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RP: Galactic Horizon Testing Grounds


Game Master
RP Date
ye 40
RP Location
Galactic Horizon HQ, Jui'varen II
Tortured howls echoed through the hallways of Galactic Horizon's new base along with a few crashes and bangs before a snout pushed through the crack of a door and forced it open, foam clung to Dink's fur as he ran off to escape Terrins' torturous ways - sure enough the redheaded security officer emerged shortly afterwards in security-themed excersize clothes, flicking water off of his hands as the wolf-thing escaped around a corner. No doubt Dink would be running off to go use the Minkan's bed as a towel, well he needed to change the sheets soon anyway.

Anna and Bella happened to be wandering down those same halls and saw the soaked animal dash past, turning to watch him run the twins poked their head around the corner to see if Terrins was in tow. They hadn't personally tried washing dink before although the grizzled security officer had threatened them on more than one occasion with the duty if they didn't take their testing seriously. "Hey sir are you back there?"

Terrins grabbed the towel that had been intended for his mutt and used it to try and dry up some of the water he had been splashed with, wet patches of his shirt clung to the Minkan's physique as his cybernetic arm shone something fierce. "Aye, I'm indeed back here, girls," he called out after the twins before coming into their view.

"I think your dog ran off sir, you think your fast enough to catch him before he gets outside? That small blizzard they told us about is set to sweep through soon so most of the security have already come back in... Although you probably knew that already." Anna said smiling sideways at him, hoping for once she could rub it in his face she knew something he didn't.
"Not so tough looking now huh, even your animal wants to leave you behind." Chimed in Bella with a smirk, both twins resting their hands on their hips in semi triumph.

"Naw, are you two worrying about my little pup? how sweet," the redhead began speaking in a rather mocking tone as he reached back to grab a towel, but decided the shirt was too wet to keep wearing. "He's no idiot, Dink will probably just be wrapped up on my bed with a cocky smirk when I get back but I'll deal with him later - he might even be smarter than you two combined," Terrins teased as he moved back slightly into the room and began peeling out of his wet shirt to swap it for the jumper he had been wearing prior, paying little mind as his tanned, muscled chest was bared momentarily. Having been on Yamataian ships for a good while you forget sometimes that not everyone is used to having their colleagues in various states of undress but it only lasted a short moment.

"If you saying we're not as smart as him because we're not in your bed I might just call Kryss and file a harassment claim y'know." Bella said raising an eyebrow at the display of undress while the twins looked back down the hall after the long gone dog creature.
"So uh, do you have a shirt on yet?" Anna asked bluntly as they continued facing away, "I'm afraid you'll corrupt us like the rest of that red-light nation."

There was a brief moment of hesitation as the Minkan finished pulling on his black and red hoodie, he raised one red eyebrow and turned back around to face the twins once more - moving back into the room's doorway before speaking, "That's an... odd way to interpret my sentence, but relax - I'm fully clothed now and was just teasing you two a bit, I'm not nearly that suave unless the job needs me to be."

"You're the one that said it, and how could you blame poor innocent girls, what a meanie." They shot back with a teasing grin of their own, turning to face the security officer once more. "You know its probably Dink keeping all the girls away from you sir, no one wants to go near you with him around." Anna continued as they moved over to stand with him.

Terrins let out a small yet rather amused chuckle at the twins with their playful ways, taking a second to scratch his perpetual stubble as the security officer spoke, "Well he's not here now and you two are so..." The redhead intentionally let his words hang in the air for a second before continuing.

"Want to fire a new gun or two?"

The twin sisters looked at each other for a long moment, as if communicating with their eyes alone before Bella turned back to Terrins. "While we usually prefer vehicles and extreme stuff, we have decided to accept your offer to earn our paychecks, but aren't you worried Dink is going to be wreaking havoc in your room?"

"Well if you're that worried about him ruining my room then we can go see and most likely find him asleep in some corner, or we can get your lazy asses to do something around here," Terrins replied, obviously joking about the lazy part - he knew the twins had earned their place around here just as much as anybody else.

