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RP [Task Force Inquisition] Pre-Mission 2, Space Phase - Best Laid Plans


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RP Date
YE 40
RP Location
YSS Shinigami, Orbit of Skadi
"The Fin" Docking Bay
YSS Shinigami
Skadi, Orbit

The tension could be cut with a knife inside The Fin, the centerpoint for docking onto the Sharie-Class YSS Shinigami, the vast shipyard's space brimming with activity. At least 300 soldiers of all shapes and sizes stood in hushed, orderly lines awaiting their briefing. In the fallout of their first, devastating contact with the enemy, Task Force Inquisition had been set on repairing itself and awaiting reinforcements from the nearest bases - admittedly not very close.

Now, it seemed by the call to assemble, something had changed, the day barely having broken. The person they were waiting on strode her way up to the slightly raised pavilion from where she could present to the audience, Shosho Kimberly Kier. In brisk, tidy uniform she stood at the front, gazing over the many expectant faces.

"Good morning, everyone." Their Admiral began, "As you may have heard, Command has deemed it necessary for the Task Force to pursue its directive regardless of losses suffered thus far." A few murmurs rippled through the crowd. "Therefore, we will be commencing our offensive on the planet before they can reinforce. Three Kagai have been deemed enough for the foothold you are all being assigned to take."

A overall battleplan projected in huge volumetrics on the vast wall behind the officer, showing the general plan with some detail. "Your role will be a three-pronged attack, coordinated as such. The objective is to take out the AA emplacements inside the fortress guarding the area, so we may deploy the bulk of our readied forces."

"You have been chosen to go forth as the vanguard, one Century for each landing point. 1, 2 and 3. Each Century will be further subdivided into their four constituent platoons, the leaders of which have been specifically chosen for the task."

"There may be some among you who aren't experienced with combat in the face of the enemy, indeed many of you may have questions. Your assignment will be individually laid out inside your datapads to avoid confusion."

At this point the redheaded Neko would gesture openly with her hand, the directives apparently sent. "Platoon leaders, you will also have your orders enclosed. I suggest you ready yourselves and your subordinates. You have a day to plan your initial offensives. Your platoon should be immediately around you in the line, get to know each other. Dismissed."

This is the prerequisite to the actual landing, post as much as you wish to. Platoon Commanders especially think up any variants on the proposed plans you've been given. Each Century has its own unique plan, members, objectives and landing site. Intel will be revealed as fighting goes on within the upcoming ground mission thread. Make sure you all have PA loadouts suitable for the task! The overall battleplan is all the info your character would have regarding plans other than the one for their Century. Good luck!


Guide and assist ground units in disabling AA from any chosen Kagai, alternatively assist on foot.

Designated Century 1 "Jackrabbits" Platoon 2 Commander. Consult plan and react accordingly to complete First, Second (teal fortification) and Third (assisting objective fortress capture) pushes within plan.
@Grey Library
Provide air support for Century 1 "Jackrabbits", following planned "Air Support" (green dotted) route as planned or as directed from the ground.
Push as directed according to plan with Platoon 2 Commander Midori, use medical skills to assist wounded to continue push through fortifications to fortess objective.
Push as directed according to plan with Platoon 2 Commander Midori, use reconnaissance skills to identify any additional threats.

Designated Century 2 "Cloakburners" Platoon 1 Commander. Consult plan and react accordingly to complete First, Second and Third pushes within plan to begin siege. Siege objective fortress until relief from Centuries 1 and 2.
Provide air support for Century 2 "Cloakburners", following planned "Air Support" (green dotted) route as planned or as directed from the ground.
Push as directed according to plan under Platoon 1 Commander Akira, use policing knowledge to prevent desertion as this will be likely the toughest fight.
Push as directed according to plan under Platoon 1 Commander Akira, assist platoon commander however directed.

Designated Century 3 "Leprechauns" Platoon 3 Commander. Consult plan and react accordingly to complete First, Second (teal fortification) and Third (assisting objective fortress capture) pushes within plan.
Provide air support for Century 3 "Leprechauns", following planned "Air Support" (green dotted) route as planned or as directed from the ground.
Push as directed according to plan under Platoon 3 Commander Yama, use heavy weapons specialty to overcome initial fortifications.
Push as directed according to plan under Platoon 3 Commander Yama, support fellow platoon members and leader with necessary aid.
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A Minkan clad in his finest type 37 field uniform stood among the crowd with the red bear of the unconventional regiment sitting on his jacket's shoulder, he was just another face in the crowd not so different from any of the other enlisted Yamataians besides two pitch-black eyes with bright red centers that casually gazed around before looking down to his datapad with the plan of attack on it. Kade knew faces to go along with two of the names he was assigned to, the white-haired samurai he had butted heads with in the best of ways and the medic with heterochromatic eyes but besides that he still had to figure out who was who - despite their somewhat sinister appearance Kade didn't seem like he was about to spout something edgy about how he revelled in violence nor how everyone else was only going to slow him down, no, the Minkan instead let out a few thoughtful hums as he followed their planned routes and any obstacles in the way, Kade committed it to memory before the datapad was held to his side.

Turning to face the fellow soldiers in the "Jackrabbits" century Kade gave a small nod to the group before beginning to introduce himself, "Santo hei Kade Daviad, Recon - It is a pleasure to meet you all I am sure, for the first time or otherwise." His head looked between each of the faces with a small grin that widened noticeably as it reached Midori. partially bearing those sharp canine teeth she and Miles knew about prior.
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Midori just stared at the datapad in her hand as she tried to map out just what they had to do. On the outside, she looked calmed and composed, her red eyes taking in the outlined battle plan. On the inside, she was in the midst of a small panic attack. The last time she had been planetside had not gone well for the Samurai, terribly in fact as it had led to her capture and subsequent torture and abuse. But she had been given a mission and a squad and would carry that out.

