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RP The Honey Acre Woods (Honeybear Intermission)

Fort Nozomi

Sanda frowned slightly. "It's not a superficial choice to me. It's a very important choice. With a cybernetic arm I can have all kinds of options and hidden surprises. But one thing that must always be considered is that I already have one replaced arm. If I get them both replaced with gadgets, its a liability if for some reason I lose power or get hit with an EMP." She didn't comment on the die and get a new body. Sanda may be a Soldier of Yamatai, but that didn't mean she agreed with their reliance on STs and such. But that was a conversation she really wasn't in the mood to have so she was thankful when the subject was changed.

Sanda smiled when Zanven produced her revolver. She quickly took it from him and examined it. The Ranger had to admit he had done a good job cleaning it. "Thanks for taking such good care of it for me." Slowly she got her feet over the bed and stood up. "They haven't exactly told me I can't carry my weapons, but I'd rather not have it become an issue." Sanda made her way over to the closet where her portable locker was. "I'll lock it up here. I'd rather have it somewhere I can get it quickly if need too. This place has a nasty habit of springing surprises on you when you're not ready for them." Kneeling, Sanda opened the locker and fished around in it for some ammo. Slowly she reloaded it, taking a little longer than usual because of her missing arm. But once it was loaded she spun the cylinder and retuned it her locker.

"I've been bed ridden for over a week, or however long it's been. I need to get out and stretch my legs." Sanda said. She slung her duty belt around her hips but needed Zanven's help getting it buckled. This one arm thing was getting to be a real pain. Once she was ready with her bayonet safely secured on her belt she said, "I think I want to visit Sassa and see how she's holding up. She's probably been more briefed than I have since I've been unconscious for so long. She might be able to bring me up to speed on what our status is at the moment."

Zanven was welcomed to join her if he wanted to. Sanda left her room and took a quick turn outside, enjoying the fresh air again even if it was briefly. She then tracked down Sassa's room, which happened to be on the same floor as her own, and knocked on the door.

Hearing her dismissal of the superficial remark Zanven bowed slightly as he did not mean to offend, listening to how she spoke about the differences he knew it was a touchy subject and he instead changed the subject to her revolver. She was quick to examine it and he knew that having a weapon on her right now was likely to be an issue, but he did not fight back as she loaded the weapon and locked it away in her locker he did not give any passing remarks on the matter.

Seeing that she stood up and was unhappy for having been bedridden both by her body language and well...her actual tone of speech he watched her sling her duty belt around her hips. He took note of her physique, but he only admired her as she was a good friend to him for the time they have known each other and he was just ready to see his friend returned to active duty and with her name cleared so they could continue to redeem the Resurgence. He came over and helped to secure the belt without a word before she stated that she was going to visit Sassa as she was needing to be brought up to speed as well as to see how she is as well. "Honestly I do not know Sassa that well, but I will tag along for now and at least show my face...it is better to make sure the people that have your back are familiar with you yeah?" He said with a chuckle before giving her a light tap on her shoulders before they moved out.

Sassa's Room
It did not take long for them to arrive at Sassa's room, and after a knock, there was a brief pause before Sassa came out to greet them, however, Zanven seemed to bend in and he was fine with such a thing as Sassa seemed to be on good terms with Sanda. He was quiet as the two spoke and he did not wish to interrupt, so he instead leaned against the wall and pulled out his datapad as he was reading through the briefings and news alerts. There was even an alert that told that their previously MIA asset Alliset had returned and that was a large section of news as that meant that the Task Force as a whole suffered...minimal to no casualties
Fort Nozomi

Sanda chuckled at Sassa's flushness. It was both amusing and touching. When her injuries were mentioned Sanda looked down at the stub where her forearm was missing as if she was noticing it for the first time. In truth, she had just made a decision. She would elect for a cloned flesh arm to replace what she lost. The risk of being defenseless with two cybernetic arms if she encountered something like a EMP or those virus creatures that could hack electronics was what swayed her decision.