"Well, we don't really care much what happens to your room but with the amount of time you spend with him it seemed odd you weren't immediately checking." Anna said with a flick of her hair, the mischievous glint in her eye all to noticeable. "Now let's go blow shit up."

The security officer narrowed his icy blue eyes at the twins, not in a way that had any negative thoughts or emotions behind it but rather one of slight curiosity before he let out one last chuckle and gestured for them to follow. "Cute, now make sure you blow shit up with the prototypes and don't blow up the prototypes - yes?"

"If the outcome is a busted prototype, it's because it sucked." Bella piped up as they moved to flank either side of Terrins while they moved towards the testing labs, thankfully the personnel sized ones were below ground and had central heating. "So what toys do you have for us sir?" Bella asked as the trio entered the elevator to take them down below the ice.

"Well," the red-headed Minkan began explaining as they rode the elevator down, descending further under ground where the new base's magic happened. "Pop quiz, you two remember the first kinetic infantry weapon this company made when it settled on that dust bowl?" Terrins queried the twins, deciding to spend the short trip toying with them a little bit.

"Well uh, we know there was some boring rifle and also some like, railgun thingos?" Anna said quizzickly flanking his left, eyeing the security officer strangely. The twins exchanged looks behind Terrins' back, they didn't quite know where this was going, and their confusion was close to shining through with wrinkled looks on both their faces.

"Ah yes, the rifle you two seem to undervalue so easily - well you girls might like the revised version a bit more then, if you manage to hit anything that is," Terrins shot back to the twins, turning to face them as the elevator continued to plummet into the earth, blue eyes shifting between the two similar yet so different women that stood before him.

"Anyway, there are other toys too but I don't want to spoil the mystery just yet..."

Two sets of eyes looked back, both made of two different colours. "There's a revised version?"

The redhead gave a knowing nod as the elevator began to accelerate, turning back towards the doors as he spoke, "it's only a prototype right now but yes, one of the privileges about knowing everything that happens here I guess."

"And how'd you become one of those people huh? You manage to get in good graces with one of the bosses or something sir?" Bella jumped in again as the elevator dinged, to signal their arrival to the desired level. Neither of the two testers hung out with the Black family all that often and usually preferred to hang out with the other techs.

Terrins smiled back at them as the elevator opened up for them, beginning to walk down a reinforced and temperature-regulated corridor that broke off with a few doors. "I walked up strapped with guns and told Kryss what was wrong with their security, though she probably hired me for Dink alone," he joked, enjoying the company of the twins despite this very much still being a business thing.

"Woah really? I know she likes playing with the fluffy fox girl sometimes, and she always acts really weird in the lab afterward and doesn't get much done. Didn't know she liked dogs too." Anna said with a surprised tone.

"that 'fluffy fox girl' is the head of heavy machinery and it'd be in both your best interests to at least try and remember that," he mused, rounding a corner until Terrins came to a halt outside one of the doors, accessing it with his security clearance before standing aside to let the girls enter first.

"Ladies first."

"We do remember that, but she just runs around with coffee all the time and sometimes looks really confused."
"Yeah she may be some fancy head of whatserother, but she's also really adorable most of the time, we just don't get to talk to her." The twins said with a huff as they stormed into the lab.

His shock of red hair bobbed slightly as the security officer shook his head, it seemed to be a general consensus that anyone who came into contact with the company's first Daur immediately melted at the sight of her - himself included though Terrins managed to keep himself in check.

"Well I'm glad you remembered, almost proud but here we are - grab something and have some fun, " the Minkan suggested as he waved a hand over toward a nearby bench that had a few kinds of weapons on display, some kind of pistol-sized bullpup that seemed a little too wide, a rifle that vaguely resembled the sport shot 7.62, a heavy-looking rifle that was rather long and some kind of capacitor-laden gauntlet system.

"OOOOO GOODY" The twins cried before sprinting towards the table, each grabbing an item to pick up and play with, Anna going for the more modest looking yet somehow more refined sport shot while Bella went straight for the gauntlet her eyes shining with an intense light. "Do we get targets or are you planning to go stand in the middle of the room for us?"

