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RP [Task Force Inquisition] [Post Mission 1] - A Samurai and a HouseCat


Everything Is Magical
FM of Neshaten
Game Master
RP Date
Mid YE40 (Aug)
RP Location
YSS Shinigami
On : YSS Shinigami.

It was a rare moment of quiet for the Neko, white hair gently floating on the surface of the water for a few seconds before the ears and head broke the otherwise steam covered calm surface of the water. Red eyes opened to peer around as if surveying to see if any intruders had decided to interrupt her peaceful rest from the busyness of the ship, and as she saw herself still free from anyone, lifted up further until she was sitting with arms over the edge of the bath.

Midori had snuck into the baths to luxuriate in private, one of the few times she allowed herself to relax in the one bit of tiny luxury she afforded herself. At least she saw it as a luxury after Hanako had showed it to her all those years ago.

Another bit of relaxation she found herself falling back on more and more was her favorite t.v. show. A screen popping up in front of her, she was happy she was able to catch the episode of Kamen Sentai Nekorangers. It was a rerun sure, but she loved the show regardless. No for now she would relax and watch, and hopefully for her, remain alone.

Like all good things, Shasse was pushed towards the relaxing samurai by cosmic fate to interrupt her night. Floating into the onsen barely making a sound the blue neko noticed Midori and moved over to say hi, never one to shy away from meeting another person, slipping into the bath beside her the little neko let out a soft sigh as she was enveloped by the warm water.

"The baths are super awesome right?!" She exclaimed, turning to smile widely at Midori, noticing she too had red eyes which seemed to be glued to her screen watching some sort of show. "Watcha watchin there?"

Midori sighed inwardly as the small neko floated in. While she was relaxing Midori regardless kept her skin vision up and working. A habit held over from her clone's stint with SAINT. Regardless she figured it was close to time she might start getting to know some of her crew mates. As painful as it might wind up being.

"The baths are wonderful. I enjoy sneaking down here when I can. I did not take baths back home, simply showers." Midori offered before nodding to the screen.

"Kamen Sentai NekoRangers." She said of the show, a small blush forming on her face as if a bit embarssed she enjoyed what amounted to a kids show.

Shasse followed the onscreen events for a few moments seemingly hypnotised by it, "Woah that sounds like a cool show... But why do you sneak into the bathes, you know you can come in at any time right?" The little neko said, plopping down properly beside the samura, still watching the action with unwavering focus.

"Did someone ban you from having baths before, and that's why you always have showers?!" There was some alarm evident in her voice as Shasse came to a very radical conclusion from very little information and stared at Midori, mouth open in surprise.

Despite herself, Midori smirked a little at the smaller neko before she shook her head a little.

"I am just not used to such a large ship or so many people around to interact with. For the last few years I have been back at the Samurai house and things are much more quiet there..." Midori explained to the girl before continuing. "I enjoy the quiet when it is less populated. A lot of people around being loud still gives me problems..."

Midori chuckled softly at the concern. "Nobody banned me. I just like to make my baths a luxury item. It lets me enjoy them further." On the screen a white haired neko swinging a katana came in to protect another character. The neko looked a little familiar.

"Oh I see, well I'm sure you'll get used to it soon! I'm Shasse Emiko, pleased to meet you." The little neko said, grinning widely in an almost comical pose with just her head above the water level, her large trails of ice white hair spreading out around her somewhat. It took her a moment but she suddenly noticed the resemblence of one of the characters to the samurai sitting beside her, looking up with another expression of shock Shasse pointed at the screen. "Woah is that you! When did you do that? And now you're here, and watching that and, and."

She would have continued had part of her hair not drifted into her mouth, causing the blue neko so splutter and spit, her expression changing yet again in such a short time to be one of mild annoyance and disgust, "Bleh this hair, always gets in the way."

"I do hope so. I am Jo Midori." Midori said as she introduced herself, watching the girl spit and sputter with a hint of amusement. "That is not me, but she is based on me. All the characters of the show are based on my old ship crew mates." She explained to the girl.

