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RP The 1st Assault Fleet Mobilizes!


The Gunman
RP Date
YE 41
RP Location
Aboard the NSS Southpaw:
Grand Admiral Barrett Valke strode out from his ready room and into the CIC of his flagship. "Admiral on deck!" called the guard to Valke's ready room. The crew in the CIC all stopped and saluted Barrett until the Grand Admiral ordered them at ease. "Status report!" Called Barrett as he took his seat in the CIC. "Sir! All ships of the main assault group report ready. The Swift Arm Escort Fleet report ready as well." Called the communications officer. "Understood." Barrett replied. "All ships this is Grand Admiral Valke. It is time for Nepleslia to show these Kuvexians what it's like to take on our fleet. Begin acceleration to the rendezvous point! From their we will begin transit to the AO." He ordered before turning to the Captain of the ship. "Let's get underway Captain." He ordered. "Aye sir! Helmsman take us out on heading 115!"

The flagship along with hundreds of ships began to break orbit around their staging post above Nepleslia. The 1st Assault fleet's main battle group consisting of more than 500 ships began accelerating away from their home starsystem and out into the black. Their destination was the frontlines, to bring the might of the Nepleslian Star Navy to bear against the Imperium's newest adversary. They were heading south, to kick the enemy in the teeth.

Grand Admiral Valke watched the progress of the fleet on his tactical display as the fleet moved towards the rendezvous point. Finally, once all ships had reached their position and confirmed they were ready, Grand Admiral Valke opened the fleet wide common channel. "All ships, it is time. Time for us to lead the way into the fight. We are heading west to cut off the enemy's supply lines and we are going to beat them right back to whatever rock they crawled out of. Then we are going to launch every single weapon we have and wipe that rock from existence!" The Admiral said standing. "All ships commence jump sequence. We are going to war!"
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