"It's not as bad as it could have been. I'll have a new arm in a day or two and it would be as good as new." She frowned. "Although, I doubt there's a good tattoo artist on base." Sanda's body was covered in an intricate tattoo of a lighting bolt. It was made with an unique dye that would reflect the light and made it appear as if there was actually electricity flowing through her body. Sanda shook her head, "But anyway, don't feel bad. I only regained consciousness day before yesterday so I wouldn't have been much conversation." She smiled. "How have you been?"

Before Sassa had a chance to answer, Sanda's stomach let out a roar. The Nep looked slightly embarrassed. "I guess I haven't had much solid food lately. You want to head to the Mess Hall and see if we can't satisfy the beast?"
Fort Nozomi

“Yeah, I think that’s a great idea.” Sassa replied with a slight smile. Under normal circumstances, she might have thought that the growling of the Ranger’s stomach was unseemingly, but it had lightened her mood. “Unfortunately, you’ll probably have to go back to Yamatai for tattoos. Unless you’re looking for fur art.” She added.

With that, Sassa’s eyes found Zanven as well. After offering him a bashful wave, the Infantry Neko went towards her chair and put her field jacket on over her bodysuit, before zipping it up over her chest. Then, she turned to follow Sanda out the room, the door sliding shut in her wake.

“I’ve been in my room all week, save for the interrogations.” Sassa said, in response to the Ranger's question. “I…just haven’t bothered with doing anything, save for watching YamaTube videos and shows on SYNC.” She continued. “It’s hard finding the motivation to get things done when you don’t know whether or not you’re still going to be in the Star Army come the next day.” The Infantry Neko finished.
Aboard the Koun

Alastair had read over the report more times than a neko can count on all fingers and toes. He made sure not a single detail was overlooked. Partly because he felt guilty for giving her blessing to go on leave and also because he was proud of her as well. Fighting on equal terms was one thing, it was another story to be at the mercy of the enemy. Playing games and trying best to get what information they were after.

The door slide open and Alastair walked into the room. He had made sure to give time for her to be checked over. Though being perfectly honest with himself he wanted enough time so Sacre wouldn't stab him for acting too soon. He knew all too well the feelings those two had for one another and this was not something he'd look to infringe on anymore than required. "Hello, I see you two are staying comfortable." He noted as he rounded the corner to see the two of them coiled up together. "I hear that a weighted blanket does wonders, something that even our modern medicine can't replace." He said with a smile as he walked over. "Believe she'd have a moment for a chat? Nothing major, or even about the mission. Just a chat between two people." He then took a seat beside the bed while he waited. He knew best to ease into things even if he was very excited to hear more about this fairy. This new AI would make a fine addition to his collection after all.
The small cabin wasn’t crowded, but with Ven and E.E’s added mass it was significantly smaller than usual. The pair were opposites in many ways, Ven had brown skin and green hair, looking like someone had crossed a tree and a short neko. E.E. on the other hand was a pure white with black eyes and the hulking mass of a she-bear. Ven was sitting in the cabin’s chair while E.E. sat beside the nest where Aliset slept and Sacre brooded over her. Their conversation was cut short by Aliset’s stirring.

A hand slipped out of Sacre's coils, followed by a rumpled, glazed eyed and very hungry looking young woman. Then again three of perhaps four days of complete nonresponse would do that to a body. "Head hurts… Lovey, my head's loopy, might have something to do with not being able to think straight when you're here."

Clearly, she hadn't noticed the Kodian and the twig in the room, yet. Her writer's jiggle the handle advice there is to give her some bootup time.

“Funny, I’ve always found her glare discombobulating.” Ven said from her seat.

“That’s only because you screw up more often than you breathe.” Sacre said with her serious sounding humor. Ven gave a little chuckle as Sacre looked back down at Aliset. She gently caressed Aliset’s face. “Don’t worry about anything honey, I’m here.”