Those assembled would still see the white-knuckled grip she had on the datapad as she tried her best.

As the others assembled around her Midori took each one in with her gaze. Her face was impassive as she scanned them over. She remembered Kade from their little fight and nodded to him a bit before she looked the others over. The squad seemed well rounded as she went and pulled up their dossiers. She wanted to know their experience and just what all they were capable of. She said nothing though and let them either fall to questions for her or each other.


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FM of Elysia
YSS Shinigami
"The Fin" Docking Bay

Miko got a big ol' pat on his head, followed by a hug from Sora. The towering birb seemed to be pretty damn happy ever since she was reunited with her soulmate. "I'm pretty excited to get going, myself. Can't be sitting around here forever, right?" As she spoke to her platoon-mates, Arinori overviewed her Mindy's loadout; a brief warning popped up on the screen suggesting that she should use a Daisy instead. Sighing, the tower of Elysian muscle tapped on the tick, her display changing to the slightly bulkier armor, all the compatible modules neatly installed where applicable.

"Huh, well that's convenient. Hey Mike, have you messed with the Daisy yet?" One might have thought Sora had ignored the discussions about the plans for assault - but actually she was already thinking about how to fit her role better; some additional modules and armor had caught her eye... It took her only a couple minutes before a fully-completed loadout was submitted, waiting for approval and assembly - it was effectively out of the Patrician's hands.


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Docking Bay

Shasse and Miles had expected to be put in the same squad the same as every other mission they'd done together since Kaiyo, but now it seemed they were being split up, well one was a medic and the other a sniper so their roles were not exactly similar in many ways. Shasse turned to Miles as if to shake his hand but the Minkan moved in for a quick embrace instead, "You better not get yourself in too much trouble you little devil." He said to her before waving a goodbye and moving to join up with his team, Jackrabbits huh. Well he recognised that Kade fella but that was about all.

"Nice to meet you all, Miles Belmont. I'll be pulling shrapnel out of your barely living bodies by the end of this I expect." The minkan said with a morbid tone while smiling, providing quite the contrast. But that's what happens when you take on the medical profession.

Meanwhile Shasse had already bounded over to join her own team, the Cloakburners and was beaming. "Wow! Nice to meet you all, I'm Shasse Emiko but you can call me whatever is easiest. I can't wait to go out and have some fun with all of you!" While it was true many nekos lived to fight and serve Shasse was no different, although her outlook on the situation was. Combat and fighting to her was a game and thanks to ST death seemed almost meaningless, she had died during the last mission anyway yet didn't seem phased.


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YSS Shinigami
"The Fin" Docking Bay

Yama Moesashi was completely and totally fine with the events at hand. Yes, completely fine. The red-headed Neko looked down with a wide- beaming, really, smile at the datapad in her grip. The plan was simple enough. The first two platoons took the high ground over the west-ward enemy patrols, and the last two would take the long way around. Once both forces are dispatched, they can convene, and conquer.

She could lead the third platoon on the east-ward stretch, that was no problem. Her concerns were quietly screaming elsewhere. Th-the map was just in black and white, that's all. No problem.

S'now problem.

The shapely veteran spun around to collect her comrades as the briefing drew to a close. The wide smile remained stuck, as if stapled to her face as she spoke. "Alright everyone, let's talk strategy. We'll be taking the east clearing straying away from the coastline. I'm sure they know by now we'll be coming- so- we may need to utilize whatever cover we can get."

The now-commander breathed in. "I expect long range opposition from the encampments themselves. Once we're through with the enemy responses, we'll meet with Platoons one and two for our second push. Ideas"


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YSS Shinigami
"The Fin" Docking Bay

Mikodimus received the hug from Sora with a gleaming smile. He was very happy to once again be reunited with his sweetheart. He released his hold on her and took a step back as she asked him a question. "Can not say I have messed with a Daisy armor much. Though did practice with the Daisy line in the off chance I would have to use one." He said with a warm smile. Early in the week Miko had set his loadout for the Daisy he would be using. Understanding this might be a tough fight he put as much firepower as the suit could support.

"Sounds about right Yama. We will have to watch out for the kill zones. I am sure they have this area locked down with a web of cross fire zones to corner unsuspecting foes. I am personally setup to be able to knock out bunkers should we come across any." He looked over to Sora with a smile. "If I know my other half right, she should be able to give me cover fire while I approach."


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YSS Shinigami
"The Fin" Docking Bay

Midori gave Miles a raised eyebrow in response to his greeting. Another Miles, and he seemed just as... Borish as the other.

"A pleasure to meet you..." Midori said in reply, red eyes watched the man closely before she looked over her squad. If any looked closely, they would see the on-loan Samurai's hands shake a bit on her datapad. She noticed it herself and had to reach over another hand to calm it, though she tried to play it off like she was rubbing something from her skin.

"The plan is fairly straightforward. I want Kade calling out targets to Raku, designating any high priority targets that I do not call out. Otherwise push hard and push fast. Miles, Stay a bit back from the group in case they have artillery designated for ground targets. I do not want our Medic to go down should they start to attack with it."

Midori looked around to those there, before she looked to Raku. "I want you taking out any large groupings, or anything you see from above that will help with our push ok?"

Midori stopped and waited to see what questions they would have.