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SANDRA Terrorist Plot Foiled During Lantern Festival on Jiyuu

Lantern Festival YE 42

On the night before the launch of the First Expeditionary Fleet's Flagship, the YSS Tokyo. Two off duty officers that were enjoying events for the annual Lantern Festival, a holiday of the Motoyoshi Clan celebrated here in the Outer Colonies of Yamatai, were in Fort Tokyo's Shore Park when they noticed a suspicious skiff with it's running lights off operating in proximity of the artificial island where Jiyuu-jo is built. Thanks to their actions and their courage they were able to interrupt what could have been a devastating blow to the Motoyoshi. When the two officers noticed the vessel they commandeered a gondola and intercepted the suspicious craft. The privately-owned skiff was carrying two terrorists along with several Kuvexian-made aether bombs that were intended for use to destroy the home of the distinguished clan.

Two arrests were made by the First Expeditionary Fleet's Military Police and the members were identified to be members of the Tange Clan and terrorists loyal to Motoyoshi Kiyoko. No injuries or damage to public or private property were reported and the suspects remain in custody.

Revelers which had gathered, most of which are Star Army Soldiers and officers set to depart on the Flagship tomorrow, celebrated late into the night and released over two hundred handmade lit lanterns into the skies over the Motoyoshi Channel in celebration of this year's festival. The two officers whose brave actions stopped this horrific plot are set to receive recognition for their role in stopping this terrorist attack.