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RP [Task Force Inquisition] [Post Mission 1] - ICU


Everything Is Magical
FM of Neshaten
Game Master
RP Date
Late YE40 (sept)
RP Location
YSS Shinigami
YSS Shinigami


Miles had been in a frenzy, the battle had left the medical staff spread thin and he'd only caught a glimpse of some of his co-workers in the tsunami of injuried and dying soldiers who seemed to never end as they were wheeled into the medbay. Almost every bed had been filled and the sounds of war wounds was the only thing you could hear. After what seemed days of endless care they finally stopped bringing new people in and just started adding names to the list of ST requiring members, seizing his chance to catch a break the minkan stepped out of the large room and rested against the wall, sliding down it to sit on the floor with a sigh.

A figure rounded the corner, for the most part he just looked like any other minkan until you got to those eyes, dark voids with piercingly red centers but despite the somewhat sinister look they gave him Kade was rather relaxed looking if not a bit beaten up and bloodied. The jacket of his type 37 field uniform was tied around his waist rather than being worn the traditional way, the red bear of the unconventional corps over a purple circle signified he was recon - the knees and boots of Kade's unfirom were torn up and muddied but due to all the chaos he imagined nobody would pull him aside for looking unkempt.

"They've had you guys busy I can see...." he said out of nowhere, taking up position on the wall next to Miles before dropping down to join him on the floor with a wince - a few bandages could be seen sneaking out the collar of Kade's undershirt, nobody had had it easy lately.

"You can say that again, must have been in there for at least an hour or two straight just telling people who's most likely to die and who to save first. Gonna need a lot of mops to clean up the floor after this, but that's how big battles go I suppose." Miles said looking up at the ceiling as he did so, bringing his gaze back down to properly inspect his new companion he noticed the bandages, just out the corner of his eye. "Looks like no one escaped the carnage huh."

The bandaged Minkan gave a few small nods, briefly wondering how many suits would get their plates and systems replaced by the armoured before his own. "First wave got hit hard, second got hit just as hard from what I've heard," Kade spoke before turning his head and reaching across to offer a friendly hand.

"Sorry, you must be wanting a break from all that - Kade Daviad, unconventional corps, first wave," the tanned man greeted himself, offering a small smile to try and brighten the mood.

"Miles Belmont, 512th brigade of fucking tired medics." The minkan took his hand and gave a firm shake with a grin, "Hopefully you haven't met my brother yet, don't want him spoiling the family name before I've had a chance to make a decent impression." with a loud groan Miles stretched his arms and legs out where he sat, it felt good to sit down finally but this floor was a little too hard to be comfortable or terribly beneficial.

"I don't think I've had the chance to meet many people yet really, I'm barely out of the academy and already I've been shot a few times... It's nothing new though," Kade mused, resting his head back against the hard wall - it was so comfortable to him.

"So don't worry, your family's reputation is safe, Miles."

"Well I'm glad to hear it, you'll know who my brother is soon as you meet him. Miko is his name and you'll usually find him in the kitchen or sneaking off with his new girlfriend, only took him 3 tries to find one too." Miles chuckled "Being shot up is something to get used to as well, but I've been trained by one of the star army's finest so I should be able to patch you up pretty well."

Kade tilted his head out of curiostiy as Miles briefly spoke of family and relationships and all that, "Sounds like an interesting man, but I think I'm okay - somebody else patched me up earlier, it hurt a bit then but it should be okay now, right?" he responded, getting shot was nothing new to Kade. The Rikugun reached into his service jacket and retrieved a small plastic wrapper, it had some kind of chocolate inside, he took one chunk and popped it into his mouth before offering the bag to the medic.

"You want some?"

Miles gratefully took a piece, he'd had nothing to eat for hours since the battle had ended and he was mentally and physically tired. "Thanks, I needed that for sure. As for your patch up job I don't doubt that it'll be fine now, long as the guy didn't look like he was about to tear his hair out that is."

Kade looked forward as he gave a few thoughtful chews, swallowing rather loudly before speaking with a hint of concern. "No worries... now that you mention it, I think most of the medical staff were looking like that - no offence but you don't look too much better yourself," he replied, running a fingernail around one of his sharp canines to free a bit of food that had gotten stuck.

