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Interest Check The Dead Rise on 'The Grim'


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Game Master
Hello all!

I'm still working out the fine details on a plot concept and I'd like to see if there's interest! Precisely what goes on in the plot will be partially determined by what types of characters are in it.

The new crew of the Grim , all thought dead by the rest of the universe, must struggle to understand their circumstances, survive, and find a way to keep the ship they're aboard happy - or else.

Plot Details
  • Anyone is welcome!
  • Characters should have been left for dead in space sometime in the last year or two. If they've already been revived, that should be okay! The only restriction is that they should have been recoverable. Missing parts, etc, are fine. These characters will have been modified in various ways that will be revealed as the plot goes on.
  • The plot is planned as a mixture of horror, mystery, piracy, and covert ops.
  • The plot takes place on a 'ghost ship' that has its own plans for the crew and the missions they will undertake. The ship itself appears to be haunted, with potentially lethal implications for the crew.
  • In horror/mystery fashion, much of the plot will be based around crew interactions, finding ways to overcome the deadly nature of the ship, and how to keep the ship happy.
  • I plan to GM post 2-3 times a week if everyone has had a chance to go. Otherwise, 1 time a week minimum.
Story Sample
: Unnamed Battlefield, 7 Hours Post-Battle

The black ship slowly waded through the wreckage. In space, debris could be scattered over hundreds or even thousands of kilometers, but the ship's sensors had brought it here in search of a faint glimmer of life.

That glimmer belonged to a Nepleslian man. He'd long since lost track of how long he had been alone in the vacuum of space. His HUD had given out hours - days? - ago, but somehow his life support had held on. It didn't give him much hope. The air was growing thinner with each breath. Roan, as he called himself, had been coming to terms with his slow death for a while now.

When brilliant light covered his body, he squinted against it. 'Is this it? I didn't expect the light at the end of the tunnel to be so... literal..'

Roan felt his body get pulled towards the light as the last of his air ran out.

Location: Unknown

Roan's eyes strained to adjust. The room he found himself in was dark, lit only by a tall column of light in the center. His body ached like he'd been sleeping for days. He took a deep, experimental breath and was rewarded with a lungful of good, clean air. There was a faint metallic taste to it, which he quickly stopped noticing.

"Where.." he murmured. His lips were dry. A table not far away held a glass of water, which he carefully walked to and drank from. It, too, was clean and crisp. "Where am I?"

A voice answered from behind him. He whirled around to see a massive black and red shape that looked like the pictures he'd seen of black holes. It filled his vision, but he didn't feel as though he was being pulled into it. "You are aboard the Grim, Number 43. You are being given a second chance at life. The terms are simple - do as you are told and you will continue to live. Do you accept?"

The man blinked again and shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts. "The Grim? Is that..a ship? I'm not accepting a damn thing until I know what's going on!"

The black hole continued to pulse brilliantly in front of him. It felt ominous, somehow. "A ship, yes. That is all you need to know. The offer will only be made once more. Do you accept?"

"You can take your offer and shove it! Get me back to-"

Roan blinked as the scene around him shifted. Within a single blink he found himself strapped into a metal table. The room before was nowhere to be found. Dull, red light let him see his restraints - and the wicked machinery hovering in front of him. Whirring saws, mechanical arms, and drills moved closer. "What the fuck?!"

Distantly, with the few moments he had left before his dismemberment, he thought he could hear the same voice from before.

"You are aboard the Grim, Number 44..."