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RP [Task Force Inquisition] Mission 1, Space Phase - Don't Fear the Reaper


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Valentine is done
Here but now they're gone
Come on baby, don't fear the reaper
Baby take my hand, don't fear the reaper
We'll be able to fly, don't fear the reaper
Baby I'm your man~

♫ Blue Oyster Cult - (Don't Fear) The Reaper

Task Force Inquisition, Underway to Skadi System
Aboard YSS Orochi, Command Bridge

The silver-haired Taisa Hachimitsu Mikoto sat in her scarlet velvet-lined chair at the top of the command bridge of the lead Irim-class Gunship of the Orochi Squadron, legs crossed and leaning to one side. The expression on the old nekovalkyrja's amber-eyed face was a familiar one of mild impatience, as she tapped her folded Zesuaium war tessen against her chin counting the ticks until the formal operation briefing would begin on the first mission of 'Task Force Inquisition'.

She really didn't like the choice of name for this impromptu campaign. It sounded too holier-than-thou, too jingoistic, and definitely not Yamataigo enough! But then again, the officer of the Star Army wasn't the one in control this time... rather it was Shosho Kimberly Kier, of the Ninth Legion. Mikoto idly wondered what she had done to offend Chiharu to get stuck performing overwatch and escort duty for a Rikugun operation. After what had happened at the Battle of Jun two years ago, she should have been promoted by now to Shosho and sent to the Kuvexian war front! It was bad enough she had seen no action since that fateful clash with the Mishhu at Yuletide eve... peacetime patrols and training once again became her vapid existence.

But as soon as her beloved Irims were all out of the depot at Virgo Star Fortress for repairs and some assigned equipment modernizations, the assignment came through to the Valentine defense squadron to once again hastily deploy to assist in a security operation in friendly space, this time joining up with the Sharie Battleship the YSS Shinigami and its 10 Kagai-class Assault Ship escorts. The flotilla of 19 total ships that would form the Task Force had their orders to explore and secure Skadi, a site she recalled vividly as the site of the historic Battle of the South Gate during the wars gone by in the Bard Cluster.

Even if they were expecting to find little more than a disorganized pirate haven there, Taisho Shizuka Endo of 8th fleet must know more than she was letting on if she would send her crack gunship team on something so routine. The fact that Mikoto received word that the former Taisho of 4th Fleet, Shimizu Akina, would also be watching the progress of this operation on a world she used to have a very personal stake in with her clan, also lent credence to the suspicions that something bigger was going on here. Was it the NMX raiders again, or something else?

The worst part was when the Squadron Commander had received a report moments ago that the Nozomi-class scout that had been sent to investigate and take scans of the operations area at Skadi had its visual feed unexpectedly cut when it drew close to the planet after picking up some active aether nergy signatures that matched old Star Army vessels. The last images in the database before they lost contact completely showed what looked like a group of vintage Arashi-class escorts, behind which was the imposing shadow of something much larger and mysterious. Everything after that was static, though analysis by her new XO determined that there was background transmissions going on in a language similar to that of the Graxlat...

Ah that's right, Hashimoto Umeshu. The black sheep sister of her long-time bodyguard, Yuuki. Although she was well-liked by all of the crew aboard and recommended for the position due to her experience on the YSS Eucharis as its Second Officer with the new hostile races appearing in the southern reaches like the Rixxikor, the wisteria-skinned Neko was hardly the yojimbo her eldest sister was... and didn't even manage to finish samurai training! But there was little the captain of the Orochi could do about it, what with the recent dissolution of the Ketsurui Samurai entirely... Yuuki's new position resulted in her joining the Rikugun legions to be an infantry commander for the impending assault on the L'Kor homeworlds far away from the Samurai Sector.

The irony of this whole situation wasn't lost on Mikoto, who found herself giving a short laugh, to which the Taii turned her sage-green eyes from the planning star map table towards her commander. That face and voice was just too damn nice to be someone she could count on when things got ugly... and that weird skin color didn't help things any. "Nani? Is something the matter, Mikoto-sama? You're due to give the joint briefing on our current mission in a few moments," reminded the XO, who gave a small smile. "You'll be pleased to note that Taisho Shimizu Akina will also be joining us via volumetric teleconference with some additional information..."

