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RP: Galactic Horizon The New Bird


Game Master
RP Date
ye 41
RP Location
Galactic Horizon HQ
With all the movement and setting down new infrastructure and making sure the Galactic Horizon personnel had a roof over their heads a few things had been deemed unimportant enough to be pushed back on the schedule a bit but now everything had settled and those things that hadn't been important in the moment were now being checked off the list.

Specifically health checks, they were in a whole new section of the universe with a slightly different atmosphere and regardless of how redundant or annoying it might seem people needed to be cleared to work here - the higher ups though had a more personalized version though, rather than be rushed through the medical wing with the rest of the workers and employees there had been a section of the new labs quartered off.

Having just been given the green ticket for everything Donvan now exited and came face to face with his twin sister, moving up to whisper something into the blonde woman's ear as he passed her, "I reckon you and her might get on well," he spoke with a soft chuckle, referring to the ex-SAoY Medical Officer Elysian that they'd picked up recently.

“And what’s that meant to mean dearest Donvan?” The blonde sister replied with a hand on her hip, smirk on her face. It wasn’t every day her brother called and said she needed a check up and with someone with his reputation telling her that she couldn’t be blamed for assuming it was something else entirely.

Shaking her head she swiped her card and went inside anyway to see what exactly was going on.

"Whatever you think it means," Donvan got in as a final word before strolling off to do whatever people thought he did when not chained to his desk, as Kryss entered the first thing to catch her attention was a pair of angelic, oversized dove wings attached to the back of a lab coat - pristine and gently ruffling themselves before the owner turned around to greet her.

"Ah and you must be the lovely sister he was telling me about, take a seat over there, honey," the Elysian greeted her before gesturing over to a comfy-looking leather seat in the middle of the room, besides that white lab coat the winged woman was clad in some beige flats leading in to some black stockings that squished the bird's shapely legs slightly before transitioning into a navy pencil skirt that hugged her hips and showed off the Elysian's tapered waist and then finally finishing it all off with a white button-up that had the top few buttons undone to show off a little of the Dove's ample chest along with some fresh disposable gloves.

"Doctor Ariel Castien and the new head of your Biotech department, at your service Ms. Black," Ariel introduced herself, complete with porcelain skin, golden eyes and white hair that ran in her family - like Kryss she sported a short hairstyle though instead of the human's pixie cut the Elysian opted for a short bob with a few blonde streaks that also ran through her wings now that Kryss got a better look.

"I thought Argus was our med guy, when did you get here?" Kryss asked while looking around the room and inspecting the woman herself, it was a nicer place than the sterile and quite scary white washed science labs Argus had done their checkups in previously. Along with every other medical procedure. "My brother didn't drug you in some bar did he?"

"I got here about, lets see... four? maybe five days ago?" Ariel spoke with a small chuckle as she pushed a little hovering tray closer to the seat in anticipation of Kryss sitting down - moving to ready a few more implements and such as the Dove spoke. "And no, your charming brother and I only became acquainted just before you stepped in - Snakeman is down tending to the other employees while your father thought it best for me to meet my fellow higher ups and look over you with some of my Yammie army medical training, but if you would sit that pretty little butt down then we can begin, yes?" the winged woman spoke with a calming yet cheery and friendly tone, one she'd become quite used to using during her enlisted time.

"What a surprise, it was only a couple months ago he was joking about calling up some of his "friends" from yamatai to keep me comfort on my birthday so I'm sure you can see where I'm coming from." Kryss replied with a chuckle, taking her seat as instructed, the comment about her butt wasn't lost on her either although she didn't say anything for now. "So how are we doing this then? Got any uh, rubbing alcohol, if you know what you mean."

"Ah I understand where you were coming from yeah, I'm pretty sure he tried roping me into something like that but I was too busy looking over scans," the Elysian giggled as she reached back to retrive a datapad and tap it a few times before continuing, the large wings flexing slightly before settling themselves. "Maybe if you be a good girl, but first thing's first we need to get the boring paperwork out of the way, procedure and all that, full name - sweetie?"