"Hey, pretty…" Her voice trailed off as she settled back on her knees, letting her responses melt into Sacre's touch. "Sorry I fell asleep. Nice shirt. Wife material?"

“I sure hope so, I’m getting married when my girlfriend gets back.” Sacre said, shifting to give Aliset room.

"Is that before or after our big heroic rescue mission? Cause I'd like to meed the girl capable of making you giggle like a school girl." She offered a big grin, then turned as though to get up and get herself some form of coffee, freezing as she locked eyes on E.E's form. "Oh! Hi… ahm. Friends of Sacre?"

“No, I’m a burglar with an exceptionally bad sense of timing.” The large white bear rising for the door. “I’ll go grab us some coffee and some grub.” She said to Ven and Sacre.

“Thank you, thank you.” Ven said scooting closer.

“Why did you say thank you twice?” E.E. asked.

“Because Sacre won’t at all.” Ven said with smirk. E.E. laughed and headed out the door.

"I mean, you right. Though she seems more chipper when I'm on… Did I miss galley duty?"

Ven held up her hand with the fingers close together. “Just by a little bit.”

"You been holding her together, Ven?" Aliset gave a soft smile, her brain audibly grinding into gear and starting to work. "Or is PT gonna suck for a bit?"

Yes, Ali, play it off like you knew she was there and didn't hear two of your worst pickup lines. "Cause I just had some really weird dreams and feel like I worried some folks. Everybody okay?"

“Whoever kidnapped you had the good sense to return you very far away from a very tuned up squad of badasses. So unfortunately, yes.” Ven replied as E.E. returned carrying coffee, some bowls, spoons, and jug of something.

E.E. handed out the cups of coffee, just the way that each of them liked it before settling down next to Aliset. “I made something…” there was a hitch in the planned delivery. “That I’ve made before for when someone’s not feeling too well. Salmon Noodle Soup.” She explained pouring bowls for everyone.

"Ooh!" Aliset perked, smiling widely as she moved herself over Sacre's tail to claim a seat at the edge of the bed. Looking up at E, though, her brows furrowed before dismissing the thought. Last thing she needed was to start calling people on being less okay than they actually were. Especially given her situation. "I should probably get my salts. Aah… Ven, they're in the desk behind you, looks like a salt shaker in the top drawer. Don't eat it."

Reaching behind herself, she idly scratched Sacre's tail, thinking as she looked at her hand, remembering the blade going through it. "I'm sorry I came back a killer. Both of them were accidents. I tried. I couldn't stop it."

Sacre hugged Aliset, “It’s ok, we’re all professionals here. My first was a slaver.”

“Terrorist.” E.E. added.

“Collaborator.” Ven said.

"I'm pretty sure Theo was already dead when I hit the door to try to get him out. Found vacuum on the other side. That machine used a child's corpse like a sock puppet."

Picking up the bowl, Aliset sipped some of the broth. Sure, she had stiffened at Sacre's touch, but quickly softened, relaxing into it. "But I'm also pretty sure I'm just telling myself that to make myself think my first wasn't a child. And if I am right, then my first was a prisoner. Probably more of one than myself. At least, according to my culture, I know most of you didn't kill people."

“Sounds like someone else killed the child and the second was an enemy combatant and self defense. Both pretty well justified even if you were a civilian. Being in the right isn’t the same thing as feeling good about what happened. Part of the reason I joined the army is because I was unsettled by what I did.” E.E. offered gently.

"Thanks, boss. That means a lot. Really." She offered a smile again. "The worst part, though, was the isolation. Tsulrati aren't wired to handle things on our own. If we're alone, we're probably already dead. I wasn't expecting isolation. But they let me keep my telepathy. That helped. So what did you all get into? I wasn't told much. And I'm kinda almost naked. Sorry about the mess."

“Made a drop on Gashmere against the anti-xenoists. Really weird stuff happened. When we got back up here we learned that you were missing and we spent pretty much the whole time till you showed back up trying to find you. So not much.” Ven said.