The Taisa unfurled her fan and started blowing some air across her face once or twice before standing up from the comfy chair and stretching, "Arigato, Umeshu-taii. Looks like its time to get this show on the road. Patch us through to the Shinigami's comms for streaming, and summon the infantry and pilots. Condition upgrade. I'll be broadcasting from the launch bay in 5 minutes." The war veteran then turned her back to leave as her long silvery mane followed the movements, but kept an eye on her XO with a clap of the fan. "You have the bridge, umeko-chan." The way Mikoto said this falsely endearing name called to mind the fact she would have to work harder to earn the Taisa's respect like her samurai sister, even if Hanako-shosho had vouched for her. The two Shoi sprites on the bridge Fuji and Miyogi simply looked at each other and giggled a bit, the drama and gossip actually really refreshing entertainment for them compared to Yuuki...

Meanwhile an announcement chime rang through the ship in the MEGAMI's pleasant yet insistent tone. "Alert - Readiness Condition has been raised to Level 3. All infantry and starfighter pilots are to report to launch bay in 5 minutes for mandatory mission briefing."

The message was also mirrored to the 2,000 strong Rikugun Legionnaires stationed on the YSS Shinigami.
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YSS Orochi, Bunkroom

She couldn't feel the lining anymore.

Joto Hei Raku Kishi, callsign "Hachidori", stared at her suit-clad hands as she gave her fingers another experimental flex. Her fingers swam in a syrupy void as as the pressure of her Aerospace Flight Suit's inner gel layer went right past the nerveless skin to push against bone, producing a disjointed sensation as if she was puppeteering her own digits. The cool and squishy texture of the gel, something she'd known all her life ever since she stepped into the cockpit for the first time, was gone.

Kishi shuddered, a tingle running along the back of her skull. Loss of feeling in her hands took a while to get used to.

The sudden ring of the announcement chime served well to cut her out of her funk. Letting out a wordless sigh, Kishi pushed off of her assigned bunk and got to her feet, pushing the matter to the back of her mind as she made for the exit.

Duty calls.


Launch Bay 5

"Mamushis, hm...?" Kishi mused as she caught sight of the rows of sleek Ke-V10 "Mamushi" Starfighters lined up against the walls of the hangar. The dartlike ships were a vanishingly rare sight in the Star Army's fleets, PANTHEON had been abuzz with rumours ever since the prototype trials had been publicised. The lucky few that had been assigned to the new warbirds were aglow with praise for the fighters, and even as her eyes roved across the Mamushi's razor-sharp lines and polished fuselage an excited tingle ran up her spine.

Alas, duty called.

Wrenching her gaze from the waiting starfighters, Kishi took up a position near the expansive displays lining the wall of the launch bay. The breifing would be starting any minute now, she reckoned.
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Launch Bay

She wasn't happy being moved around.

Fukugumi Ume stood at the head of the group, facing them. On her well-filled flight suit, the 1XF patch had been replaced of the Task Force's own and the staunch tattered Ace of Hearts patch representing Heartbreak Squadron was placed just under it. If she had the helmet on, she might of looked somewhat friendly.

The pale blue CAG looked at each pilot individually, her piercing green eyes looking directly through them. Her violet hair spilled out across her shoulders, back, and chest and only seemed to give her an odd touch of beauty and an approachable look despite her mood. She was more pissed off she'd been evicted from her last post which she happened to like.


She wasn't happy being moved around either, the young Teien shyly looked away from the CAG as she observed some of the infantry coming in. Above all, she missed her sister and her mothers. She'd grown into being around people though, she was just going to have to settle as being the shy and small one for now. Her violet eyes moved around as she vainly looked for anyone she knew.

Unsatisfied, Kikyo finally just stood in the corner, alone, and listened.
Launch Bay

Akane and Aoi headed to the launch bay for their briefing. Blooded in combat with Heartbreak Squadron, they had been transferred here with some of the other members of the squadron. Glancing around the launch bay, they spotted Ume. However, as she appeared to still be pissed about the transfer. Akane and Aoi had taken the transfer in stride, just happy to still be together despite everything.