"You've got a point." Miles said thhoughtfully before pulling himself up and into a standing position. "I'm getting a little sore on the foor, anywhere you want to go?"

"With all the chaos in the afterwake I've got nowhere I need to be," Kade said as he pushed himself back up the wall to join Miles's decision to stand, "Do you have any ideas yourself?"

"Well anywhere should be quieter than the medbay right now, how about a comfier lounge in one of the rec rooms." Miles suggested, internally drooling at the thought of the plush couches and bed-like furniture there, his body would thank him later for using them.

Kade gave a nod of approval as he stowed the food away in his jacket once more, rolling his injured shoulder with a few small clicks before speaking. "Sure, why not - it's as good an idea as any," he said with a small smile before the strange-eyed Minkan began walking off to the nearest rec room with his arms behind his head.

"I'm glad you said yes, but I would have just as readily gone alone." Miles chuckled, "I really need a break and the couches on this ship are just too good to resist right now, sorry to drag you around like this Kade, you don't mind if I call you Kade?"

"I don't mind at all, it rolls off the tongue easier than my previous one," Kade spoke as they continued to walk, acting for a moment as if that wasn't anything out of the ordinary before the realisation hit him. "Previous one being my batch code... it's complicated, but yes - you can call me Kade," he added with a nervous chuckle, a rather poor explanation.

Miles was no stranger to batch codes, his good friend the neko Shasse had one too although he'd forgotten it after so long just calling her by name, he hadn't seen her in the medbay either so with a bit of luck she managed to come out unhurt from the battle. "Nothing wrong with batch codes and serial numbers, and don't worry I'm not the type to hassel you over being synthetic since technically I am too." The minkan said warmly as they walked, he'd be keeping his eyes open for this mans file however, the nervous chuckle didn't necassarily mean he'd done something bad but the mans interest had been piqued now.

Kade shut his eyes for a second as they walked and let in a deep breath, all the industrial scents of the ship wafting into his nostrils before he let go of them with an exhale and opened his eyes once more to speak. "It's nothing bad or even really something I can be ashamed of, I don't want to be some kind of sob-story but if you want to know then I'l happily tell you... once we get to a rec room," the odd-eyed minkan admitted to Miles, a small hint of black might've been noticable under his left sleeve as the under-shirt had ridden up his bicep a bit.

Whether it was his inquisitive nature or rigorous training from Sacre, Miles was as perceptive as ever and almost did a doubletake seeing what looked like a hint of black. Maintaining his composure the other, odd eyed minkan, didn't say anything about it for now since he'd already said he would happily explain when they got there.

it only took another couple of minutes before they arrived at their destination while Miles stayed relatively quiet, just making the most of his free time. "Here we are, ever been to one of these yet?"

"I'm not quite that new... well I am, but I waited here in my daisy while the shuttles got ready, something with the fuel-line not wanting to disconnect," Kade replied as they entered the room, vaulting over the arm of a single-seater and fwumping down on it with his legs draped over the other arm - it was an awkward position but he seemed comfortable enough.

"Well I said I'd answer so what do you want to know?" Kade asked, unsettling yet warm and friendly eyes drifting across to look at Miles.

"Hmm, well I suppose to start with, and I don't mean to be so blunt." Miles took a breath, and locked eyes with the other man. "What exactly are you? I haven't had the chance to check over your medical files yet but, I can see something different about you."

"Blunt is fine, it's a nice change to all the subterfuge they make me go through," Kade spoke, reaching around to un-sheathe a knife from the back of his belt to idly fiddle with it before he continued. "Right now? Mentally I have more in common with a dog than you but physically I'm just your ordinary Minkan that looks funky... yeah I do realise it's not exactly normal - don't worry," the odd-eyed Minkan spoke, throwing his weight sideways until his legs were over the back of the chair and he was looking at Miles upside down.

"There is probably some official name for what I was before, I just call it a vat baby though - some scum with more money than he knew what to do with paid some genetecist to make a monster thirteen years ago, I wasn't always this pretty," Kade explained nonchalantly, offering an upside down grin that displayed his non-standard canine teeth.

"Hmm I see, well sorry to hear about your history but I'm not sure if I'd call this assignment an improvement, you're likely to die many times before this is all over hell we all are." Miles said simply, the minkan plopped down into an armchair and sighed, much better than sitting against the wall that's for sure.