"This wasn't the AXL. I promise. I saw a couple of these types of scapegoats on Shurista, back when I was a post girl. It's multilayered. It's in my briefing to Fletcher… Aah, shit, I don't remember the debrief. Did that happen? It's all a bit foggy."

“Yhea, I was reading the digests as they came out.” Sacre said, petting Aliset gently.

Ven shrugged, “I’m a grunt. I shoot who they tell me to shoot.”

"I'll keep that in mind. Itami's gonna be pissed. Also, I'd like to read those digests and the shipyard report. Maybe I can get some kind of further operational knowledge, unless it says stuff I already said. Also, subdermal tracker, next time."

“Most of it’s the stuff you said or things they were able to figure out from it. Sometimes I think a subdermal tracker might be a good idea regardless. That way I don’t have to follow the trail of devastation.” Sacre said, trying to be a bit more light hearted.

"I'm at my best when I'm scared, though!" She gave a lighthearted chuckle, sipping more of the soup and then chugging her coffee. "You spent time on Shurista, and now I'm an immigrant with an inferiority complex, so devastation is taking it easy. Maybe I should go get a ranger tab. I'd look good with one."

“I never needed one, I always thought that going into battle without armor was a faster way to commit suicide. I supported a unit of them once, and never really felt the need to get any special forces qualifications. If you want one, it’s pretty hard and it’s a lot of ground combat.” Sacre offered.

"Who's the best shot of the fleet crew," Aliset countered, looking o Ven and E.E. for validation. "I get it, it's not gonna be easy. But I have to build my skills to defend my home and friends. So get me in shape and get me to Ranger, Arctic Warfare, CSAR, any school that will take me. Next time I have a bad idea, I want to be trained to pull it off."

Ven seemed amused, “I guess we’re going to be special farces then.”

"Looks like. Sorry. I'm scared of not being able to protect Sacre if I have to. I couldn't protect Nic, Lev, or the kid. I'm not losing her, too." The facade had cracked, and she took a deep drink of her soup, hiding her face behind the bowl while she put the mask back on. "Shuristan fear hits different."

Sacre patted Aliset gently on the back. E.E. nodded as well, “I know how that feels.” The big Kodian added.

"Thank you. Everyone. Sorry for scaring you. The mission was a resounding success. But I think Sacre's gonna want me to go to Medical for body scans before she can give me an RTD."

“And I don’t think you are ready to RTD yet.” Sacre added.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Standing, Aliset picked up her coffee mug and moved to the maker on one wall, starting herself another cup. "Is this the whole Senti brains and trauma thing? Cause I'm up. And I'm…. I'll be fine. Better when I sink my knife into that psychopath's neck."
Sacre rose from the bed as well and reached out to massage Aliset’s shoulders. “I know I wasn’t fine when I was in your shoes.” She said.

"You're still healing from that," again, she stiffened until she realized who it was, then looked down towards her coffee. "I knew what I was doing. It was the entire plan. Get captured. Get intel. Get out. Return acquired intelligence to the Admiralty. Mission accomplished. Not according to plan. But no plan survives first contact."

“I wasn’t talking about my first time.” Sacre said very softly.

Aliset's head turned as her brows furrowed. "Sorry, I feel like this is something you and never had a good time to talk about. What happened?"

“It started with a bad drop, we were riding herd on a ranger squad when they ran into some special forces that just happened to be practicing in the AO. We went in to get them out and got trapped as well. We got sold in Kuvexia. However, our command structure was intact, so Sacre taught us how to pass messages between the groups. We worked together, and managed to gather a lot of intelligence before we were rescued.” Ven explained.

"Ah. I'm not sure I would have survived that." What could she say to a tale like that.

“The Kuvexians wanted to keep us alive, particularly the ones who were particularly rare, unique, or beautiful. They would have found a way, which made it worse in a way.” Ven said.