"Well I was going to be Christina but luckily good old dad stepped in, so Kryss, Tina, Black, is what I ended up with. Not the most inventive name but unlike his big boy toys he didn't get to build me from scratch and tweak me to perfection, though personally I reckon I've done pretty well." The sister said.

"I'd say so too but that is a nice name, cute spelling too~" Ariel smiled before looking back down at the datapad, "The Castien family is mostly full of engineers in some capacity, lil sis is off running around on some ship with her plasma cutter and little bro found his way into a company back home but we all do alright for ourselves - now I just need your date of birth and blood type along with a few other things and we can get started, so dee oh bee and blood type if you will?"

She pondered for a second, then shook the bob-covered head, "Ehhh I'll just take your brother's for the date of birth, but we must be sure with the blood type."

"I think it was that weird O something, been a while since I actually checked, isn't there some sort of file for everyone anyway? Or did we lose them along with my favourite bottles when we moved." Kryss said, she was still quite annoyed that they'd gone missing, the sister had been looking forward to saving it for a party when they were moved in. "I have to ask, did her give you language lessons or something, cause you've already called me sweetie."

"Oh I'm just making sure all the data lines up and nothing got changed on the way here, and no - I learnt both Yamataigo and Trade in basic a few years ago, don't go giving your brother credit for everything now," the Dove smirked again as she flicked to Donvan's file then back to Kryss'. "Would it be O negative by any chance? most people call that the weird one but what's weird is two fraternal twins sharing a blood type, rather rare even but does the term universal donor sound familiar?" Ariel queried, cocking her head slightly to one side - curiously.

"Something like that, we're a weird duo in case you hadn't worked it out yet." Kryss replied with a wave of her hand, it was already late afternoon and she wanted a drink on her day off already, "Is this meant to be a BYO event or something? Where are you hiding the drinks, surely there can't be anyone else after me right?"

"You two certainly seem like something alright," the Dove chuckled to herself once more before sitting her plump rear down on a stool and scooting over towards Kryss. "You are the last one... but not yet, I may enjoy your company Ms. Black but I do still need to take unbiased scans of your system to make sure you are indeed as good as you look - I guess I'll find out your blood type then but just a few more things first, any new allergies or recently contracted illnesses? let's say... within the last month," the Dove spoke as she set aside the tablet and now reached for an injector, removing the plastic sheath before checking the molecure needle for air bubbles.

"Machines are unbiased, but if you insist doctor. As for illness and alergy none and none." Kryss answered, making herself comfortable in the chair swinging her legs over one arm and putting her hands behind her head. "When did we get comfy chairs anywhere else but my office anyway."

"The scans are also unbiased so long as you don't go nipping at a bottle for the duration of the test, and for the chairs? I guess when you moved out east to live with the foxes," Ariel spoke as she put aside the needle briefly and claimed one of Kryss' arms, rolling up the sleeve and then cleaning off the site before wrapping a flow-restricting band around the blonde's bicep.

"Ooooh you should take me with you next time you work out so I can work on getting my army bod back... but uh, two more official questions - any sexual intercourse within the last month? masturbation does not count incase you were going to ask, pretty thing like you must get a bunch of offers no?" the Doctor asked rather casually as she re-took the intimidating needle and her wings fluttered briefly - the soft-looking feathers sounding like silk sheets grinding against each other as they shifted about idly. By no means was the Dove-winged woman even the tiniest bit chubby, her metabolism was built in such a way that made that impossible but she had a very faint softness to her features due to a bit of laziness after serving her time in the SAoY

"Oh, well I don't really do much in the way of working out, as for your question it's another big old no. Since I'm one of the bosses usually no one is game enouh to ask, plus I'm almost always wokring." Kryss responded, despite her personality she was more interested in having a good time drinking and partying than being in the bedroom.

"Oh you poor thing, that's a shame - last thing, how do you feel about needles? some people hate them so I'll just ask to get a good gauge for what reaction I should expect," Ariel chirped back with a massive, glowing smile towards Kryss.