"Oh trust me, this isn't hell - for me at least," Kade continued, looking up to the room's roof as he continued revealing his past bit by bit. "A decommissioned ore processing plant was my hell, this is... I guess this is more like Heck than Hell," the odd-looking man chuckled a bit, seemingly not taking the situation as seriously as he should have.

"More like heck? I'm not even going to pretend I understand that but I'll take your word for it." Miles chuckled slightly, sinking into the chair a little more.

"I also have this barcode thing which is how I got my name but that's about it really," Kade spoke as he nonchalantly rolled up his sleeve to show Miles the pitch-black ink that read 'K4-D3' down his masculine bicep, looking back to the medical officer to ask him a question. "What about you? you know all about me pretty much but what's your family like? besides that Miko brother I have yet to meet."

K4-D3 huh, wonder if that's how he got the name Kade by any chance Miles thought to himself sitting up a little more after his inital relaxation. "Well Miko and I both joined up for the SAoY bout a year ago and I've bounced from one ship before this, the Kaiyo II, to here after I was transferred as they needed more capable medics. Despite him being taller I am actually the older brother so don't let him fool you on that either." Miles said easily.

"It sounds nice," Kade mused idly before realising his words might get lost so he began explaining himself. "Family and all that, having flesh and blood there for you - it sounds nice."

"For the most part yes it is, although it also means you have more chances to have your heart ripped in two by tragedy and death." The minkan said simply. "I haven't been able to properly stretch my muscles in ages, don't suppose you feel up to anything at this hour?"

Kade moved around a bit more until he was sitting upright once more and leaning forward eagerly as he spoke, "Sure, yeah - I could do something, what'd you have in mind?"

"Well I'm glad one of us is excited, dunno really just need to stretch and get moving" Miles thought for a moment before sighing. "Af fuck it, no way to know a person without having a fight right? You up for a round or two in the ring?"

The spooky-eyed Minkan cocked one of his dark eyebrows a bit, he had been expecting a sprint or something else from the medic but this was a welcome surprise - he was quite literally born to be good at fighting afterall. "I uh- sure, why not," Kade spoke as he re-sheathed the knives and flicked himself into a standing position.

"Just a heads up though, the samurai and I managed to break each others noses a few times... she's cool, have you met Midori yet?" Kade queried as one hand reached out to the side, almost as if waiting to catch something.

"Can't say I have no, but don't sweat the small injuries we can both heal pretty fast and if all else fails I'm a qualified medic right." Miles smiled at him, "I'm interested to see what you've got in you anyway given your history, I will warn you I'm not the best oponent." The minkan began heading for the door and onwards to one of the various sparring rooms.

"I don't want to brag or anything but, I'll see how you are before deciding if I have to go easy on you or not," Kade shot back with a fang-baring grin as he began to walk alongside Miles, a floating sword rounded one of the corners ahead of them only to come to a halt as the odd-looking Minkan gripped the weapon's rubberized handle.

"Oh uh, I should have asked - weapons or not?"

"One with and one without? I don't really use weapons so just use what you like." He said casually as they walked, it had been a while since he'd had a sparring match with anyone and even if he got beaten senseless it would be a refreshing change. "Only weapons I've used is firearms but obviously I won't be using those."

"That sounds like a great plan," Kade replied maybe a little too enthusiastically as the weapon was sheathed on one hip mid-stride, the reds of his otherwise dark eyes stayed stuck on Miles' own mis-matching ones as they continued to travel through the ship. "Where are you from? were you always a Minkan?" the Ranger asked, head tilting to the side with a hint of curiosity.

"Born and raised in Yamatai, and no I only transferred to Minkan body a couple years back soon after they were made, since the military offered one with no cost or strings attached other than a 3 year contract I thought I might as well." He replied, taking note of the interesting sword which had floated over to him earlier, the medic wondered if Kade was a melee fighter or if it was more of a backup weapon for him.

"I should have gotten used to it already but it is all so... so odd, to have all this information at hand," Kade replied as he pulled a few windows of information into his vision, nothing too noteworthy other than some memos for those aboard the ship and his email but it was still uncanny to the ex-gladiator. "What were you before hand, if you don't mind me asking - those are some pretty eyes you have there."