Akane spotted Kishi's eyes wandering over the Mamushi starfighters that the pair flew. Akane angled towards the Neko, and Aoi followed quietly. "Hey! I'm Akane! and this is Aoi!" Akane introduced the pair, loud enough for the whole hanger to hear, to Kishi. "You like the new fighters?" She asked.
YSS Shinigami

"Come on, Sara-cha, err, Hasewega-hei," Bryn said, brushing out imaginary wrinkles out of her brand-new uniform for the umpteenth time, "We're going to be late if we don't go now." Dang it all, being the youngest around again sucks, she thought, taking a deep breath as she put her cap. Even the 99ers look more natural here than I do.

Once on their way, she calmed down a little, though her nervousness was still evident in the stiffness of her walk. And here you'd think having gone through high school would make you better at being in new situations. Little did you know that new situations could be so...new? Uggh, that sounds sooo dumb.

Thankfully, Bryn was soon able to hide somewhat among her 2000 comrades in the Shinigami's launch bay. At least as much as a lavender-skinned Neko could hide. "It eventually gets less stressful, right?" she asked, looking at Hasewega hopefully.
YSS Orochi
Fumiko's Cabin

Fumiko was sitting on her bed playing a game on her Communicator. She jumped up when the Alert rang out, pausing the game. This was what she had been waiting for. Her time on the Eucharis and her subsequent three months of training all led her to this. They had also stripped her of her shyness. She smiled happily and slipped into her working uniform. The young Neko had taken to sleeping naked, and her cabin mate seemed to be okay with it.

The Nekovalkyrja she was sharing a cabin with was out the door before she finished getting dressed. She gasped and dashed out of the room, making sure she was dressed completely first. "Wait for me, Kotori-chan!" Fumiko called. She looked around for the other girl but she was gone.

Launch Bay

She arrived in the launch bay with a pout on her face. Looking around the room she noticed a shy-looking Neko standing by herself in the corner. Her pout turned into a smile and she waved at Kikyo. Fumiko walked right over to her and gave her a hug. "Hello! I'm Fumiko." She said, pulling back to look at Kikyo. Her eyes glinted with happiness, although to Kikyo she may have looked insane instead. "We're going to be good friends, I can tell!"
Launch Bay

Kikyo gave a weak and terrified smile but didn't say anything. She used her little Neko arms to force Fumiko off of her and proceeded to look like a terrified child walking through the group of infantry and pilots. Whoever that was that came up to her had just freaked her out even more. She seemed to look a lot like her mother when she was irked, terrified, or both. At any rate, now she was shivering and probably couldn't stop it from being visible.
YSS Orochi
Launch Bay

It had been a few days since her arrival to the YSS Orochi from Yamatai, the new "commander" of the squadron's space infantry wing of the ship's air group. Considering her rank, Akira did not know how to quite feel about it. She has spent much of her career as part of the Rikugun's many legions, she can only surmise her very brief and temporary command position of a gunship and osmosis learning from leading the non-commission officers teaching many cycles of soldiers in both ground and space infantry tactics at Fort Hajime.

As a result, she has been spending much of her time personally inspecting the equipment she that was being signed over to her before finally signing responsibility as everything was where it should be. So she has started to feel some comfort while being in the the launch bay. A particular corner with a stack of crates has a nice view over the personnel.

So she happened to be in that exact spot looking over records on my multi functional bracelet when the announcement for the briefing came over the intercom. The tone of Megami always bugged her.

She jumped down and brushed herself off to look presentable as she waited for the senior staff to arrive. She also looked around for her troops so she can organize them into a proper formation or at the very least one group.
"Why yes, actually." Kishi blinked, intrigued by the vibrancy of her redheaded fellow. Seeing such cheer in the girl's eyes warmed her heart, and Kishi soon found herself smiling softly at the pair. "I've heard good things about these ships, switching over from the Hayabusa to the new fighters will be interesting."

