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[TEASER] Something Big Is Coming

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YE 44.9






To whom it may concern, C has been terminated.

There are greater forces at play here than can be seen. Do not question them.

You are now the eyes, ears, and mind of the sectors we exist in. At least, for a short while.

We are an organisation that exists out of circumstance. We do what must be done for the betterment of the galaxy, out of no choice of our own, and those who choose this path walk one of darkness; of a dying light.

We are not the saviours of these sectors, nor are we the destroyers of all things. We are not gods, but mere mortals, on a plane which must be maintained. It is in this service, that we see many things, do many things that must not be said.

We do many horrible things in the name of galactic stability, but we must stop to remember: We must not let ourselves give into doubt, and allow the galaxy to fall to chaos; we must not let ourselves become tainted by our deeds, and kill senselessly.

There is a reason why agents only carry one weapon, a non-lethal one at that. It is because our purpose is not to kill. It is to preserve.

It is true, we may torture, torment, and decry the minds of those we seek. It is a necessary evil that must be balanced with the greater good.

For remember, when the last star has faded into night; and when the last mind has reached new light:

There will be order within chaos; reason within doubt.

Welcome, Operants.

Welcome to Lundin.

If you are interested in this plot and wish to join, respond to this post as you would normally. Keep in mind this is on the dark web.

This event is still a work in progress and will not take place for some time. Keep that in mind.
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User: Semedānu meadi bytusheagc commented:

This is more information than I could have asked for. I look forward to continuing my education.
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