"Don't mind them, dunno why people get so worked up over a little stab. Do your worst doctor."

"Good to hear, Hon, it'll be over soon so don't you crease that cute face with any worry," Ariel spoke as she carefully slipped the exceedingly sharp thing into one of Kryss' veins - starting to push down on the plunger while removing the strap around her bicep as a slightly cold sensation passed through the Human's limb.

"Nanomachines incase you were wondering, they'll pass out of your system naturally in the next day or so."

"What are they for anyway?"

"Full body analysis to make sure there's nothing hiding away that might rear its ugly head in the future, I'd show you your brother's but well... they are full body and that'd seem indecent~ could show you mind but they'd also be indecent heh," the buxom bird spoke as she gently lifted the needle away and placed a small ball of adhesive cotton on the site to cover the pin prick.

"Put pressure on that unless you want a bruise, few seconds and it should be done, sweetie."

Kryss shook her head and grabbed her arm, there was something up with this bird that's for sure, indecent this and sweetie that. "Not that anything my brother does isn't indecent but perhaps a better reason not to show me would be patient confidentiality hmm?"

"Ah, it is O negative!" Ariel chirped triumphantly as she tapped the datapad a few more times then turned around on her stool to face Kryss once more, ensuring the massive wings were tucked in to not knock any of the lab equipment around. "Well I'd only be able to show you the actual model it spits out anyway and none of the statistics that come with it - I'm guessing, being twins and all that, you two already know each other inside and out anyway so I could just show you yours... which should be done by now actually," the doctor smiled kindly before reaching back for the datapad once more, looking at it with raised eyebrows and a happy little sound before handing Kryss a clotheless model of herself.

"Pretty cool, right? your iron levels are a tiny bit lower than they should be but nothing that can't be fixed with a good steak... anyway, that's my job done for today and that's you with a clean bill of health Ms. Black."

Kryss had a look at her little digital model and raised an eyebrow, while she wasn't someone who often stood in front of mirrors naked the result wasn't quite what she'd expected to see. "No wonder I used to get stared at..." she murmured under her breath before handing the pad back. "So now what?"

"Well I mean yeah, I've only just met you and I've done a bit of happy gawking," the Dove spoke as she discarded her gloves into a nearby trash chute and put the datapad on the hovering tray before batting it away to a far corner of the room. "Well now I reckon you might as well follow me to my office for that drink yeah? Though if you experience any undue bleeding, nausea, skin irritation or anything else that sounds uncomfortable in the next few days do let me know - it is a small chance but some people have bad reactions when the nanomachines exit their systems," Ariel continued maybe a bit too cheerfully for what she was discussing before rising to offer Kryss a hand.

"You can just call me Ariel if you want, hon, or whatever else works for you."

"You were looking at me?" The blonde said with a little disbelief. "What's the world coming to when doctors are staring at patients and bosses. Though I won't pass up a drink offer by any means." Kryss continued, accepting the hand.

"Don't get your knickers in a bunch, I'll tease and act coquettish during work hours but I won't be acting on those desires until afterwards," she spoke with a suggestive wink and a chuckle before helping the human stand upright, discarding the white lab coat and clipping the ID card to her skirt before gesturing towards the exit.

"And yes, looking at you - you're pretty and don't tell yourself otherwise, hm?"

"I've never been one to worry about appearances, although your attitude during work almost warrants an employee investigation." The blonde said shaking her head once more.

"Well your father knew exactly the kind of social creature I was when he hired me but I also have a crazy work ethic so I suppose take it up with him if you want, though I find myself rather liking it here and would prefer to not get kicked out just yet," the Elysian spoke as they walked out into a hallway - stretching her blonde-streaked Dove wings out until each tip touched the walls and she let out an appreciative groan.

"Deus, you have no idea how nice that feels after being crammed in that lab all day - we take pride in our sensitive wings and there is nothing quite like letting them unfurl," Ariel finished, slipping into Seraphim for one word before returning to Trade - her oversized limbs slowly retracting to a more manageable position.