"I understand about the hair, it is why when I am not in a bath I tend to keep mine in a braid."

Based on her old crew huh, that sounded pretty cool to Shasse who finally pulled the last strands of hair off her tongue. "I can't tie my hair up it just doesn't work well, so I have to be careful not to get it too dirty and then I don't have to have baths all the time and wash it, it takes forever and drying it is really hard." The little neko pouted, sinking below the surface as small bubbls surfaced showing she was still down there.

"I tend to keep my hair short for that reason as well. Makes it easier to keep." Midori offered the girl as she watched her sink under the water. If she opened her eyesx she would see the genetic tattoo under her breast, though instead of the normal neko tattoo, midori would have the kanji for "Eihei".

Shasse noticed it but didn't really register the significance, rising slowly out of the water again Shasse was still pouting slightly. "I can't cut my hair, it just grows back really fast. Hey are you hungry?"

Shasse would see Midori consider the question for a moment, seemingly having an internal dialouge with herself before she shrugged to the girl. "I may become so as we get down there, but not particularly. Do you still need to wash yourself?" She asked Shasse.

"I guess so, but I'm also hungry now." Shasse replied thoughtfully tapping her chin. "We need a food place in the bath so I can eat and clean at the same time!" The little neko exclaimed, as though she'd just invented a way to win the war without lifting a finger, "But should I wash first or come back when I'm not hungry?" She then asked.

Midori decided to help the girl out, rolling her eyes as she dragged the smaller neko closer to her. Putting Shasse into her lap, Midori grabbed the shampoo and began to lather up her hair.

"Food is alwaus better after a bath. Bath after food and you are liable to fall asleep in the tub and become all pruny." Midori offered, trying her best to be helpful in a surprisingly bold move for the otherwise calm and cold woman.

Shasse made a small eep! as she was plopped into Midori's lap and sat still as the samurai began to wash her hair. "I don't want to be pruny! That sounds scary." The blue neko whimpered, covering her face with her hands. "So are you saying to avoid being pruny I need to always eat afterwards?"

"You become pruny after being in the tub to long. If you eat before the tub, you will be tired from eating and digesting, and the tub will make you fall asleep. Then you will stay in to long." Midori explained, making sure the hair was nice and lathered up before patting her on the shoulders.

"Go ahead and rinse your hair. Then we can get out." Midori told the girl. When she would move off her lap, Midori herself would stand before her image would shimmer and dissappear. Wet footprints would show her passage toward where her towel and clothing were. The towel would float and rub down the form of a neko before clothing would float, and as a uniform rested over her body, Midori would reappear, hands braiding her wet hair.

Shasse scooted off her lap and began the unwieldy process of rinsing all her hair, which hung down past her knees when standing. She turned to ask Midori something but was surprised to see, nothing. The neko noticed her footprints and realised she must be hiding herself.

Once she had finished her long task Shasse herself got out of the bath and made her way to her own things to dry off and get dressed, "Why did you hide yourself when you were getting out of the bath? Are you pruny?" She asked, wondering what would drive someone to do that.

Midori curiously enough turned to give Shasse some privacy as she got out of the bath, finishing her braid and patting her hair dry a little. When asked the question, Midori waited to hear the clothing russle before she turned back, hand up and fingers stretched out to the girl to show her wavy pruned skin.

"I became a little pruny yes. But I suppose I enjoy a certain level of older practices. Modesty and the such."

"Modesty? I've heard of that but no one really uses that word from my experience, what does it mean?" Shasse said, curiously as she bounded over to grab Midori's hand and look at the pruny skin, she poked it a little just in case it was different, her eyes focused on nothing but the hand as her tail waved back and forth.

"Modesty means that you are bashful or shy about showing off your naked body. It is not a bad thing. It is just a preferance." Midori just allowed the girl to look over her hand until she was satisfied, wiggling the fingers a little.

"While we eat, will you tell me about the crew some?" Midori asked.