“More importantly, even being trained didn’t stop all of us from getting hurt pretty deeply from what happened. We have leave for a while longer, I want to take you to Yamatai and show you around there and wait until I have more information to clear you.” Sacre explained.

"I'd… I'd like that. It would be nice to see Marigold. And I have to make a couple phone calls. One to a devious snake you call dad. Medical, first. I need scans and blood tests. I don't know if I was drugged."

Sacre nodded, “Allright, let’s get you checked out.” She said, moving towards the doors.

"Lemme put some pants on, first! Damn, you want me walking around with my coochie out in this weather?" Aliset threw her coffee back, slipping past Ven to gather a uniform and hastily throw it on before hugging Estrid's fluffy and warm form. "Thanks, E. Your soup's amazing. Now I just gotta not trip on Sacre's tail and hope she doesn't get ideas from my would be killer's autopsy report."
Aboard the Koun

"I can talk, sir." Aliset lifted her head, turing to look at Alastair with her rusted eyes. She was glad, for a moment, that the rest of the crew had never seen her true eye color, just the red of the iron buildup in her eyes from her brain's attempts to keep her stable and focused enough to survive. "Are you proud of your Navigator? I can do a lot more than you pay me for."

Nara's appreciation for Itami as a close friend had only grown over the past few days. He helped her move into a shared barracks, the barrier he set up made her smile. It was very respectful of him to still give her space of her own. When she awoke after their friendly evening of relaxation she stretched out on her bed and sighed, unknowingly knocking one of her books off the bed. It landed with a resounding thud that caused her to curse under her breath in Nira'las. Carefully she rolled out of her bed silently landing on the floor next to the book in a crouched position hoping that she had not awoken her roommate. With all the grace she could muster she dusted off imaginary ghosties and hugged it to her chest. Her feet padded softly to over to the sheet where she stopped short of crossing the barrier, "Is it safe to cross?" she asked just loud enough to get his attention if he had already been awake.
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It had been a wonderful couple of days since that last shit show of a mission, which he was able to spend a vast amount of time with Nara, and yes, their friendship had grown quite a bit.

Itami didn't hear the book tumble nor her soft footfalls and her question. The reason for this was because he had ear plugs in as he was exercising. Nara would be able to hear soft grunting from his side of the barrier. If she were to peek through, she would find him doing push-ups in nothing but his SAoY boxer-briefs. At this point he wouldn't even know if she peeked as his eyes were closed, it also showed how much he trusted her. He wouldn't have had ear plugs in if he didn't feel safe in her presence.

Finishing his push-ups he moved to sit-ups, using the bed as a brace.

Nara could not hear much but the sound of soft grunting that piqued her curiosity, clearly he was awake. All of her face save her eyes was covered by the book as she peeked cautiously around the corner. Her violet eyes popped wide open at the very unexpected sight that graced her. Quite similarly clad herself she hoped he was not able to sense her reaction for fear it might scare him off. After all he elicited quite different behavior from her than say Aelya or Talynn would. In fact Aelya would definitely be quite shocked at the lack of dominant traits she was expressing in regards to the ranger.

In any event she could probably use a work out even if the bruises were still a touch tender. Carefully she stepped around the curtain placing the book about herbs at the foot of his bed. She sat a respectful distance away from him, but not so far away that he thought she would be avoiding conversation. With that she noticed his ear plugs, which made her smile a little that their level of trust had only grown since they met. Well he was zoned into his work and there was not much else to do except to start her own work out. A soft groan of discomfort escaped her lips when she braced against his bed to begin sit-ups of her own.
Zanven could see the two were having their own talk and he was just a third wheel at the time. His datapad rang as he received a message, a response to a request to take a job during the downtime he had been blessed with. With the bashful wave from Sassa he grinned and knew that the two had plans and they could take care of each other from there. "Well looks like you two will have some stuff to do. I wish you both a speedy recovery physically and mentally...as well as a timely release back to duty, we need the two of you to continue kicking ass." He said with a chuckle and putting away his datapad. "Looks like I have another mission to attend to, a pilot's job is never dull. When I get back, let's all go catch a drink ok?" He said before waving and giving a soft smile and turning to head back to his quarters to pack up.