"How about you two?" Kishi questioned, eyes flicking between Akane's and Aoi's faces, noting their similar features. "Sisters, are you?"
Aoi nodded, and Akane continued, "Yhea, batch sisters. We had a great time flying them against the Kuvexians before we were transferred here." Akane responded. "Their good fighters, we haven't flown anything else, so we can't say how they match up against the Hayabusa. I take it you've flown the Hayabusa more?" She asked.
ThroBBing 「C-CLAYS」

YSS Orochi
Armor/Launch Bay

Pilots and infantry soldiers alike slowly streamed into the cavernous launch bay on the lower deck of the venerable Type 30 Irim, so often used as an impromptu meeting room for its crew since the old warship lacked a dedicated wardroom of more modern ships. However, some things had changed since those older briefings held here, as the old nettings along the catwalks were retrofitted with neater Armor Storage Racks for quicker swapping on the fly of the latest Mindy 4-Series. The new Ke-V10 Mamushi starfighters were also parked neatly nearby in a row, the vehicle hangar modified slightly to accommodate the craft that were twice the size of the old Hyabusa. Indeed, it was a very contrasting view of the latest in Star Army technology coexisting inside of a vessel bay that in many ways showed its age at nearly 10 years their senior...

Akira didn't have to wait long as the members of the 100-strong Orochi PA Wing started forming up behind their leaders a short distance from the Shoi, composed of 5 squads of 20 infantry Nekovalkyrja each. The new leader of the elite 1st Squad, Itto Heisho Kurosora Kim, was looking especially ready to go with an eager salute, having received a promotion not long before for her heroism during the Battle of Jun at the head of the heroic 2nd Squad that captured the YSS Krampus. The fiery haired and burnt fuzz-ear'd Nekovalkyrja trooper soon came up behind the shrinking violet Kikyo and the bubbly Fumiko and gave them each a clap on the shoulder with her hands. "Well look at what what we have here! Looks like I got stuck with two infamous kittens to babysit?"

Meanwhile, as CAG Ume scanned the several familiar faces of the 'Heartbreak' that had transferred over from the YSS Imperator, the Taii soon spotted a blonde haired Itto Hei apparently handing out some baked snacks. Fellow pilot Kishi would recognize the fellow veteran of Jun, having gotten a lot more confident and less ditzy since then... but Miyoshi aka "Cookies" was still as sweet toothed and generous as ever. A recent transfer, Joto Hei Kayoko Shii, was happily munching on a sugar cookie offered... the hospitality sure beat the harsh treatment of her old commander aboard the aptly named YSS Heartbreaker, although the part-time squadron maintainer "Tinkerbelle" did have a reputation for taking way too many catnaps on the equipment...

The gaggle of soldiers soon was startled into action when the familiar whoosh sound of a descending lift could be heard, which would be inevitably followed by a shrill whistle and calls of, "Taisa on deck!" The briefing on their mission would soon begin.

(to be continued next post)
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YSS Orochi
Armor/Launch Bay

Akira returned Kurosora-heisho's salute with a grin. She then return salutes from each of the remaining squad leaders as they reported the status of their squads and their location if for some reason they are unable to attend. Accountability is key to a healthy force.

Being somewhat informal for the moment, she stands in front of them waiting and listening to whatever idle talk she hears. She also looks at the fighter pilots a few times as she tries to assess them as well.

When she heard the call of the Taisa arriving, she stood at attention, staring right at them. "Armor Wing, Fall in!"

Once all have fallen in to position, she does an about face and salutes. She might be spacey now, but she is rikugun at the core.
"Batch sisters and co-pilots too, I presume? How cute!" Kishi giggled at the sheer quaintness of a sisterly duo joined in everything from blood to the cockpit, going everywhere hand-in-hand like in a cheery anime. "Well then. I'm Kishi, callsign Hachidori. Do tell me if you've got any questions to ask, hm?"

Kishi appeared to have more to say, but at the whistle quickly snapped to attention. "Ah, there we go."
Launch Bay

A maybe too excited neko almost ran into the bay, giddily jumping up and down. Looking like she'd been injected with a hundred tons of sugar, Jamie preformed an excited mixure of running and jumping toward her designated area.