"This is why I invest in good furniture, comfy working environments are everything. And I wasn't quite suggesting termination but I'm a little worried you may have a bad influence on some of the other, more impressionable employees." Kryss explained with a chuckle, thinking about how their little daur would react to such a person. "So how did you end up out here with us anyway Ariel?"

"Ordering in new backs so I can sit properly in my chairs is a hassle so it is more about the size of the workspace for me, I like to stretch my wings out at random intervals because damn it feels so good," the Dove chuckled back before moving to answer Kryss' question. "Well like I said I was in the Army but after getting some experience there I decided that something more gainful was my speed, as selfish as that may sound - I guess my track record was impressive because your dearest Father was pretty quick to stamp me in, that's about that," Ariel continued before gesturing to a nearby door, drifting across to open it for her Human companion.

"Don't worry about the impressionable ones, I'm decent enough to know when I'd best hold back a little."

"Well that's good at least, we are a relatively public company now and have to keep up appearances and all that. Count yourself lucky you found dad and not my brother when you applied." The blonde girl replied while entering the office, taking a look around at the interior, it wasn't quite her office but seemed nice regardless. The room hadn't been drastically altered yet but there were a few noticeable changes that gave it some personality, the chairs and tables were rather sleek and organic-looking with their rounded edges and smooth lines - there was even a small plant that smelled sweet alongside a little display of the law of conservation, metal balls suspended by thin wires to a metal frame.

Ariel scooted up to the desk and bent over it slightly to get the metal balls transferring kinetic energy into each other before quickly turning around to face Kryss, "So hey, do you mind if I call you Kryss outside of work? also make yourself at home, couch is pretty comfy," the Dove suggested, gesturing to a low-backed couch clearly designed to give enough clearance for a large set of wings.

"Why thank you" Kryss said jumping on the couch. "And technically we're always at work but go ahead, nice plant."

"Cool, and thanks~ something I brought from home that accompanied me during my service," the Dove spoke before giving the plant a loving little pat, to which it seemed to respond by glowing faintly as Ariel moved around to squat down in her tight pencil skirt and retrieve something from a bottom draw of her desk.

"But yeah I fully understand what you mean, Kryss - as a busty former medical bird in one of the biggest militaries I can help keep up appearance for us~ aha~ there it is," the Dove chirped as she retrieved a bottle alongside two glasses and moved to sit down next to the Human, one shapely leg crossed over the other as Ariel began pouring something to drink.

"This is also from home, won't bore you with our language or history but it's pretty fruity," the doctor happily explained as her wings slowly began to spread out again - one snaking around behind Kryss absentmindedly.

“Fruity huh, any particular fruit? I’m not a connoisseur by any means but I’ve tried a fair bit of drinks in my spare time. Some hard stuff and some of the softer ones depending on the occasion.” The blonde explained, not really saying anything about the wing behind her, she could understand how annoying keeping limbs folded all day was.

"I can't think of any way it might translate well into Trade so let's just call it something exotic, yes?" Ariel giggled back as she handed the human a glass from her dainty hand, offering Kryss a smile before raising her own glass in a toast. "To... fuck it, I just want to drink but can't think of a good toast so... to cute haircuts!" the Dove chuckled once more before downing a mouthful happily.

"If you just wanted a drink you don't need a toast, but I'll raise a glass to that." Kryss said back to her, tapping the two together softly before taking an appreciative sip of her own liquor. "Not bad, exotic does a good job of describing it really, how rare is the fruit or even this drink?"

"Ah well I'm glad you like it, it's not really rare where I'm from so much as it is just a hassle to cultivate - but it does indeed taste good," the Dove chirped as she flicked her shoes off before turning to more fully face Kryss and tuck her knees up on the couch. "So what's your story anyway? you basically know mine already but how's a pretty thing like you end up here?" Ariel queried politely before taking another nip of her own drink, wings ruffling slightly in delight as they remained splayed out.