"Just a genetic mismatch from the body transfer, but I decided to keep it cause why not. As for beforehand I was somewhat of a hobbiest. I studied plants and animals and ended up joining the military as a medic since I wanted to look out for that meathead miko."

"Ah, I see," Kade replied, assuming even though the question had been mis-interpreted that the answer still worked well enough - mustn't've been anything as exotic as himself before getting a new body, but Kade wasn't going to ask again. "genetic mismatch huh? I know how you feel," the odd-eyed Minkan joked with a small chuckle.

"I suppose we are kind of similar in that regard." Miles mused as they arrived at one of many training areas. "Well then you ready to get started?" He asked simply while stripping down to a tank top and a pair of shorts to open up his movement range. Hopping into the centre of the room on the padded floor and starting his warmup and stretches.

Kade vaulted over a nearby bench in a rather smooth and graceful manner as he too began disrobing, allowing the floating sword to hover beside him as the Minkan stripped down to his compression shorts and white under-shirt - athletic physique on full display for the other Minkan. "I'm a ranger, we're always ready or we're dead," he replied before doing some stretches of his own to limber up and prepare for the faux-scrap they were about to have.

"I reckon we should go no weapons first, that way any real injuries won't stop us from going again."

"Ranger huh, sounds interesting, they new?" Miles said, feinging a jab to Kades middle before swinging his left fist at the other mans side, apparently he intended to somewhat continue their conversation as well.

Having been caught slightly off-guard Kade had only a moment to react but that was all he needed, feigning attacks was nothing new to him - some of the less-brutish people he fought down in that ore pit had employed the tecnique before but it was always hard to tell when someone was about to use it. Luckily instincts kicked in and the tanned man was able to move fast enough to raise his elbow up and block the strike before deciding to aim a kick at the inside of Miles' left knee, hoping to kick it out from under him.

"Relatively, I'd been told they started somewhere in '37."

The kick connected and the medic was brought to an awkward kneeling position with a grunt, making the most of his lower position he struck out at Kades leg with his right fist planning to smack his knee to return the favour. "Huh surprised I didn't hear about them, Shasse could have probably made it in there." Miles replied while launching into the air to try and strike with his own knee during the upward motion.

The fist struck true and sent Kade tumbling slightly with a grunt before he managed to transition it into an inertia-controlled tumble back to the standing position he had started off with - something the ship's snow-haired samurai had taught him to use to his advantage. "Maybe she might," the tanned Minkan continued as he pivoted sideways to avoid the knee, swinging his fist toward Miles' right armpit while he continued speaking.

"I could check her out if you want, maybe give her a reccomendation thought I doubt that would matter much because of my lowly rank."

The medic sucked a breath in through his teeth as the fist connected under his arm and he was knocked to the side, stepping back from his oponent for a moment to assess him better. "Trust me when I say this, you won't be the one doing the checking out if you manage to catch her, she can be a handful."

"Well now you've just got me curious, you said her name was Shasse?" Kade spoke as he began slowly circling around to Miles' right, the medic might notice the way one of his opponent's elven ears twitched faintly a split second before the fist on that corresponding side was thrown - a side effect of Kade not being 100% accustomed to this body just yet.

Kade's left ear twitched ever so faintly before the left fist shot forward with a powerful jab that was aimed toward Miles' solar plexus.

Miles squinted slightly noticing the ear but was barely able to move a fist to block the jab while staying on the defensive. "Shasse Emiko, but don't say I didn't warn you. She doesnt really understand the concept of personal space and likes to run around quite a lot." He said smiling at the thought of Shasse climbing all over the strange minkan with her usual huge eyes.

Kade grunted out a small huff of frustration as his blow was blocked, taking one quick step back before he span around to try and roundhouse kick Miles in the side of his torso. "I lived in a slave pit for years so I've never really had personal space and I mean look at me, I'm not really a slow mover," the tanned Minkan spoke as he sped up the kick last second, hoping to catch the medic off guard.

Again at the last moment Miles managed to twist around barely avoiding the kick however the toes still managed to catch him. Clutching his side for a moment he spoke, "A slave pit is one thing, Shasse my friend is another all together."

"Well then I'll just have to see, won't I," Kade grunted back, half-growling at this point as he decided to switch up tactics - executing a half-backflip-kick that didn't look like it was going to be too hard for the medic to avoid, hell it wasn't designed to hit.