"My first mission! Oh this is so exciting! I think I'm meltingontheinside!.. has anyoneactuallydiedfromexcitementbecauseifnotithinkimgoingtobothefirstone!"

She seemed both nervous and excited as she impatiently waited for orders. It was clear she couldn't stay still, even if she tried.

Jamie took a deep breath as she attempted to calm herself, obviously not working as she started to vocally try to reassure herself.

"Everythings gonna go ok.. you're not gonna mess up Jamie.. I hope..." She whispered to herself.
YSS Irim
Launch Bay/Briefing Room

A blonde Elysian boy sporting a massive, "I-just-made-a-shitpost-to-screw-with-you-and-it-worked" grin wordlessly saluted on command, holding himself tall and proper. The piloting angel-man had managed to lock eyes with Ume, his CAG from the Imperator, and tossed in a wink just to mess with her. Ah, yes... her reaction to his little battleship... "deletion" was hilarious. He'll have to go over and talk to her about it once this is all done.

Iridescent eyes sparkling and shifting around like an aurora, another elysian man stood next to his twin with a less childish look on his face. The twins used to be assigned to the Imperator, an aging warship that still held her own in a fight. Now, here they are, in another old ship, getting ready to fight again. He kinda missed the Imperator. Sure she isn't gone, instead she's off in a dock somewhere getting massive repairs and renovations, but even then... Alas, duty calls, and this mission was bound to be interesting. At least he recognized a couple of faces from the crowd, including his CAG...
Net-Zone| Ace Combat 7 Request Briefing OST

YSS Orochi
Armor/Launch Bay

(Simulcasted to Flagship YSS Shinigami)

The imposing figure of the long silver-haired Taisa Hatchimitsu strode onto the deckplates of the launch bay, as the last of the Nekovalkyrja stragglers hurried into a tight formation of salutes before she came to stand upon the Hinomaru symbol emblazoned upon the flooring. The trademark subspace-encased catapult system of the Irim stood watch at her back, as she scanned the array of pilots and infantry arrayed before her with intense, amber eyes. There was a trademark snap open of her Zesuaium war tessen to draw everyone's attention, as the semi-circle glinted under the hangar lights.

"Fellow soldiers of the Empress' grand Star Army...I come before you today to announce the inaugural mission of Task Force Inquisition. From this history-making moment forward -- whether Uchuugun of Orochi squadron or Rikugun of the Legion IX -- we stand now united in singular purpose! In the skies or on the ground, we have one shared mission: to conquer and liberate the ungarrisoned worlds of the South-East frontier from pirates, rebels, and all hostile nations who would threaten the soft underbelly of our beloved Empire. Seperate we were strong, and together we shall be unstoppable!"

The Taisa allowed the words she spoke to echo throughout the chamber a moment, as she waved the fan to a swell of catcalls and fists pumping in the air. The increase in the morale in the room was definitely palpable, as Mikoto then continued with a slight smirk on her face with the more practical matters.

"Now then, task force admiral Shosho Kimberly Kier has informed me that the first stop on our road to making history will be securing the strategic system of Skadi, of which we are currently en route towards." A *CLAK* closed of her tessen summoned a large volumetric screen into being behind her with a shimmering sheen, upon which soon solidified to show the components of the Task Force quickly approaching the outskirts of the system nestled near the South Gate, a passage through the Great Southern nebula and Katsuko's nebula, named after the former Empress.

"As you can see, Skadi sits watch over an important crossing point between the Bard cluster worlds and the south-east frontier, making it an ideal staging point for our mission. It was the stage for intense battles during the First and Second Mishhuvurthyar Wars, and the former location of the Spirit City Star Fortress. However, in YE 32 it was completely abandoned by the Fourth Fleet after they were nearly wiped out in heavy fighting with the NMX and forced to strategically retreat. For nearly 8 years it has been left sitting fallow... until now."

The display then zoomed in to the single habitable planet in the system, above which were marked several red triangles. "Recently, intelligence patrols have picked up unusual activity in the space around the former colony... specifically, aetheric signatures belonging to older Arashi-class Escort Destroyers. Our Nozomi scout that investigated was engaged soon after by the clearly hostile crafts, although did detect another unidentified capital-sized vessel also in orbit of the planet before contact was lost."