Kryss nodded and had another long sip from her glass before thinking for a moment. "Well I don't mean to brag but I had a pretty big part in the creation of the company, worked on the Dawn AI with dad and some of his old buddies and suggested making a business out of tech. And thanks to prior records of my uh, 'Diplomatic' ability I got slapped with corporate relations aka setting up deals with other businesses." The blonde finished, along with finishing her glass. She always had enjoyed alcohol but somehow wasn't yet the typical alcoholic.

"Mhm I see, and don't worry about a bit of bragging every now and then - everyone deserves some recognition~" the Doctor replied before refilling her own glass and offering to refill Kryss' while still continuing to speak. "But what were those prior records of your diplomatic ability, hon?" Ariel queried curiously, her golden eyes positively glowing with anticipation as they regarded the other woman.

Kryss gladly swirled her glass for a refill, "Well, records such as convincing half of dads friends to help out with the initial project, and a little bit of strong arming back in school, getting argus on board with the medical division was a bit of an effort." Kryss retold, counting out each example on her fingers.

The glass was refilled and then the bottle was set aside on the table as the women continued conversing, Ariel gave a few small nods of recognition before settling back in the seat a little as she began to reciprocate the statement, "I knew there was something hidden under all that, certainly wouldn't want to get on your bad side." The Dove's gaze dragged down her companion's form before settling on the glass in her own hands, "How about your brother? is he just the company's prettiest boy or does he do other things too?"

"He was off doing god knows what on yamatai for a while and wasn't around when we built the company and only recently came and rejoined us. Somehow he landed with public relations and just took that as his que to take escorts out for dinner dates. Oh and I guess he made some jetpack or something too." The blonde twin said with a slight giggle of her own.

"He did kind of give off that whole 'bull wanting to smash everything in an antiques store' vibe but I didn't peg him for the kind to be into making jetpacks... no offence, just a whoopsie on my part I suppose," Ariel smiled back with a small sound of contentment and a happy sigh before continuing. "Parents must be proud of you two, being so involved in the family business and all that," the Dove mused before bringing the glass up to her pert lips once more.

"Well I know dad certainly appreciates the help running the place, for the time being mum is still running around in yam getting stuff done, they're not split up or anything but she didn't want to move to the dust bowl we used to be on." Kryss said, "And its more like wanting to smash anything in sight half the time, I was tempted to put him through reconditioning before he started working."

"Ah well that explains why I've seen Mister, Master and Miss Black so far but no Missus - and I didn't even start assuming they were broken up," Ariel spoke while leaning forwards to put a reassuring hand on Kryss' knee. "My Parents kind of did the same thing where work took them to different places but they made it work, though I guess it seems like one twin took after each parent a little bit for your wonderful family," the Dove smiled with a squeeze before releasing the Human's knee.

"Has your brother's uh... lifestyle I guess, ever gotten you lot in hot water though? He seems to care deeply for you so I doubt it was anything intentional but do tell, Doctor-Patient confidentiality and all that so don't worry about me passing any stories on," Ariel finished with a small wink and a hearty chuckle.

"Nothing I can recall no, I know he's had his own problems here and there before he came out here with us but Horizon hasn't gotten into any trouble because of him that I know of." Kryss said thoughtfully while tapping her chin. "Though if it's stories you want he's probably the best to ask, got plenty done in his time at home and before."

"Fair enough, I might have to go steal his attention some time when we're both free then," the blonde-streaked Dove answered with a smile before continuing, this time it was her turn to don a thoughtful face with her hand propped up under the doctor's chin. "Got anything you want to ask of me though? don't imagine too many of my kind have been this far east nor on that dustball prior - cleaning our wings after that would feel nice... but it'd be a bit of a pain," Ariel chirped happily, hands returning to the glass in her lap.

"Hmm, I suppose its a bit too obvious but what's it like having wings? I can only assume that it doesn't so much as feel like an extra set of limbs for you but something normal since you were born with them. What's flying with them like though?" The blonde asked, glancing at the time on her watch for a moment and giving herself a small nod, still plenty of time left to go mess with her own project afterwards.

