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OOC The Search for NSS Noah (Draft)


🔞 Under 18
Stardate: YE 31

The NSS Noah,a Nepleslian Colony Ship,went dark recently.Its crew,consisting of 5200 Human volunteers,went along for the ride.The last known location before its disappearance was at a Nepleslian starport for refueling and resource replenishment.A Task force of 5 Nepleslian Vessels are sent to search the missing ship.No efforts on doing so have been successful.

Stardate: YE 35

The Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia have agreed to continue the search,using traces of NSS Noah's transmission to pinpoint its would-be current location.

Stardate: YE 39

The Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia have agreed to let the Yamatai Star Empire to assist them on locating NSS Noah.Further details about this agreement have been made classified.

Stardate: Current

A Modified Yamataian Search and Rescue Cruiser by the name of YSS Kyusai,have detected a distress signal in an unrecognized star system between the Nepleslian and Yamataian borders.All other information about this are currently pending.

What shall be discovered:

1)The true fate of the NSS Noah and its crew.
2)A new Star System that borders between two opposite factions?
3)New Species?
4)New Factions?
5)To be added by preference.

?=Uncertain,to be discussed by higher authority.


🔞 Under 18
Ships involved:


1)NSS Colony Ship Noah {NPC}
2)NSS S&R Cruiser Jacob {NPC}
3)NSS Light Cruiser David {Playable}


1)YSS S&R Cruiser Kyusai (Salvation) {Playable}
2)YSS S&R Cruiser Kiseki (Miracle) {NPC}


1)According to preference


Everything Is Magical
FM of Neshaten
Game Master
I do agree with Alex, its awesome thet you’re getting these ideas but like i tell every new person who suggests it, it’s always better to join plots for a while before making your own plots or factions or groups.

It helps you gain appreciation for the established lore and history and also means you become more experienced with the setting which it turn will help your future ideas


Everything Is Magical
FM of Neshaten
Game Master
glad you're willing to take it on board, we've had a few people in the past who've gotten mad when their personal stuff doesn't fit the setting because they tried to do too much right out the gate.

Honestly I do think you have a cool idea here, so definitely write it down somewhere and while you RP in other plots talk with Nepleslian and Yamatai FM's about it and see if you can all work together to get a solid plan for it in the future.

Charmaylarg Dufrain

FM of Nepleslia
Game Master
i suggest speaking to @Legix here or on the discord. As the Nepleslian FM he can help with lore and oversight and get you on track now or later when you are more comfortable and set in the setting. He might sugest you speak to @Wes as well. Not for any site-manager related stuff, But more for Yamatai FM stuff since it would involve them and their territory as well.

Both of them are very accommodating and i doubt they would put you or your idea down and could help figure out anything you might have missed.