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RP [The Bar] A few years ago.

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ON: Pisces

The old Fleet Admiral was seated in a quiet bar, on Pisces Station's infamous Concourse D, dressed in a black robe with the hood partially obscuring her face.

Wazu’s entrance to the bar was marked with the soft thumping of his cane, the Nepleslian uniform he normal wore gone, replaced with simple green pants and a similarly colored jacket. ~Remember, confidence~ He reminded himself. The quiet setting was already enough to get under his skin, he had predicted that Yui would use one of the more private areas at her disposal and would have at least one guard on hand. This led him to believe there was someone using active camouflage nearby with a sword ready to gut him, though he was willing to put the debate on which was more painful, gun or sword, out of his mind for the time being. He didn’t immediately see her in the bar, but quickly narrowed down who might be here as only one person seemed to be covering their faces. “Is that you?” Wazu asked, setting his cane against the bar as he slid into the seat next to her.

Yui simply nodded. There were two glass of Nepleslian brandy on the table. "Care for a drink?"

~Poison?~ Wazu thought to himself briefly before dismissing the thought, after all why would she kill him immediately when she seems to at least be interested in what he has to say. ~Fuck, got to stop thinking like that~
“Yes, thank you.” Wazu replied, trying to keep from thinking to much to avoid the possible telepath picking up on his brainwaves. His hands would bring the glass up to his lips for a quick sip, letting the liquid burn its way down his throat.
“I should probably get down to business rather than dragging this out. When I left QIS a few years ago it was because someone had my mother killed. I have a good idea who it was but I have no proof. I’m also certain that if anyone would know it is you.”

"Or, at least, I would be able to find out," Yui said. "Although this was a long time ago." The Taisho took a sip of brandy. "Speaking of which, perhaps it's time we put aside old squabbles...that's why I came."

“And I thank you for that, I know my involvement must have been… trying towards the end of my stay there. I wasn’t sure you’d respond to my request much less show up.” Wazu said as he held the glass in front of him with both hands, wanting to hear what she had to say before volunteering anything else.

"I am willing to ask for an Imperial pardon for you. I think we at least owe you that much for the pain you've been through. Although you are a traitor to Yamatai, the consequences you faces were...unjust. Your mother did not deserve to be targeted."

Wazu rubbed his thumb against the side of his glass, his eyes still focused in on the drink as he thought about what to say next. “I guess it would be foolish to turn down that offer. Collecting enemies is never a good thing.” Wazu said, pausing a moment before adding, “But right now, I just want proof as to who gave the order to have her killed."

"There would have to be an investigation," Yui said, sounding unenthusiastic.

“You know, I didn’t leave QIS and the 4th fleet because I was mad. I left because I didn’t want to involve them in this. An investigation from my end would have yielded no results, as the person who gave the order was clearly well connected and trying to get the 4th fleet to rebel entirely would have been selfish and would no doubt have ended in millions of unnecessary casualties. I needed to leave and put this behind me, but I really only was able to do that first part. Her death has been nagging at my mind for years now and I can’t put it behind me until I know who gave the order.” Wazu said, still looking down into his glass.

"What will you do when you're sure?"

“I've been thinking about that for years, and I still don't know," Wazu replied.

"I think you need to decide first."

“I want them to know they were wrong.” Wazu said, taking another sip of the brandy in front of him. “Prove that my computer systems, my designs, are or at least will become the best. I want her to regret giving that order but I can’t prove that I’m better by responding in kind.” He paused for a moment again, deciding to take another sip. “And my revenge is already partially in effect. I’d like to think that it was my technology that built Nepleslia up from a seedy back alley ball of dirt to the empire it is now.”

“I feel like I am walking in mud here.” Wazu replied, looking over at Yui for the first time. “It feels like I am making progress but I am getting more and more bogged down the further I get. Can you not just tell me Irim was behind it?”

"Not without proof," Yui answered. She suspected he was right, though.

Wazu winced a bit, she was right after all. Acting on speculation would be irrational, he had put off acting on solely speculation for years already and a few more days, months, or years more wouldn’t matter. He had plenty of time to wait. “I guess you really do not know?” Wazu asked, not really expecting an answer. He would take another sip, trying to hide the disappointment creeping into his voice. A quick resolution would have been nice but he knew that was not a likely outcome. “You have changed quite a bit sense we last talked. I was not expecting to leave alive much less be offered a pardon.”

"...." The Taisho remained silent.

“So where does that leave us?” Wazu asked as he looked back over into his drink. “Do you still hate me? Are we friends? Or are you just offering these things because you want something in return?”

"I never hated you, only the division in Yamatai that you were a part of. I'm looking to...close loose ends."

"I am at a loss for words right now." Wazu said, downing his brandy with a quick gulp. "Or maybe I should just leave before I say something stupid." He pushed his glass aside for the moment, "I would like to ask you to relay one more message for me. IF you can find, I believe it is Kessaku Yuuko now. Tell her sorry for me."

"Alright," Yui nodded. Yuuko was easy to find.

Wazu then stood up from his chair, "If you need to contact me, just contact the Nepleslian Military. Drei will patch you through."

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