"Obvious or not that's easy enough to answer and I'm happy to do so!" the winged woman happily exclaimed before putting her glass on the table and quickly rising to a stand, sauntering a few steps over to a more open space before continuing the conversation. "Well funnily enough I wasn't born with them, I'm sure you know about Yamatai's whole body-swapping thing and well this is our version of it - family always had the genes for white hair and wings but in recent history they'd been pretty pathetic ones, then the government started giving out bodies so most of us jumped in," Ariel finished before letting her glorious wings comprised of the purest white colour that was then streaked with gold unfurl to their fullest once more, a wingspan that took up a good bit of the office space before she felt the need to add a few final things.

"Flying is pretty nice and freeing but not always practical... yes, you can touch them if you want."

"Oh I forgot you guys are under yamataian control aren't you, not surprised you've also go the whole body swapping thing going on then."Mused the blonde as she looked over the wings, they really were very pretty things, and since she'd already been given permission she stood and moved to get a closer look. Stroking a couple of the feathers to see how soft they were. "Must be a pain to use most furniture with these."

Much like they had sounded when gently brushing against each other prior the feathers were extremely well maintained and felt as soft as the finest silk despite the slight rigidity that came from their structural quill through the middle, the Dove let out a rather pleasant sound as a faint redness snuck onto her cheeks. "Ahhhhhh that's goooood, ahem, sometimes it can be a hassle but it's manageable enough," Ariel mused before turning her head to face the Human once more with a slight plead behind the golden eyes.

"~Hey hon... could you... do that again? Nobody's really touched them in a while and your brother was teasing them earlier... though I realize it might be a bit of an odd request..." the Dove hesitantly finished with a slightly nervous chuckle as that pink tint remained on her cheeks.

Kryss slowly raised one eyebrow and crossed her arms. "Was he now. What a cruel joke, though I am surprised I'm standing here with you now if he had his eyes on you." Reaching out once more she ran a hand down one of the soft wings before moving to sit back down on the couch again. "Unlike my 'dearest brother' I'm not in the business of seducing everyone I see, but consider that one a freebie, I personally prefer these Neshaten people their fur is so much fun to play with!"

"Mhhhhr~" Ariel let out as she almost lost herself in the nice sensations, rising up on her toes just before Kryss broke off and went back to the couch - causing the Doctor to frown slightly before shrugging and moving to join her. "Well it wasn't for a lack of trying but I told your dearest Donvan that I prefer a woman's touch," the Dove chirped as she re-took the comfy position with her stocking-clad lower limbs crossed over one another on the couch with the glass on her lap.

"He said for me to just wait and see but whatever, yes! the locals are just adorable! I didn't want to let your little Anaska leave my office but duty called her away, shame that," Ariel finished with a faux pout before giggling slightly and sipping at her glass. "I don't blame you, they seem really soft and I just want to hug them all~"

"Wait and see? As in to wait and see if I'd get drunk enough to indulge you, I'm sorry to disappoint but I pride myself on not acting on desire even when intoxicated. There is certainly others in the building who might be more on the same level but if that's not your fancy I suppose I could 'Groom' your wings now and again outside of office hours." Kryss said somewhat seriously with a slightly smug grin, realising now what Donvan had meant earlier, damn him for still thinking she was gay. Not that it was completely untrue.

"Also, provided she doesn't have a problem with it, Anaska is free most weekends and likes having her fur brushed now and then. Just don't tell her I sold her secrets." Kryss said tapping one side of her nose.

" know now I see that I misinterpreted what your brother was saying, I thought he was planning something and now I guess he was~ just not in the way I thought..." the Dove mused with a thoughtful expression across her features before offering Kryss a cheerful smile. "Well you seem to be my favourite person so far so I've no issues with you giving me a good, hard grooming," Ariel hinted with a coquettish wink and a pleasant chuckle before moving on to the part about the companie's foxiest employee while refilling both their glasses.

"Maybe us three should arrange something for the weekend then, I've yet to see the sights this planet has to offer and you two would be delightful company," the Doctor finished as she filled Kryss' glass then put the rapidly emptying bottle back on the table with a smile.