Miles stepped backwards to dodge the kick, frowning slightly at how it seemed to fall short. "Well she's probably around her somewhere." He said bringing his arms up in front of his torso in case there was an instant followup.

The moment he was inverted, Kade reached down and sprang off the floor, his strong arms propelling the spooky Minkan's legs back towards Miles in an attempt to wrap around the Medic's neck and pull the other man to the ground.

Miles managed to raise his hands but that was the extent of his defense as he hadn't expected a midair attack.

It didn't take much from that point, simply a flick of his hips and a flex of his abdomen to bring Miles down to the padded ground, Kade had broken necks that way before but he knew his limits and furthermore could gauge his opponet's limits - after releasing the medic and taking a second to simply lay down breathing Kade haled himself upright, offering a hand to Miles as he spoke, "You're better than you give yourself credit for you know, I may be young but I've seen worse."

There was a brief flash of confusion as the medic was pulled to the ground where he eventually rolled onto his back and shook his head, he hadn't expected to beat the ranger but he wished he could have lasted a little longer at least. Accepting the hand offered he stood up and shook his head. "Even so, I'm not good enough for front lines which is another reason I was given the medic role. So did you actually want to meet her? Cause I can setup a time for you when she won't be busy doing whatever it is she does."

"Everyone has their calling, I was literally born for this kind of thing so don't beat yourself up too much Miles - sure I can pack a wound but I can't perform surgery like the likes of you," Kade responded with a friendly punch to the shoulder before he continued speaking. "But uhhh yeah, it's be great to meet this Shasse you seem so fond of, though I wouldn't want to be a bother..."

"I wouldn't say fond..." Miles started before stopping himself, he was a little fond of her he supposed although having miko around again meant the ever excited neko had her old friend to bother instead of him. "Well, I guess she does sort of act like a little sister, and trust me it wont bother her at all. Just be sure to bring food with you or you may regret it."

"Well if you like her then I'm sure I will too, because I like you, Miles," the ranger exclaimed, he did rather like the medic so far afterall so that was no lie - he hoped things continued to look up for them. "So what do you do when you're not fighting abominations or stitching people together? don't tell me you're one of those boring people who is no fun at all," Kade mused as he reached back for the floating weapon, wondering where Miles was going to get one from.

"You got me, I'm pretty boring. Aside from those two jobs I used to hang out with some friends back on the Kaiyo but now that I'm here and don't know anyone I basically just read." Miles said chuckling. "And I'm sure you'll hit it off with her, she's rather persuasive about making friends anyway so it's hard not too." As for his weapon, well he didn't really have one since he wasn't a melee fighter, maybe he'd just try taking Kades mid-fight that could be fun.

"Pffftt I'd hardly say you're that boring you got me interested after all so eh, consider me one of those friends I guess - I need more friends," Kade mused back with a smile as he looked from Miles, to the sword-spear then back to Miles who seemed to have his eye on it. "You can use it if you want, I've still got those two knives on my belt but be warned - she kicks," the spooky-eyed Minkan offered as he tossed the weapon across to his medic friend, transferring temporary control to Miles mid-air.

"Well that's awfully kind of you, in both regards. Shall we begin?" He asked smiling while twirling the weapon around a little to get a feel for the balance and weight of it. Wasn't what he was used to at all so this should be interesting to use for the first time.

"Don't sweat it, gimme a sec and press that little button in the back of your mind," Kade informed Miles as he moved across to revtrieve the two blades from his discarded pants.

In his mind? Oh so did that mean it had some sort of mental control aspect then. The minkan had a feel around with his digital brain and thought he might have found what Kade was talking about, 'pushing' the button he realised he could almost feel the weapon in his mind now as well. "I don't think I've got a chance against you even with this weapon honestly, but we may as well get started then."

There was a brief sound of metal on metal as Kade dragged the blades across each other and rose to a stand, picking a wedgie out of his compression shorts rather unceremoinously as he turned to face Miles - a glint in the reds of his eyes. "I don't really know what to say? you did ask for this afterall but... I'll try to keep that pretty face of yours intact, no promises though," the Ranger warned as he assumed a fighting stance, holding the knives with their blades angled backwards - Miles had the advantage of range but not nearly as much experience as Kade.