Terrins smiled happily as he saw the twins pour over the weapons, like kids in a candy store if all the candy had lethal intentions - he took a few strides over to the table and handed Anna a double-stacked magazine containing fancy-looking caseless rounds before moving over to Bella with some kind of belt-mounted power supply he reached around to strap to her hips.

"Maybe being the target is the safest place but no, you'll have more than just me to have fun with," the security officer spoke, making sure the belt was secured before he attached a power lead to the back of the gauntlet.

"Okay Anna I assume you can fire a semi auto rifle? just make sure you see that red light turn green once it is pressed to your shoulder and Bella - throw a fist toward your target, make sure to stand back though," the redhead advised as he moved back and mentally activated the range, causing a few hidden VODIM modules to fire up and display a variety of generic-looking raiders milling about the area.

"Have fun."

"Hey! Where do you think you're putting those hands sir." Bella protested slightly as the belt was strapped onto her waist, it wasn't the first time someone had suited her up but she always made it as dramatic a procedure as she could. Anna simply nodded and set to work getting a feel for the weapon, looking down its sights and sweeping back and forth across the room.

Having now been kitted up properly the louder of the two twins set to work moving her arm around, testing its weight and balance. "ABRA KAZAM!" she shouted while punching towards one of the displays, meanwhile Anna had picked a target a medium distance away from her and squeezed the trigger when the light went green as instructed.

The capacitors across the gauntlet glowed a fierce cyan as Bella swung her arm forwards, at the end of her punch a few mighty arcs of electricity surged toward her intended target - the heat could be felt as something fierce though not unbearable as the energy leapt forth, causing the raider's body to crackle and sizzle before the charred pseudo-corpse fell over dramatically, very clearly dead.

Anna on the other hand looked down the weapon's volumetric sights and as she pulled the trigger would feel very little recoil despite the two cracks from one bullet - the projectile shot forth at super sonic speeds with a trail of fire behind the gyro jet as it punched clean through one target, the wall behind it and then another target before breaking up completely.

"Thoughts?" Terrins asked from his position behind them, still smiling a bit from Bella's little moment before he looked off to the corner and began answering a message mentally.

"Hmm, the shot wavered slightly from where I was aiming, you should get the techs to spend a little more time on the scope to stamp out any other issues with having a digital sight." Anna said, looking down said sights once more, swinging the weapon in all directions at different speeds.
"Needs more boom, and did you cheat me out of heat shielding or something? I swear that weapons were meant to hurt the bad guys not the people using them." Bella commented, removing the gauntlet in favour of the strange pistol thing.

"A little bit of heat never hurt anyone, it was meant to be used with power armour but this feedback is valued - I'll be taking notes," Terrins spoke as he called in two technicians, both wearing full orange chem suits that hid their features - these two newcomers, one quite clearly a man while the other was a woman judging by the shapes underneath their suits, moved towards Anna and stood there expectantly.

"Apologies for the scope, like I said these are prototypes but they are very early models so bugs are expected," the redhead continued as he watched Bella heft the new weapon - upon further inspection she would find out why the weapon was so much wider, it had two barrels and a magazine to complement that.

"Be careful now Bella, that has a bit of kick in it."

"Of course." Anna said before squeezing off a couple more shots to see how many times out of 10 the scope was off. Meanwhile Bella stood with hand on hip, gun hefted over her shoulder as Terrins warned her. "Yeah cool now lemme shoot stuff already." She said quickly, turning to find a suitable target to unleash this weird gun on.

"So Anna, how are things?" the chem suit-clad man asked as he was handed off the rifle, his face was hidden but the ID badge and voice were familiar ones to the calmer twin - someone she worked with occasionally. The suit-clad woman on the other hand connected a datapad and began fiddling with some settings for the rifle as quick as she could to try and not delay the testing.