The display now showed a large battle-ship sized red star in the center of the enemies. "Comms chatter decoded by Hashimoto-taii indicates the ships to at least be partially staffed by the Graxlat. Considering their penchant for opportunistic salvaging that almost destroyed the YSS Eucharis, it is highly likely they have descended upon the unguarded Skadi with the specific intent to pillage it of old Fourth fleet equipment to use for their sinister -- and possibly Kuvexian-aligned -- ends. And if they can piece together a previously scuttled Arashi back into spaceworthiness, who knows what they could do given more time. Time we are not going to give them one more second of!"

From each Arashi then appeared a cloud of 1000 smaller dots, like a swarm of bees. "We have to assume the destroyers are at full operational capacity and will primarily utilize PA swarming and boarding tactics with with older M1 Lamia units to stymie our forces. Each onboard EIES can operate these remotely, so rather than waste time destroying the small fry, taking out the Arashi that is functioning as command and control for each PA wing will cripple those Lamia and remove them as a threat." The Taisa then pointed to the 8 Irim's launching their compliment of Mamushi fighters, which made a line towards the formation of destroyers. "We'll be relying on you, our Mamushi pilots, to penetrate the PA screen to engage and destroy the escorts. We will give support fire as much as we are able. Be careful, as they are armed with weaponry equivalent to the Orochi's.... including positron cannons and variable weapon pods for point defense, as well as ample missile launchers."

The captain then leveled a glance at the CAG, "I've seen what you've done on the YSS Imperator, Fukugumi-taii, and I'm expecting that same efficiency from the famous Heartbreak squadron here."

Mikoto then swiveled towards the large red star, with a concerned expression. "We have no data on what this hull is capable of, other than it likely serving as the defense fleet's flagship. It destroyed our Nozomi scout in a single shot, indicating battleship-class weaponry aboard, so the plan is to engage it at long range with our own Sharie-class battleship, the Shinigami. However, I also want to use this bombardment as a cover for sending our own armor wings in to try to investigate, sabotage, and capture the Graxlat commander for interrogation by SAINT."

The small dots that surrounded the Irim's advanced on the mysterious flagship, as Hachimitsu-taisa pointed a tessen towards the newly assigned officer in front. "Suzuki-shoi will lead the Orochi Wing in their assault, along with the commanders of our sister wings. I'll be watching very carefully."

Refocusing her attention to the battlespace map hanging in mid-air, several circles appeared around the various vessels of the Task Force. "As this conflict is primarily for securing space superiority, I am asking that our compliment of Rikugun legionnaires are delegated to the role of anti-boarding defense for their assigned vessels. This is certainly not belittling... far from it. Considering the numbers of PA that will be fielded by our foes, there is inevitably going to be a breach somewhere, especially in the rear of our fleet. And we need our bravest fighters to plug those gaps, and repel all enemies from our valiant ships before they can damage critical systems. Remember that your foes are likely being remote controlled by computers, and need be shown no quarter!"

There were definitely cheers from the briefing room of the battleship where her speech was being broadcast to, as the Rikugun looked forward to having a role to play in the upcoming fight. Maybe they could finally show those Uchuugun infantry up!

The amber-eyed commander of the Orochi Squadron smiled knowingly, and gave another quick click of her fan to settle down everyone. She wanted to fight just as much as they did, though one more matter needed attention. "Before we conclude this briefing and prepare for the battle to come, we have a special message from Taisho Shimizu Akina, former Fourth Fleet admiral..."
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The image of a Nekovalkryja with red hair the kind of color one would never think is natural was projected by the volumetric system before everyone whom had assembled for the briefing. All of that redness was bound into a bun with two chopstick like hairpins stabbed through. The Taisho wore a Type 35 Duty Uniform complete with stockings.