As far as he knew, this would be interesting.

"I mean technically I just suggested sparring." He said lunging forwards for a two handed jab at Kades side. "And when you asked about weapons I didn't realise you wanted to use the real deal!" Miles grunted while changing his stance to pull back from his opponent.

Kade really didn't want to get stabbed, least of all by his own weapon - he'd been fine when Midori caught him with a glancing slash because well he was a little sweet on her afterall but this just wouldn't do. "Hey woah! calm down there - are you trying to kill me?" he shot back, only half joking as the sport-spear clashed against one of his short survival knives - bringing up one leg to send a kick toward Miles' chest.

The medic hadn't pulled back far enough to block and took the kick right in the midsection, stumbling backwards. "If I was trying to kill you, I'd go for the centre not the side, besides I may not be good with weapons but I know how to both save and take lives in the moot effective manner." He smirked, assuming a deffensive stance and waiting for Kade to move.

Kade took a quick step backwards to put some distance between the two Minkans, dragging his blades along each other briefly as he spoke, "seems like a bit of a waste though, doesn't it - if you know how to kill somebody but aren't able to put that to use..." It confused the odd-eyed Minkan a little, but he shrugged it off and kept low, sprinting towards Miles and dashing to the right at the last second to try and get a better position on the Medic.

"I don't particularly want to kill you, not at this moment anyway, I agreed to spar yes but I'm also doing it to get away from my job as a medic." Miles answered back, keeping a close eye on his opponent, he was not an inexperieced melee fighter thanks to Sacre's training and insisting on him being able to protect himself on the job. As Kade began to sprint Miles instinctively raised the spear tip a little higher in preparation for a counter, he did expect the other minkan might dodge but wasn't able to pick up on it quite fast enough.

One quick jab was all it would take if he wanted to end the fight, but no - Kade said he'd go easy, so instead of jabbing a blade forwards he carried the momentum of his dash and sliced out towards Miles. It would have only been a shallow cut, just enough to part the skin and bleed a small bit but it was a strike nonetheless, if it hit.

The blade went a little shy as Miles finally moved away in an effort to dodge the swing. "It's not hard to tell who's going to win this, you clearly have a lot more experience in this. Hopefully I can at least be of some entertainment value." The man grunted while he transitioned from the spinning dodge into a spinning crouch, bringing the spear around for a sweep at Kades legs.

After feeling the blades miss Kade brought them back to his sides just in time to hop over the swing at his legs, barely managing to clear it before he took a step back to get distance once more - his head tilting curiously toward Miles as the odd-eyed Minkan spoke, "You're actually not half bad, really - but uh don't use me as some standard to measure yourself by, it isn't exactly fair."

"Well it must be a habit of mine, did the same thing when I was getting trained as a medic despite her skills far surpassing almost every other in the army." Miles smiled back, lightly puffing with his chest rising and falling while curious eyes continued to look over Kade, studying everything they could.

Kade stood there a moment longer, the faint glisten of sweat shon over his tanned skin as his dark eyes looked across to the recently patched shoulder - a large stain of red seeping through the white bandage caused him to chuckle a little bit as Kade was reminded of his own mortality. "Thing is, I don't really want to hurt you... you're a cool person Miles and no offence but..." Kade's words trailed off a little as he bit his lip, thinking over the next words before deciding to be blunt.

"...well, you're no samurai - and I could use some steady hands to redo my sutures."

Miles was somewhat relieved they were apparently going to stop sparring now, it wouldn't have been long before he made some kind of slip up and probably got injured worse than intended. "Well in this line of work I'm basically always on duty, although the break was nice. Grab a stool and I'll take a look for you, just need to grab some kit." He said easily while towling off a little sweat from his face and hands.

The wave of relief that washed over Kade was rather visible, he was happy the other Minkan hadn't gotten offended - something he found out shortly after being released into polite society was that a lot of people got offended easily - though the tanned man obliged and moved to stow the blades with his pants once more, being ready to mentally catch his sword-spear when the Medic let go of it as he moved over to sit on a nearby bench.

"Thanks, a lot - you're a good friend," Kade mused before a look of slight worry filled his features, black and red eyes glancing over towards Miles as he continued speaking. "We're friends, right? I can say that?"