Having moved into drinking mode Kryss took the glass and downed half of it in one go. "I can probably get time off on the weekend, as for sights there isn't much to see unless we get out of the north pole first. No easy feat that is, and we haven't yet mapped out the surface and continental land-masses properly either so it's largely unexplored territory. Which just means more of an adventure."

"Three lovely ladies going on an adventure sounds like a grand idea to me, dear," the Dove chirped between mouthfuls of her drink before continuing, noticeably more relaxed than when they started as she leant against the back of the comfy couch for support. "How old is little Ana anyway? she barely looks older than you but then again so do I, problem is I can't seem to figure out for the life of me how their year system works~" Ariel mused, this time with an apologetic grin after the fact.

"We haven't really had a chance to go into detailed discussion with the royal family and their advisors yet but we do know that Neshaten citizens have a lifespan roughly double of almost every other evolved life form such as ourselves. Since we adopted Anaska we worked out that by our standards she would be 48, although physically and mentally she is only 24, apparently they just age a lot slower as their year is twice as long in this system. It's been a horrible mess trying to make standards and conversions and such but the hard fact is they age slower and live longer... And are super adorable and fluffy."

Kryss wasn't drunk drunk, but she really wanted to pat her favourite Daur right about now.

"Oh wow that is a logistical nightmare so let's just mention I'm also long lived and leave it at that... they so totally are super adorable and fluffy though~" Ariel paused momentarily with a quizzical look on her face as she regarded Kryss. "Wait you adopted her... like~ legally she belongs to the company or to your family?"

The blonde scratched her head for moment before answering. "I don't think we literally adopted her, more in the sense that we took her in when she was stuck somewhere and knew no one. If she ever feels like leaving we won't stop her, although we'll all be pretty sad."

"Hm okay, I just wanted to be sure because if she belonged to the company... that could get messy in the future but I much prefer this alternative, didn't seem like she wanted to leave soon anyway~ little fox wouldn't stop telling me about all these ideas she had," Ariel chirped once more as she shifted over the couch a little to gently lean against Kryss' side, wrapping one massive wing around the woman.

"Okay so, hon, I know we only met today but if you ever need anything then come yell my way, okay? Us lasses with short hair gotta look out for each other," the Dove spoke but it wasn't in a suggestive or flirty way like some of the previous comments had been, it was even a little out of the blue but sounded genuine enough.

"Oh uh, sure, I don't want to sound ungrateful but I have been able to survive on my own for a while. Though having a drinking buddy as lively as you should be pretty interesting, I'm sure you have plenty of stories from your time in the nation of pleasures as I call it." Kryss replied, glancing at the wing around her. "Same goes for you, since I'm technically your boss or at least one of them, don't feel like you can't just call me up for a casual chat."

"Oh trust me, nation of pleasures is accurate but I'm not so Yamataian that I'd freely strip naked in public - but that's good to hear, I'll keep both those in mind and look forward to redeeming your offer some time," the Medical bird replied with a fond nod as they both sat there on the couch with a nearly empty bottle nearby, she looked over into Kryss' eyes with a smile and then piped up to speak once more after the comfortable silence.

"Got any plans for tonight? saw you looking at the time a few times."

"Oh just thinking if I have enough time to get anymore work done, or if I'm sober enough to plan a meeting with the Neshaten people for sometime next month. Nothing too important for now." Kryss replied lazily, finishing her glass for the third time that night and setting it down. "That was a lovely drink, I've got to order myself some for my own collection."

"Hm, well if you need help I'm sure the two of us smart cookies could get it done together - but you're welcome, I can get a pallet of the stuff in as a thank you for hiring me if you want, might be easier than an outsider trying to get it," Ariel exhaled as her head tilted down to settle on Kryss' shoulder casually as if they were old friends.

"You could always stay the night at my place..." she suggested rather seriously before giggling like a schoolgirl and rolling slightly further into the Human's side. "I'll walk you home if you want, could use some fresh alpine air to liven me up a bit."