Bella's double barreled bullpup smg sure did kick, the electronic firing pins worked in tandem to unleash a volley of fire that kicked the rather light firearm upwards the longer the trigger was held - the high rate of fire really was no joke.

Anna waited for a few moments while the weapon was tinkered with, "Well definitely better living under the ice than in that desert. And we still get to use all this crazy gear so it's got perks." she said casting an eye to her sister who seemed to be enjoying the new toy she'd picked up. Bullets were flying all over the place as Bella gripped the trigger and did her best to keep it aimed towards the targets more than the ceiling, a huge grin plastered to her face as the hailstorm finally ended.

"Oh I feel you there, you can't run away from the heat plus all this ball-freezing snow and ice puts less stress on our gear so that is a plus, " the male technician mused as his female counterpart unplugged the datapad and nodded, prompting him to hand the rifle back to Anna with a hidden smile.

Terrins on the other hand strolled up towards Bella with a small grin on his face, he felt like she'd enjoy this little beauty quite a bit and it didn't have a name yet so...

"She hasn't got a name yet," he began speaking, offering another bulky magazine as he put a hand on her shoulder and gave it a friendly squeeze, "all the others have names, but I thought I'd let you two come up with a name for this one - seeing as at least half of the organism that you two seem to be has taken a liking to it."

"Hey don't call me half an organism."
"And why would you let her name anything anyway."
Was the immediate response to Terrins' offer to name the gun, with Bella protesting to the organism comment while Anna dished out a little sibling sarcasm. Afterwards the two locked eyes and seemed to engage in an intense staring contest both wearing grim expressions.
"It should be called The Fat Lady."
"No, it should be called Lucky Shot."

Sensing the rising tension between the twins and wanting nothing to do with it the two orange-clad technicians excused themselves from the room as both women bickered, the redheaded Minkan's eyes dropped to the floor a little as he heard them each try to out-do the other and it was all too familiar to him - to try and defuse the situation Terrins moved to stand between Anna and Bella with his hands raised, blue eyes dragging between each woman as he began speaking.

"Anna, Bella, that's quite enough - I get twin rivalry, my sister and I were the same..." his voice hitched ever so slightly before the security officer picked himself up and continued. "But do you get paid to test my patience or the weapons, hm?"

The two glared at him for a moment, both contemplating some sort of response.
"Fine... Dad." Bella eventually mumbled under her breath while turning away to cross her arms.
"Well, technically we test Horizon equipment, which includes you." Anna snickered slightly, causing Bella to laugh a little as well at one of her sisters rare jokes. "Well anyway, what about Fat luck?"

Terrins gave the ground a rather warm smile as the twins teamed up against him, no doubt Ventriss would have taken a liking to the two but she was gone now and the best he could do was remember the good times... he had gotten side tracked, followed the proverbial rabbit down into his own mind before managing to pull himself back to the current situation.

"Are you two Nepleslians now or something? I'll keep it in mind but, higher ups might not like it as much."

"Well as far as I'm concerned we already did our job so if they don't like the name then they're just boring obviously. That's why they don't do the testing themselves." Bella huffed proudly with a huge goofy grin. "So got anything else for us sir?" She asked as her sister moved to grab the final weapon on the table.

"Ironically I think the head of PR might like it," Terrins muttered before he turned towards the final weapon on the table - to say it was heavier than your average weapon was an understatement, the Telescoping Anti Materiel Rifle was a mess of coolant pipes, heatsinks and magnetic coils made more so to prove the concept was a good one rather than look pretty.

"This one could put you in the hospital unless you are careful though, so don't put your hands on the barrel, brace it against something heavy and wear goggles - she'll put a hole in a mech if you can bear the recoil."

"What that playboy? Didn't he only show up just a couple months ago too, why wasn't he here with the rest of that family?" Bella continued while Anna froze up for a moment with an exasperated expression.
"Should I, be wearing armour for this or something?" She asked slowly, while keeping the gun pointed towards the ground.