Miles didn't look at Kade as he continued to get what he needed and humed slightly, "We're crew mates and on top of that we just spent the best part of an hour trying to beat up one another, so I'd say its warrented now sure." Miles wasn't really the best as far as making friends went, and as Kade just heard was also overly clinical in his approach towards them.

"Cool..." Kade mused as he moved to remove the bandage on his shoulder and check out the wound, a rather deep injury with a few lingering signs of it having been from an energy-based weapon that had been re-opened during their sparring session - the Minkan winced slightly at the sight of it, sure he had one hell of a healing factor that came with this body but a nasty gunshot was still a nasty gunshot, and this one was still relatively fresh.

"What's the verdict, Doc? off with the arm?" he joked, giving Miles a warm smile.

"Yes." Miles replied flatly, happening to hold up a scalpel from the bag at that exact moment, deciding to use the timing to its most he flashed some light off its blade towards Kade. "As far as this wound goes that sparring session probably wasn't the best of activities to help it heal. You've definitely managed to keep it from getting too nasty and infected, but you're not gonna like the official verdict."

"I sentance you to 2 weeks of very little movement and rest."

Kade couldn't help but smirk a little before he winced again at the feeling of the ship's slightly cooled air moving over his open wound, those dark eyes with their red centers were rather warm and inviting though as he took a second to look around the room before re-focusing on the Medic.

"I can try but, I don't think I'll have that luxury considering our current situation... so staples or string or... well what are you going to plug it with this time?"

"Circumstances just have their own set of rules and clearance levels, had I been an NCO I could have just told you that you're now on standby and not joining combat missions for that time. Though you are correct I doubt you'll have that much free time, as for what I'll be doing for you I think stiches and staples are probably wasted."

Miles pulled out an injector and jabbed in into the shoulder beside the wound, this man may have a high pain tolerance from his line of work but what was coming next was something not many people could endure without being out cold or drunk. "Now uh, find something to bite on in case the meds haven't kicked in yet. Oh and we also need to move to another medbay, should be one around this floor somewhere."

Despite the stinging pain Kade watched curiously as chemicals were pumped into his arm, eyeing the Medic as Kade stood up and briefly gestured to the cuves of his underwear-clad groin. "At least let me hide my modesty first, do I even want to know what you have planned?" the younger Minkan asked, moving to put on his pants, boots and drape the jacket over his chest before holding the undershirt in one hand.

His sword took up position behind the Ranger, like a loyal guard dog.

"Modesty is all well and good in ceremony, have you even been seen by a medic before?" Miles chuckled, it was common knowledge that most medical staff didn't particularly care about privacy over their work. "Although I suppose walking through the ship may call for the extra clothing. As for what I have planned, I did say its not infected, yet. You got some dead cells building up in there and they need scooping out if you get my drift."

The odd-eyed Minkan wasn't shy about his body or anything, infact he kinda liked what the lab technicians had done by using his old body for inspiration, but he agreed there was quite a difference between walking the halls with your junk proudly on display and then stripping down for a medical examination.

"Yeah my thoughts exactly, but anyway - if what you are suggesting is half as bad as you say it is then I'm glad I wore a belt today, like you said it's something to bite down on..."

Miles nodded and strolled out with the kit in hand, reloading the injector with another anysthesia cartridge just in case. "No time like the present, lets get you somewhat patched up so you can go reopen it fighting someone else while I get back to desk slavery. That is to say I think my break may almost be up now and I don't really want to make any enemies with the other medics just yet." The minkan finished with a slightly sheepish tone, the small medical room door coming to greet the pair.

"Just get comfortable I need to get some scrubs on."

The younger Minkan's brow furrowed slightly at the Medic's choice of words, he knew Miles wouldn't have meant to bring anything up but the ex-gladiator couldn't help it if the mention of slaves brought up some sour memories - causing the dark-eyed man to rub his neck a little nervously as he sat down on one of the nearby beds.

"Right, I'll just be here then," Kade spoke, his words having suddenly lost a lot of their enthusiasm and sprite though he forced a smile to try and keep up appearances.

Miles looked sideways at Kade as he moved into the prep area, was he really that scared of a little medical pain? The minkan donned a pair of gloves, a mask and an apron before coming back into the operation room and running a bowl of boiling water. Next up he placed the end of a scalpel and a small spoon in the water to heat them up, sterile tools were part of the medical basics after all.