"If you don't mind ordering it although I'm more than happy to help pay for it, I can't imagine it'd be cheap getting it all the way out here." Kryss thought, they were lucky to have gotten a hold of Director Pine when they moved out here initially, saved a fortune in moving costs. "As for that offer I'd gladly accept although I think I'll be heading back to the office for a while longer to finish up some things before I head back to the residential area, I'm sure we'll get to meet up again before the weekend by any means, plenty of meetings you'll have to attend as a division head you know."

"Ah well in that case I think I have a few things I could or maybe should wrap up before the end of my second day too so no harm no foul, and I reckon we could split the cost of that shipment if you wanted," Ariel spoke almost absentmindedly as she put her own empty glass away before one arm snaked around the Human's lower back.

"I almost didn't want to bring this up but it sounds like I should let you get back to work for a bit then, hm?"

"Splitting it sounds good, just send me the invoice and I'll have half of it transferred to you." As much as Kryss knew she needed to get some more things done it was clear this elysian was the touchy type and seemed to enjoy her company a lot, the wing and arm were proof enough. "Yes I'm afraid you're going to have to unwrap me now." She said, reaching with her own hand to jab the other girl in her side playfully, hoping to get a laugh out of her and possibly escape at the same time, Kryss knew she meant no harm but was worried if this winged girl would actually let her go or not.

The jab certainly did get a giggle out of Ariel but Kryss was not released before the Dove planted a quick peck on her cheek and then playfully tapped the Human's butt to get her moving as the wing and arm released their grip, "Go gettem sweetcheeks, I'll see you next time," Ariel finished with a sly wink before more chuckles left the curvy bird's pink lips.

Kryss shook her head as she left the office, what a strange creature she was, although not one without positives as well. "Don't work too hard Ariel, and don't go corrupting my employees either you hear?" The human said over her shoulder with a grin as she headed back to her own office.

"Yeah yeah, you too~" the Dove's voice trailed off happily as Kryss walked further away, only to be met shortly after by her two-minute older brother in one of the crisp suits he seemed to have an endless supply of. Donvan simply stood there against a wall with a smug, expectant look on his face as his twin sister came into view.

"Sooo... how'd things go?"

"I expected as much, that was your doing wasn't it? And to answer you it was a perfectly fine checkup followed by a pleasant chat over drinks, how many times do I have to tell you I'm not some lusty lesbian like all your catgirl friends." She replied punching him in the shoulder.

The punch got a hearty chuckle out of the blonde man before he spoke, rubbing that same assaulted limb while words flowed, "Oh come on Kryssy, I know you've been a little overworked lately so I felt you needed to relax for once - it helped, yes? I'm glad you haven't contracted terminal lumbago or anything though," Donvan finished before sticking his arms out to invite Kryss into a hug.

The younger twin shook her head and gave him a firm and quick hug. "Do you even know what that means you bonehead? But yes it was a relaxing social, now however I need to get some work done before she jumps me on the way home and drags me to her house or something." Kryss said playfully, while she was joking about the jumping she wouldn't put it past the bird to surprise her out of nowhere at some point.

"It's pain in the lower back," he spoke with a pat on her back before releasing his twin. "Bonehead is a tad harsh even from you, especially when I was selflessly thinking about offering to perfectly forge your signature to speed up some of your workload but I guess that is that," Donvan teased in such a way that left the offer on the table for her.

"I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, sis, and I won't interrupt you any longer but seriously - need an extra set of hands?"

"So what you're saying is, you're glad I didn't contract 'Pain in the ass'" Kryss teased right back, "And thanks for the offer to perform illegal business practices but I think I got this one, come the EOFY though and I might take you up on that offer as well as all the meetings."

"Alright alright I get the hint and I'll scamper off to my den... but for those meetings? well I've told you before I do a damn good impression of my twin," Donvan mused as he began wandering off, though not without giving a final flourish of his wrist and a teasing line of.

"Take care, my sister of ambiguous sexual orientation."

Kryss flipped him the bird and shook her head grinning, trust him to plan this whole night out like that, he was probably waiting outside to hear if anything else had happened he could tease her over. But it was time to get back to work now, time was money as the saying went.