The redhead's eyes sparkled a moment against the lights when she nodded once to someone out of sight on her end and began to speak, "Thank you Hachimitsu Taisa. Greetings Inquisitors. Word of this important mission reached me and I have taken the chance to offer my assistance and this reminder: securing this system is vital not only for our strategic goals but to restore hope and honor to everyone who fought for the Fourth and everyone who has been waiting for this day ever since. The shoe is on the other foot now as they say, and while our enemy has changed the ideals we embody when we put our uniforms on and get to our duty stations have not." She paused, and waited for the volumetric projection to update.

The map of the planet highlighted a particular area and zoomed in, marking one of the largest cities of the colony and a cluster of buildings in an industrial section which became highlighted after a moment and a few flashes.

"This is the Shimizu Advanced Space Industries R&D center, it was not fully staffed or operational before we were forced to evacuate. Most of our data was scrubbed or destroyed to prevent it from being used or stolen...there is a however a chance they may have recovered something despite our best efforts, so keep the diligence I expect after talking to your CO, things might become unexpectedly complex very quickly. We had the basic design of a next generation vessel being worked on, and have been unable to confirm if the information was scrubbed, or recovered by the Graxlat. There is also still an appreciable amount of materials left in the general Star Army bases as they supported a very large fleet of vessels at the time with the help of the nearby Iori. Every single enemy you scrap brings you honor and denies power to the enemy."

The Taisho motioned to the map again, and then forward towards the crowd she expected, "The Graxlat are resourceful, but their presence defiles the brave spirit of our sisters and brothers who died here, and those who fight on for the Empire and each other. Every veteran of the Fourth Fleet will owe you a drink after this one." She smiled while placing her hand to her chest to add, "I am going to personally monitor your progress as much as I am able, remember the history here and fight with hell's full fury!" The veteran fleet officer did not expect anything less from any of their combat actions, but she wanted to stir them up as she would anyone under her own command before sending them out.

"Good hunting, Shimizu out." The message ended and her projection became a slowly rotating hinomaru before shutting off about five seconds later.
YSS Orochi
Armor/Launch Bay

♫ Audien - Something Better ft. Lady Antebellum (Nightcore Remix)

Standing in formation with the 100-strong Orochi PA wing, Kawasaki Hayami felt a familiar, nationalistic pride swell in her chest as she listened to the briefing. Although she remained silent throughout the speeches, the young Nekovalkyrja was just as moved as the other soldiers in the group, if not more so. She took special pleasure in the way Taisa Hatchimistu utilized her zesuaium tessen fan to add emphasis to her gestures, slashing and snapping it through the air like a samurai of old. Her manner was so extra and fantastic, that she reminded her of a certain stereotype surrounding Yamataian officers. It seemed that most stereotypes were based in a certain amount of truth, after all. The entire spectacle lent the atmosphere in the bay a celebratory tone, which only made the sensitive young Neko feel even more hyped for the oncoming engagement...
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YSS Orochi
Launch Bay

The CAG calmly raised a hand to get the Taisa's attention, having ignored the Sargas' wink entirely. "Do we have any ESM provided by the Irims or dedicated electronic warfare bird?" She didn't like flying blind. When she flew with the Imperator, their AWACS was always on station for ESM whether through the Imperator itself or through Nightstalker, the dedicated electronic warfare squadron. If they didn't, they'd need to be on their toes for more than just flight cues.


The youngest Teien listened to both speeches and felt a certain air of confidence rise beneath her. She felt proud to be in the uniform like her mothers and 'sister' though maybe not in the profession they wished. At any rate, the young Neko quietly walked back into the crowd of Armor and fighter pilots and disappeared from her fear-corner. Maybe it wasn't all bad to be surrounded by her battle-sisters and brothers, they were all here just the same way she was.

Kikyo was now getting excited, biting her lip to keep from breaking the relative silence with a squeal of both confidence and awkward joy.
YSS Orochi
Launch Bay

Akira listens to the Taisa's speech, not expecting it because of the term briefing being used. Part of her felt the inspiration and pride the Taisa was deliberately stoking. But the rest of her (most of her) found it a waste and she simply wanted to know the hard facts so she can start crushing those in the ultimate game of death tag she loves so much.

Leaning back and trying to waterboard herself would be more fun right now than this. But she is a professional and just stands there at parade rest, listening and waiting for it to be over so that she can release the squads to their squad leaders.
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