At this point, Zanven is going to exit the Intermission and he moves on to do the Job he received.


His eyes were closed and he more felt Nara's presence more than anything else, though his nostrils flared when she passed near him. Taking a brief break in a sitting position, he pulled the ear plugs out and turned his head to find Nara mimicking his previous movements in nothing but her undergarments, much like he had been. The fact that she was in undergarments did manage to bring a blush to his face.

"Morning Nara. I didn't wake you did I?" He went back to finishing his morning sit-ups, with Nara mimicking him. It was another 3 minutes until he finished his 250 sit-ups, once this was done he stood slowly and stretched before grabbing a towel and wiping his sweat and the sweat on the floor up. He was still blushing though seeing Nara in her undergarments.
Fort Nozomi
Barracks on way to Mess Hall

Sanda waved by to Zanven. "See you later, Solo." Along the way to the Mess Hall, Sassa shared with Sanda what she had been up to. It hadn't been much. Sanda was silent a moment, just enjoying being outside again. It felt like ages since she had been out and about, not in a PA or fighting. Despite the cold, it felt good. The cold reminded her that she was alive.

It was a short walk to the Mess Hall. Despite having only one arm, Sanda loaded down her plate and carried it to a table. The Ranger grew quite just staring at her food. Finally she asked, "How have the interrogations been going? Does it seem route or are they digging for dirty to try and frame us for doing something we didn't?" Having been unconscious for so long, Sanda had been spared the worrying about things. Poor Sassa had had nothing but time to worry about it. She reached for her fork and began shoveling her food in as fast as she could. She was famished.
Fort Nozomi
Barracks on way to Mess Hall

Sanda waved by to Zanven. "See you later, Solo." Along the way to the Mess Hall, Sassa shared with Sanda what she had been up to. It hadn't been much. Sanda was silent a moment, just enjoying being outside again. It felt like ages since she had been out and about, not in a PA or fighting. Despite the cold, it felt good. The cold reminded her that she was alive.

It was a short walk to the Mess Hall. Despite having only one arm, Sanda loaded down her plate and carried it to a table. The Ranger grew quite just staring at her food. Finally she asked, "How have the interrogations been going? Does it seem route or are they digging for dirty to try and frame us for doing something we didn't?" Having been unconscious for so long, Sanda had been spared the worrying about things. Poor Sassa had had nothing but time to worry about it. She reached for her fork and began shoveling her food in as fast as she could. She was famished.
The Nekovalkyria Military Police Chusa, and a Kodian Colonel approached Sanda and Sassa at the table in the Mess hall. "Hai! We are nearly finished with the investigation, but had a few widdle questions before we close everything. Mind if we join you? Of course not!" The Neko officer said as she plopped down on a seat opposite the two TF Piglet soldiers. Had the Kodian Officer rolled his eye's any harder, they may have escaped his skull. With a heavy sigh of defeat he took a seat next to his diminutive partner and steepled his paws before him.

@Cowboy @Immortal Cyan
Fort Nozomi
Mess Hall

The nip of the chilly air on Sassa’s skin set the cyan and magenta-haired Neko’s senses on edge. It was only then that she realized that she hadn’t been outside since the end of the operation—a sobering fact that reminded her just how far she had retreated into abjection. No doubt, if she were to ever come out of her hole, her first workout would be a hard one.

With her arrival at the mess hall, Sassa took on a markedly lighter plate than the Ranger. However, it was only for the fact that she didn’t need the food as much as Sanda. Unlike her partner, she hadn’t been recovering from a major injury. In that regard, she was lucky.

After finding her way to the table, Sassa began to slowly eat her food, However, an uneasy glint manifested in her eye when she saw the familiar dark blue panels of two Investigators entering the mess hall.