“Shy about my body? I’ve never really thought about it like that before, should I be shy about showing it?” Shasse asked, having been grown recently into a world where that kind of activity was common especially in the military. “Oh the crew! Yeah I’m kind of new myself but I know some of them!”

"No need to be shy if you do not wish to be. I just tend to enjoy the privacy." Midori admitted before standing and adjusting the tightly fitted uniform with a bit of an issue.

"I hate these uniforms..." Midori grouched to herself a little before looking to Shasse to see if she was ready. "Care to lead the way?" She asked.

“So is privacy better then?” Shasse said, wondering if she should cover herself more often than she did. It’s not like the neko ran around naked religiously but she was never one to hesitate when needed. Like wearing a mindy or taking a bath or sleeping too.

Hearing Midori grumble Shasse moved up to stand beside her while getting dressed. “What’s wrong with them?” She asked, hers being easy to slip in to. “And yeah I can take you to the galley!”

"They are to tight for my liking. I have not yet asked if I can wear my Hakama and Yukata." Midori said before shrugging somewhat.

"Privacy is something you should decided if you want or not. It is a personal oreference based on how you feel." Midori explained to the smaller neko, following her as she led the way.

Shasse looked down at her own outfit, noticing that it was a little loose on her. "Are they meant to be tight? Mine is pretty roomy really." Shasse said curiously, listening to her talk about privacy some more Shasse wasn't sure how to feel about it. "We're here now!" Shasse said excitedly as she dashed into the gally and hopped onto a stool.

Midori was about to say something but stopped as she watched the girl dash into the galley. Silently she wondered if there would be some mad sprite defending her kitchen from the masses but shrugged it off. There couldnt be thay many crazy sprites. No, instead Midori follwed Shasse into the galley and took up a stool herself, following her lead on how to order here.

Shasse looked funnily at Midori, she had expected the samurai to cook food like everyone else had when she was here, when she sat down beside her the blue neko didn't really know what to do. "Uhhh, hmm." Shasse mumbled, she didn't want to ask why she wasn't cooking food in case it wasn't part of privacy. The little neko still didn't really understand it.

Midori blinked for a moment or so, looking around before she peered back to Shasse. It took the Samurai a moment or so to catch on, but hey, every ship she had been on always had either a cartaker, or a sprite made from MEGAMI that did the cooking. Standing now though, she stretched out her back for a second which elicited a few cracks from her spine before looking to Shasse.

"Anything in particular you would like?" She asked the smaller neko.

Shasse's ears perked up immediately and her tail waved around when she realised the samurai wanted to cook. "Oh uh, I like everything I guess. Just make something you want to eat!" Shasse said excitedly hopping up and down on her stool and beaming at Midori.

Midoro couldn't help but smirk at the girl, making a show of tapping her finger to her lower lip as if thinking.

"It has been a while since I got to make pancakes. You don't mind pancakes do you?" Midori asked the smaller girl before dissapearing into the kitchen to begin her work. Bowls clattering, fridge shutting whisking, sizzlings, cutting, all manner of cooking noises escaped the kitchen as the smell of cooking pancakes began to waft from the kitchen, along with the smell of fruit and even chocolate.

"Woah pancakes, really?! That's awesome, thank you so much!" Had Midori been beside her still, the little neko would have latched on for a very warm hug, but instead she sufficed for hugging her knees to her chest and rocking on the stool happily. Shasse could smell all the wonderful scents from within the kitchen and squeaked in anticipation.

It was a couple of minutes passing with the sounds of sizzles and cooking before Midori called out. "How many would you like?" She was plating her own pancakes, three, before putting a bit of whipped creme on top and cutting up a banana to mix with the whipped creme.

"Would you like any types of toppings?"

"Could I have 2 please, with jam?" Shasse asked, somewhat politely which may have been strange given her usual nature. In truth Shasse adored pancakes and really didn't want to seem rude when someone had offered them to her, the little neko spoke softly and tried not to sound over eager.

