cut and dry and your going to question if the order your receiving is the best way to do things, or if it's even the right thing to do. What your going to have to decide now is whether or not you believe in the Star Army and it's cause. That, no mater what, during the heat of battle, you are going to follow whatever orders come down from your superiors quickly and without question. After the battle is over, you can always question the decisions made and figure out what you could have done differently for the future. But if you question orders in the middle of a fight, you, your team and other innocents could get hurt or killed. That's our duty as a soldier. It's why we joined the Star Army in the first place."