"he was off doing his own thing as far as I know, even I couldn't find any more info," Terrins replied to Bella before turning towards Anna, face going blank for a second before his gaze returned - a low hard-light wall constructed itself in front of the weapon-toting twin as the Minkan gestured his cybernetic arm towards it.

"You'll be fine so long as you brace with that bipod, I promise you."

"Alright then, but I'm footing you the medical bill otherwise." Anna said, placing the rifle on the wall in front of her and sighting in on a far target, some funky looking mech suit which was apparently meant to mimic an M3 gekido. "Well then, here goes." She said before squeezing the trigger on this latest weapon, waiting to see what kind of monstrous firing sequence this latest machine had.

Rather than the crack of a chemically fired round there was a faint hum as the rifle suddenly grew comfortably warm against Anna's cheek, a split second later it kicked back into her shoulder considerably yet not painfully as a wad of molten-hot Skusten was fired out the long barrel - she would have felt the intense heat for a fraction of a second as it was accelerated unbelievably fast down range to bore a hole straight through the mech's chest before burying itself deep in the highly-armoured wall behind it.

The mech stood upright, lights still on and seemingly undamaged until it wavered and fell forward onto its knees with a thud, then face-first into the ground as the hard-light m3's simulated pilot ceased to exist.

"It might not make them explode every time... but that stuff is hot and fast enough to cut through a lot of things as if they were butter."

"Huh, that's pretty neat." Anna commented before flicking the gun back to safety and replacing it on the table before making sure she'd stepped well back from the dangerous device.
"Hang on, did you say you had a sister sir? How come you never told us!" Bella exclaimed, having been thinking about what the security officer had said until the thing gnawing at her had become clear. "You have to bring her here so we can meet her now you know."

"You two would have loved my twin sister Ventriss," Terrins began speaking before he gave the two girls an ever so slightly somber smile. "Key words being 'would have' but her stack got blown during the Battle of Yamatai and she was never seen again - don't apologise for asking though, I'm Past mourning"

"Oh, I see." Bella said a little quieter than before, well he'd told them not to apologise but she still felt a little bad for him, although this news seemed to explain a small part of his behaviour towards them occasionally.
"Well, if we're done with all the guns for now, should we see how much of a mess Dink has made? Just to uh, pass the time at least."

The Minkan scratched the thin layer of black stubble coating his jaw before giving the table a dismissive wave of his hand, usually he was courteous enough to clean up for the people who were supposed to clean the range up but the twins seemed to have coaxed out the other side of him - though the redhead didn't give too much away.

"Sure, we'll check my mutt and then you two can have the rest of the day off I reckon - no catches or hidden clauses."

"Well duh, we basically have every day off y'know. Only times we test stuff is basically when you drag us down here or if one of the techs gives us a vehicle job." Bella said with a huge grin while Anna just sighed.
"We are also meant to do paperwork however that seems to be my job most of the time, or we just get someone else to do it for us, cause after all writing is lame when you can be shooting."

"You two are going to drive me into an early grave I swear," Terrins mused with a dismissive shake of his head, he really did enjoy the two girls' company quite a bit - bickering and all, if he thought about it that was almost half their charm.

"Right, we'd best hop to it then so that you two can go back to doing whatever it is you two do."

The twins grinned mischievously at Terrins, "Oh we get up to all sorts of naughty things sir, one time we actually just went to sleep for the whole day." Anna spoke with an exaggeratedly saucy tone while Bella tried her best not to burst out laughing. "As for driving you to a grave, maybe next time we get vehicles to test but not today I'm afraid."

Terrins dragged the cold Durandium surface of his left hand down his face briefly before the redhead rose back up and moved to open the door and let the twins out, "Sleeping for a whole day? you two truly are wild," he replied with a hint of sarcasm before moving to leave the room for himself.

"You wanna join us sometime? Sleeping for a whole day can get pretty intense you know so don't go writing us off with your fancy sarcasm just yet." Bella said with a half giggle while the two moved out the doorway and back towards the elevator, wasting no time with a rather fast walking pace. While they'd probably never outright admit it they did enjoy playing with the dog creature now and then, their ultimate goal to train him to be just as mischievous as them.