"Hope you haven't gotten cold feet Kade, cause even with that numbing agent this may sting a bit."

Kade shook his head as if to clear it of thoughts, moving to shrug the olive jacket off of his shoulders and bare his chest once more as the taste of metallic air faded into nothing but a memory - he knew how hypocritical it was to not like others mentioning what he was more than happy to but that was how it was he supposed.

"No, no, I'm fine - just give me some warning before you start," Kade replied, his voice slowly returning to a warmer and friendlier tone as the Minkan removed his belt and bit down on the leather thing - giving Miles an affirming nod.

Miles approached the man and lowered the chair a little to give himself a better angle of attack, "Alright well I'm starting now, here goes." He said a little too easily before taking tools in hand and began gently prodding around the wound, glancing at Kade to make sure he was ok. "How is it?"

The drugs managed to numb the pain somewhat but Kade still felt a lick of pain as his sensitive flesh was prodded, biting down on the belt with a grunt as he cleched one hand and sent Miles a mental message. ~It isn't exactly pleasant...~

"Well then I'll try to make it as fast as possible for you." Miles said out loud, using most of his concentration to keep his hands steady. Carefully but quickly he worked to cut around the dead tissue and scoop out what he could, both instruments were nearly singing with heat as they sliced and scooped.

Kade's non-standard canine teeth bit down harder into the leather and pierced it somewhat, his knuckles going white under pressure as they clenched though despite a few grunts he managed to stay mostly still as Miles carefully removed dead flesh.

"Almost over, just keep still a little longer." He mused quietly, his eyes looking carefully over the wound while he worked, putting the scalpel down in a tray he spent the last minute delicately removing the remaining loose tissue before filling the now clean and angry red wound with a little medical cream. Over the top went a patch with a strong adhesive strength to try and hold it all together for a while, assuming he'd keep moving as intensely as always.

Kade let out one final sigh when it was all over, opening his maw and moving to pull the leather belt off of his teeth with a slight look of disgust as he tested the foul taste of leather in his mouth - he then took a brief moment to look over Miles' work, admiring the medic's swiftness without having sacrificed quality.

"Well I'm glad that is over, you're one hell of a medic," he complimented the other Minkan, gingerly running a hand over the dealt-with injury.

"Well that was a pretty basic medical operation, did you actually have anyone else look at that thing before I came along?"

"I did I did," Kade insisted as he looked back towards Miles, those blood red eyes amidst a sea of vantablack happily beaming towards the Medic before he continued speaking. "Though I think she was just tired by the time I got around to seeing her, triage system must have kicked you all in the guts."

"Funny you should mention that actually, a lot of the time I don't always use that triage system, got a new method ruthlessly engrained in my memory buy another certain medic." Miles said with a laugh, "But if there was every a place to really test the limits of an analytical engine its using it in a triage system in a medical ward filled with over 300 people."

"You guys have been doing a really good job though, I can't stress enough how much we all appreciate it," Kade complimented before he stood up, looking at the medic with a slightly tilted head before the vat-born man stepped forward and gave Miles a shirtless, rather warm, hug.

"Oh uh, sure." Miles said awkwardly, tentitively returning the brief embrace. It'd been a long time since anyone had hugged him out of the blue, if he didn't count all the times Shasse had bounced into him. "Sorry to cut this short but as I mentioned I've probably been away for long enough, feel free to drop into the main bay though if you feel like seeing a bunch of people with missing pieces getting sewn back together."

Kade released the Medic from his masculine embrace and smirked a bit before moving to put on the rest of his clothes, covering the tanned torso with a uniform as he continued talking. "I think I'll pass on that, but uh - you ever need anything then just shout my way, yeah?"

"Will do, oh and here-" Miles replied, tossing a scrap of paper in Kades direction he'd been scribbling on. "If you still plan to meet the little devil of the ship this is her room number, as well as a list of her favourite spots to hide off duty. Good luck, you'll need it." He grinned, tossing out the disposable garb he'd put on a few minutes ago and heading for the door.

"Cool- again thanks, I'm sure if she is a friend of yours then this Shasse must be awesome," Kade replied as he looked over the note and then stuffed it into his pocket, giving Miles a nod as he too moved toward the door.

"Until next time then!"