//The MPs are here.// Sassa warned her partner via digital transmission. //It looks like they’re coming towards us.// She added. However, the Infantry Neko didn’t neglect in answering Sanda’s question, doing so simultaneously with the transmission of her warnings.

“It’s very rote, so far.” Sassa said as she set down her fork and took a deep breath.

Then, the Investigators arrived.
Fort Nozomi
Mess Hall

Sanda glanced over where Sassa indicated and groaned. //Figures// she sent to Sassa. The Ranger continue eating as the two officers approach. Normally Sanda would have snapped to attention but she was wounded and starving. Military etiquette could make an exception in this instance. She did at least pause in her eating while the two officers sat down.

Sanda shrugged and said, "Anything I can do to speed things up and get back to duty. You'll excuse me, I've been on a liquid diet lately and my stomach is starting to think my throat has been slit." And resumed eating. Even though she only had one hand it didn't slow her down much.
Fort Nozomi
Mess Hall

The perky Neko MP nodded. "We all need to eat!" Before glancing over at Sassa's plate of food. "Although, are you sure you need that much. You seem a little....heavier, than you were in some of your file pictures. Oh honey, and your hair. I know a really good stylist on Yamatai when you're ready to get that fixed. Anyways..." She said as she placed a recording device on the table.

"Recording 23, Mess hall, Fort Nozomi, Gashmere. Investigators Maple and Winnifred, interviewing Sanda Hoshi and Sassa Hall. Ms. Hall, what was your understanding of your mission objectives when you arrived at the orbital ship yards?"
Fort Nozomi

The perky Neko MP nodded. "We all need to eat!" Before glancing over at Sassa's plate of food. "Although, are you sure you need that much. You seem a little....heavier, than you were in some of your file pictures. Oh honey, and your hair. I know a really good stylist on Yamatai when you're ready to get that fixed. Anyways..." She said as she placed a recording device on the table.

Sassa’s nostrils flared in annoyance, but she was too exasperated to offer anything more than a resigned sigh. It wasn’t the first time someone had told her that she was fat, whether in a direct or indirect fashion. Even so, the Infantry Neko couldn’t hold back the urge to look down, a frown coming over her pale features as she did.

Indeed, it was all too obvious. While it wasn't like they had grown a full size, Sassa couldn’t deny it—her boobs were bigger.

"Recording 23, Mess hall, Fort Nozomi, Gashmere. Investigators Maple and Winnifred, interviewing Sanda Hoshi and Sassa Hall. Ms. Hall, what was your understanding of your mission objectives when you arrived at the orbital ship yards?"

“Our objective was to support security operations surrounding the launch of the KSS Gashmere’s Hammer.” Sassa stated by rote digital memory. “We were also tasked with protecting Senator Anslen Volon and Chairman Koda by functioning in the capacity of visible deterrents” She added.
Fort Nozomi, Mess Hall

Sanda's pile of food quickly disappeared. She did pause in inhaling her food once when the Neko made a comment about Sassa's eating too much. Sanda's eyes flicked to Sassa then back to the Neko MP. She snorted at the unprofessional and quite frankly impertinent comment but said nothing as she resumed devouring her food. When she had finished, Sanda got up and got another plate of food. This was mostly just fresh fruits but the tattooed Nep felt like this conversation might require some tact. She wasn't at 100% at the moment and so that hot headed Nep rebellious that she fought to keep under control could easily surface. Eating something would keep her mouth busy long enough for her not to say the wrong thing.
Investigator Maple pursed her plump lips, somehow the action seemed to make the tightly rolled bun of hair atop her head tighten even more. "I see, why don't you two walk us through the ... incidents aboard the orbital shipyards. We will go from there." A heavy sigh escaped her lips, as if she had much more important things to be doing. Winnifred settled into his seat, a disinterested look appeared on his face as he started to pick at something in his teeth with a long dark claw. His eyes however showed a key and unwavering attention on Sanda however.