Midori nodded a little, putting two pancakes onto the plate and putting aside some jam for the girl to add as she pleased. Walking out of the kitchen she placed the plate along with a fork and knife in front of the girl, putting her own plate down, before dissapearing back into the kitchen. After a moment she would reemerge with four cups, two milk and two orange juice which she put a pair in front of each plate to give the girl a choice.

"I hope you like them. I haven't made them in a while." Midori explained as she bit into her own pancake after cutting a bite. Light and fluffy and moist, it was everything that Midori remembered from Hanako's pancakes she used to make. For Shasse's part, she would bite into some of the most deliciously fluffy pancakes she'd ever had.

The little neko was practically slobbering by the time the food arrived, despite her best efforts to stay civil and polite she loved food too much. Shasse held herself back for a moment longer as she spread some jam over the fluffy disks, taking her time to savour the smell. "Thank you so much Midori!" the blue girl squeaked out before grabbing one pancake with both hands and nibbling the edge slowly. An expression of contented bliss came across her face as she took many tiny bites.

Midori bowed her head, glad the girl was enjoying the food. She had a small warm feeling in her core. It had been a while since she had felt the content feeling of doing something nice for someone, many of her sisters rather independent back home, so it was nice.

Midori for her part was quietly eating her pancakes, and a touch quickly at that. It was already odd for her to be eating with soneone when she had just met them, but she feared others walking in and having to stop if they watched her. It was fine with Shasse as she seemed more intent on her own pancake.

Shasse hummed happily as she quickly munched her war through one of the pancakes, stopping for a moment when she had finished. "So do you like cooking too? As well as being a samurai I mean." She asked, looking over at Midori although she didn't stare at her because she was eating at rather was going for eye contact.

Midori swallowed her bite of pancake and nodded. "I do enjoy cooking. It is relaxing and fun, especially when I get to experiment some. Not all experimental dishes are good, but some are." Midori admitted, shivering as she remembered one particulary bad dish she had made once that had smelled very good while cooking.

Shasse nodded, she certainly enjoyed eating whatever people had made for her in the past and wondered if Midori would cook for her again sometime. "What kind of things do you usually cook?" Shasse asked innocently while secretly trying to plan what she could ask her to cook later, she was very much a lover of food and had a bond with it that most people couldn't match with her.

Midori pondered for a moment, looking to the ceiling as she thought it over. "Traditional Yamataian food, some Nepleslian dishes, a Lorath dish or two which is difficult with the lack of supplies with their leaving." Midori admitted, looking back to Shasse. "I do enjoy the Nepleslian dishes a little more. There is more variation in spices and sauces, less focus on soy sauce and the like."

"Oooo, I don't think I've ever had those sorts before, do they taste yummy?" She replied, eyes lighting up at the prospect of soe foreign food unlike what she'd tasted before, tail flicking softly as she contemplated when to hug the samurai who had been very kind to her.

"I like to think they do. Sometimes they take a bit to make, but I think they are. Its a nice change of pace at least." Midori admitted, finishing her pancakes somewhat quickly under the gaze of the girl.

"I would not be opposed to making something the next time."

"OH that wou- I mean, that's ok you don't have to cook for me again, but if you wan't to I'd be happy to try anything you did make." Shasse said, catching herself before she took advantage of Midori's kindness. It wasn't right to her, when it had been Miko or Alastair and even Wyatt she hadn't thought twice but something about Midori told her she shouldn't be so quick to use her.

"Also, why do you eat so fast? I thought you would prefer to eat slowly and enjoy the food you made." Shasse questioned, a little puzzeled as to why the samurai had rushed to finish.

Midori smiled a little at the smaller neko's eagerness. It was nice to see someone interested in her cooking again.

"I would love to cook for you again." She told the girl before pondering how to explain her unease without sounding bitchy.

"It is just... I am not used to eating around people. My sisters and I typically do not eat in public, but I am trying to push past that. I am trying to act a little more normal since I am not officially on duty as a Samurai right now." Midori offered.

