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OOC The Golden Band expeditionary force


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Hello spacers and spacies Im here to check for intrists in a Mecha plot for a up in coming force of mercs operating via charter by The Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia.
explore, Adapt, build colonies fight fantastical beasts out in the expanse and acasionally fight intelligent life bent on attacking everything that we try to acomplish

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The Golden Band​

The Golden Band Is a expeditionary Mercenary force funded and armed with Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia weapons and technology. With a limited amount of their own assets and limited R&D capability's. The Golden Bands goal is to explore catalog and set up outposts in the great Expanse for their uses as well as uses for future Neplesia colonies.


The Golden Band is Comprised of freedom fighters, Militia, And PMC units who volunteered to undertake this massive ordeal for the greater good of Nepleslia. with history steeped in tradition of the various militia and defense forces of Nepleslia since YE42. These are the extent of their operations that are known to the public and on the whole, they are a well-trusted company.


The Golden Band is lead by a Ex super soldier of a long dead corporation. without a home or group to call his own Ty Sibo leads the Golden band into the unknown along with the financial backing of Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia as well as any remnant of tech from his days as a super soldier leader.

Im hoping to fill roles in the fallowing sections

Civilians: looking to explore the stars? you too can make a difference and be some of the first to start life anew Among the stars!

R&D: personnel interested in testing their mettle in creating new ships Mecha and quality of life improvements for colonies established in the expanse. ( and allows for new wiki writers to try out their skills)

PMC: Private Security Force / Outsourced Private Military who would be interested in working as a team or becoming squad leaders themselves

Pilots: now this is for Fleet pilots Dropship pilots and Mecha or as I'm going to call them Walker pilots.

Note: this is going to be steeped in 80's style so have fun everyone


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This looks like a lot of fun. I'd have to either make a new character or age/update one of my old ones but, I'm popping in here to show I'm interested in joining up. One of my old guys had a mechanical background and given the time jump since I last wrote him would fit in well with either Civilians or R&D.

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Could easily throw a thug, pilot or scientist into this. Sounds pretty well organised in an open-ended kind of way.

Guess it depends on how 'serious' and 'professional' you intended the tone to be?

An approach that mimics 80s anime is always cool, regardless.