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Interest Check Three Plot ideas, for the future


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I've just been rolling around three basic plot ideas, none of which I can just do or are ready to do, and would need explicit permission from multiple people to do.

#1) No Guts, No Galaxy: When the Momma's away, the devil will play. Or at least, that's one saying that's common. With Yamatai busy with yet another war, the other nations of the Kikyo Sector thought they could live in a time of relative peace. Unfortunately, the paramilitary organization known as the Alignment has taken advantage of this peace and Yamatai's distraction to begin a campaign of terror. Apparently with access to technology and secrets from multiple nations, the Alignment has become a threat that no one nation wants to devote resources too alone. Thus, a multinational task force has been put together to hunt down and defeat the Alignment before their actions end this short peace. - Action oriented plot inspired by Mecha Anime and Ace Combat, with themes of having to overcome differences to beat a greater foe while also facing limited resources.

#2) Tanks but no Tanks: As Yamatai's war against their latest enemy continues, the Rikugun finds itself pressed into ground combat as the Kuvexians invade the Kikyo Sector. While Power Armor remains a flexible force, a Platoon of Rikugun Tankers are thrust into the crucible of fire. - Action and military focused plot inspired by Team Yankee and the Hammer's Slammers stories.

#3) The March Northwards: The Nepleslian Ambassador to the Iromakuanhe has been kidnapped by extremist anti-Yamataian terrorists who aim to get revenge on the Ketsurei clan. Depsite their isolationism, Nepleslia cannot allow them to carry out their plans: doing so would draw Nepleslia into a war with Yamatai. Even if it draws the DION into conflict with the Iromakuanhe, the Marines of the Long Range Strategic Strike Group have no choice but to get involved in this... Deadly Ground. - Nep Marines, cut off from support, fighting terrorists, weird random stuff, and the Iromakuanhe Diaspora. Expect action, everything to be moto, and dire straights.

As I said, I'd need permission to do any of this, Permission that I don't expect to get.


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I think tanks but no tanks is the most feasible plan. Seems fun and good tbh!


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Tanks no tanks has me interested as well. Possibly the first, what kinds of characters are you looking for? I am rolling around in my head something kind of similar involving SAINT/Giretsu infantry. But it is far in its infancy, I got to work on my creative writing skills first. haha If that is decent, I might be able to convince the staff on the idea.


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The first one is something I would like to do, but it would very much be an incredibly anime-esque but also 80's/90's cartoon thing. Y'know, a bunch of colorful, diverse characters on a single ship jetting around known and unknown space responding to crises by evil shadowy nebulous organizations; with top of the line equipment but where their true power is the friends made along the way.