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Approved Submission The History of Tsenlan and the Norian People


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  1. I agree

If possible I would like @Wes to review this as that he probably has the most working knowledge of Noria, its development, and history. Sadly our original forums were hacked so I cannot link to specific threads. Please keep in mind this history is a roleplayed history by several people. Some mentions of magic and other things are made, please keep in mind however that they are deemed as not compatible with the SARPiverse and are therefore no longer present.
This suggestion has been implemented. Votes are no longer accepted.
Hello, the article starts with OOC information when it should be written primarily from an in-universe point of view, with OOC info moved to the OOC section. I know a lot of OOC sections are short and just credits, but you can actually put multiple subsections in there.