One of the redheaded Minkan's black eyebrows raised up at the offer, of course they were surely joking but he did have something to say about it as they began riding the elevator skyward. "You're evil you know, someone might get the wrong intention if you go around offering that to a guy," he spoke in kind, glancing back at Bella as he took up position in one corner of the elevator.

"Oh it's ok, we offer to girls too!" Anna piped up, the two of them clearly knew what they were talking about and continued to act coy towards the subtle protests of the security officer. "I don't see how they could get the wrong idea either sir, it's just such a simple offer, you didn't misinterpret it by chance did you?" She continued laughing while she and Bella fistbumped.

For once he didn't quite know which direction the two were going for, he felt it was a 50/50 chance of it being them just reeling him into a trap or a genuine offer for him to come back to their room... Terrins spent a short moment longer pondering it before finally coming up with his answer.

"It is a good thing you two don't discriminate but, it depends on whether you are offering to go to sleep with me or to sleep with me, " he finally spoke, a small glint behind those icy blue eyes of his.

"Oh sister sister, I think the poor boy is confused."
"Yes I think you may be right there, shall we clarify it for him?" Was the immediate back and forth response from Anna and Bella to his comment. "Well you see sir, when it gets dark outside, and the sun disappears. Most people do this thing called sleeping, where you close your eyes and your brain goes into like standby or safety mode." Bella started, describing it with weapon metaphors of all things.

"And what we were talking about, was doing this same thing, but during the day and thus being unproductive. Now if you were to ever accept that offer, we'd all go to a dorm room and get into beds. Maybe all in one if its big enough or all in our own, and then we go to sleep. It's very peaceful you know." Anna finished, snickering at him slightly as the two skipped out of the elevator when it reached the ground floor once again.

"Glad to see we're on the same page then," Terrins replied as he stepped out of the elevator, showing no hint of defeat in his words or body language as he strolled along behind the devilish twins. "Like I said it would be a shame if you got somebody's hopes up for a simple miscommunication, I try to keep work and my personal time separated for a reason," he continued, speeding up until he was ahead of the twins once more as they made their way to his room.

"It does sound rather relaxing, so maybe some time..."

The twins exchanged glances and shrugs once more as he passed by them, "You sure? Might make those bosses a little angry if they find out one of their captains of security is slacking off for the day." Anna said, "Also, since you decided to go and ruin our joke so quickly we should mention we aren't exactly those kinds of girls." She finished, deciding to throw in a wink just for good measure.

"Well there was that one time with the alcoHOLL!" Bella started before she was cut off by a swift knee to the stomach from her beaming sister.

"Hey there is no need for violence," Terrins spoke after seeing the quick knee to the gut, moving to put himself between the two sisters once more to try and avoid any further fighting.

"I do have a bit of spare time saved up though, and it was a maybe..." he repeated, features impartial as he waited to see whether there would be any more attacks.

"I'm sorry, I guess my leg just had a mind of its own you know. Guess it likes to stop my dearest sister from giving away all our secrets at once." Anna smiled while helping the other girl back to her feet.

"Well honestly, we didn't think you'd take up the offer but sure, could be fun." Bella somewhat spluttered in reply to Terrins.

"Maybe another time but for now I present, dog," Terrins replied, letting the girls sort themselves out as he moved to open his door - it was clear the room had been nearly immaculate when he left it but now the Minkan's horned wolf-thing was laying belly up on his partially messed up bed, eyes opening up as Dink almost gace a goofy grin and began righting himself.

"Here," Terrins almost commanded the creature but it started moving before he spoke, hugging up against the security officer's leg with a few happy pants as Terrins scratched the base of its horns.

"Awww, c'mere Dinky!" Bella coed, crouching down and patting her knees to try and entice the dog creature over to her for a big hug, Anna standing behind her, eyes shining with delight. "We missed you boy, come and get some pats!"