"Oh, I had no idea you behaved like that as a samurai, I'm sorry if this was uncomfortable for you I can eat somewhere else next time if you want?" Shasse said hastily, she couldn't imagine eating alone, it seemed sad to her and she nearly teared up just thinking about it, having to sit alone to eat a meal. They were so much more fun with friends though, maybe she could help Midori get past it if she was the one to eat with her regularly until she was used to it?

"Please, I enjoy the company it is nice. Like I said, i wish to get past this, so I can be normal around the other crew members. In fact, I was wondering if you could help me? If you ever see me sitting alone while eating, I would enjoy it if you sat with me." Midori admitted to the girl, smiling still to her. Midori had a nice smile, a little tight lipped but still seemingly warm. It was strange against the normally cool exterior she usually put up.

"I am not a Samurai while i am here, but certain things are tough to break past, so I need help at times to remember I am allowed to be... Well normal."

Shasse nodded furiosly, she liked talking to Midori and she was very kind so she wanted to help her break out of her shell a little more, now that she thought about it she also wanted headpats but she could pester Miles about that later.

"I appreciate it then Shasse." Midori said, smiling still down to the smaller girl. She would turn to sip at her milk a little, enjoying the taste though making sure to fight through her urge to be quick about it.

Shasse in turn sipped some orange juice and made a very cute face after her first sipp, softly smacking her lips in enjoyment before looking sideways at Midori who was definitely trying not to drink fast. The blue neko gently reached up and tipped the cup back a little to almost stop the flow. Smiling up at the samurai she made a thumbs up.

Midori's ears twitched a little as she felt the cup tip some, wondering just what was happening. She opened her eyes to look down only to see the blue neko's finger on her cup and while it took her a second, she eventually caught on and slowed down a little more, enjoying the drink now.

Putting the cup down still half full, she smiled a little. "Arigatou Shasse."

"Your welcome Midori, always happy to helo out but." The small neko yawned, "I am a little sleepy now after eating, I think I might lie down here..." Shasse yawned again as her head lolled slightly, looking for somewhere to rest sleepily.

"You should probably go to bed then. Do you want help to get there?" Midori asked helpfully. She finished off her own drink after a moment before policing up thier llates and cups, taking them to the kitchen to toss them into the washer before comig back out to the main area.

By the time Midori returned Shasse had already curled up over both of their chairs and was moments from sleep, her eyes barely open enough to register Midori had come back into the room. "I think... I'll be ok." She managed to say before yawning again.

Midori thought on it for a moment before she tilted her head. Using the MEGAMI, Midori called up directions to Shasse's room before she scooped up the smaller neko into her arms.

"It is not good to sleep in the ward room, I can remember that much from before." Midori explained as she exited the room and began the trek to Shasse's room.

"No no, it's fine... I do it all the time." She murmered as her small body was picked up and walked back towards her room, she hadn't expected Midori to carry her back to her room but was loving every minute of it anyway, being carried was one of her favourite activities. "I just get up early so... so no one sees me." She tried to continue, while her hands very slowly wrapped around the samurai in a half hug.

Midori seemed to tense a little at the hug, seemingly unsure. It felt strange after years of little contact to be hugged, but she seemed to push past her awkwardness. "It is important to have a restful sleep to be your best every day." Midori said aloud.

Shasse nodded softly and just purred in her arms, “I believe you, I’ll try to go back to my room to sleep from now on, Midori.” The little neko almost whispered as she let herself be carried away. The girl snuggled into Midori a little more, feeling comfortable enough to keep going, besides Shasse hugged everyone so a new friend who cooks pancakes is just as important.

"As long as you try, that is all I can hope for." Midori said in reply as they arrived. She waited for the door to slide open and as it did she would escort the neko inside in her arms, laying her down in the bed under her covers. She could only smile a little at the smaller neko, brushing her hair back a little as she tucked the girl in before turning to the door to leave. She could see now why Hanako always enjoyed helping people, the warm feeling in the pit of her stomach comforting as she went to find her own room to turn in.