There was very little to no hesitation as the horned canine sauntered over towards the promise of more attention, his dark, shaggy coat of fur bounding slightly with every move - causing the lighter underside to be shown slightly as Dink put his paws up on Bella's kneecaps and looked over expectantly toward Anna, tail wagging excitedly.

He saw an opportunity, and surely Terrins could handle himself for a bit - the redheaded Minkan smiled down at the sight though, his dog always had liked attention. "See? he's hard to resist."

"Why would you even want to resist him! He's adorable and shaggy and loves everything and everyone, don't you dink, yes you do." Bellla said, collapsing onto the dog in a big embrace, rubbing his fur all up his tummy and sides. Meanwhile Anna had gotten down onto her knees to pour affection over the poor dog as well, "Ooo and he smells nice too, at least you managed to do that before he ran out of the bath."

Terrins reached down to pat the white X on one of the wolf-thing's hind legs as he too crouched down to continue assaulting Dink, who was panting and letting out other happy sounds as he felt everyone rubbing and petting him. "Wroof," Dink let out suddenly, vocalizing his happiness as the Minkan began speaking.

"He loves swimming but hates baths, massive hypocrite if you ask me. I don't think I ever told you two how I got him, did I?" Terrins asked as the three people's body's began to tingle faintly, the ends of their hairs rising up slightly due to the charge Dink carried being gently pushed through their bodies.

"No I don't think you have, how did you get him?"

"Well little Dinkster here was hungry, and he thought yours truly would make a nice snack - admittedly I thought the same about him but after being unable to kill each other we kind of, had some unspoken agreement," Terrins explained as Dink's tail went into overdrive, his sandpaper-like tongue lapped Anna's face lightly before retreating back into his toothy maw.

"No idea where he came from before then though, so the thing is a mystery even to me."

"Woah, and he's like, magic right?" Anna said, now really enthralled by the doggo before her, squinting a little as he licked her face and laughing.
"No he's not magic, just a spooky alien no one knows about." Bella said, since there was no such thing as magic, despite what technology could imitate.

"He's something alright," the security officer spoke as Dink turned around to face him, tongue lolling out the side of his mouth as the fuzzy thing panted happily. "The cross makes me think somebody made him but I'll never know, anyway he's been a lot happier since we moved here - poor thing couldn't go outside during the day back on that sandy hell hole but he loves all this snow."

Terrins moved his hand to scratch his dog's chest, causing a few happy whimpers, "Don't you boy? yes you do."

"I can bet he does, all this fur on that hot planet he must have been so lonely inside all day." Anna said with an over-the-top gentle voice as she hugged the creature, rubbing her face all over his pelt with happy mumbles of her own.
"So were you actually being serious giving us the day off? Can you even do that?" Bella asked, finally pulling herself away from the hound to sit on the floor with her legs to one side while she looked at Terrins.

Terrins sat there perched on his haunches and turned to face Bella, giving a small nod that bounced the red mop atop his head before the Minkan spoke, "Unless there is an emergency I don't see anything else coming down the pipeline today and there is no reason for you to be on standby so go relax - consider it a rare opportunity, you two seem to have coaxed something out of me."

Dink gave an attention-seeking bark to which Terrins chuckled slightly, turning to face his dog, "Yes Dink you can have the day off too."

The horned canine's coat puffed out happily as the hair of anybody touching him stood on end, it was pretty clear he liked this answer.

"Well if that's the official verdict, I'm gonna go back to bed. Dibs on the bed sis." Bella continued, making ready to stand up and dash back to their shared room.
"Hey! You always get the bed first, I'll kick you out if you try to take the whole thing again." Anna said defensively, also looking like she was ready to bolt. As though remembering where they were the twins turned back to Dink and both gave Dink a scratch behind an ear, "Well if we're free now then to the land of nod it seems we will go."

Dink thought about chasing after the girls as his master stood up and waved them off, calling out "Take care, you two," as they disappeared from sight - the doggo looked at the corner they dashed around before craning his head to give Terrins a curious, slightly tilted stare.

"Don't you give me that look now, you seem to like them quite a bit too."