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RP Tiresome Nepleslian Politics


The Gunman
Kyoto, Yamatai
Spring YE 38
Hanami Festival

As the people of Yamatai celebrated their festeval, a lone figure did not seem to be having as much fun as the others. Honestly, the man looked like he was at the end of his fuse. Field Marshal Gaelan Sanders scanned the crowds as he walked through it, Gaelan had been called in to assist the Premier, just before Yamatai pulled out of DATASS. It was a bleak moment deprived of any satisfaction, but he wasn't one to give up. In the realm of politcs, connections were everything, and making some was vital for Nepleslia's survival given the dark road ahead. Because of this, Gaelan Sanders soon found himself in front of the door to a penthouse suite in one of Kyoto's top-tier hotels.

It was all quiet. Gaelan was not one to normally ask for help, however he really had no choice, and he needed help if he were to help the Premier with this new delema. He walked up and knocked on the door.

"Senator." Gaelan said flatly. "Senator we need to speak." Before he could do anything, or even say another word, the door flew open as a crowd began to file out. The people were all sorts of faces from around the far corners of the sector, their diversity utterly shocking. However, it wasn't until one of the Qaktoro filed by with clumps of his fur missing that he realized they looked exhausted. Utterly exhasted as though they had been through a battle that lasted through the entire night. Left stunned by the procession, he simply stood there for a few moments before the door opened again.

"Wait, did someone call for me?" Another Nepleslian, somewhere in his early thirties, stuck only his head out. Despite his messy hair, it was obvious; this was just the person he was looking for. Gaelan's eyebrow raised.

"Trying to improve our foreign relations are we Senator? Or are trying to screw anything with a pulse in Kyoto?" Gaelan asked, an eyebrow raised. The man didn't miss a beat.

"Why not two birds with one stone?" Johnathan Izgimmer asked with a smug smile. Judging by the procession earlier, he had every right to be as well. "But seriously, what's up Marshal? You need something?"

"That is correct Sir. I am the Premier's new aid, As such, I need to start...formulating relationships with the senate and...was wondering if you could help me in this endevaor." Gaelan said.

"Oh yeah, sure. Just let me put on some clothing and - "

"Johnathan?" A sweet young woman's voice came heard from within the suite.

"Actually, why don't you just ring me up later, alright? Happy Hanami Festival and all that!" And just like that, the door was closed again, leaving Gaelan standing out there.



Funky City, Nepleslia
Autumn, YE 38
Premier's Office
Several Months Later

"You wanted to see me?" a brown haired Nepleslian stuck his head into the office. With so many months having passed, and so much having happened, their situation was reversed, with the Senator being the one to ask for an audience. Somewhat. He may have been asking if someone wanted to see him again, and he may have been sticking his head through the door. Again. But -

"Mister Izgimmer," the secretary outside could be heard sternly addressing him. "You will wait outside until called,' her voice warmed, mellowing with each word.

"Sorry!" Vanishing behind the door again as it closed, it seemed that some things didn't change at all. Sanders smiled.

"You can let him in." He said to the secretary. As he walked in Gaelan grinned. Without any fanfare at all, the man in question finally entered proper. Truth be told, the Senator wasn't sure if he wanted to be inside the room or outside more. Choosing between Nepleslia and 'other things' got hard sometimes, even though the right answer was clear.

"Premier, glad to see you again. I was wondering when you'd follow up on the last time we met," Johnathan confidently came forward, a hand held out to shake. Gaelan stood and shook Jonathan's hand.

"Nice to see you again Senator. Though this time there is no hoard trying to trample me..." He said with a smirk, his cybernetic eyes drilling into the man.

"Partners? Oh no, not ever one of them were partners," the Senator broke their shake to raise his own hands up in defense. "I'd call some of them...Cooperators instead." Despite the slyness of the words he picked, he made it sound genuinly honest. Truth was, he wanted to see how the new Premier would react to some of his antics. Gaelan shook his head and put a hand up to stop him.

"You know exacly what I meant Senator." He said poking fun again. "Enough of the past. I have been thrusted into the position of Sky Marshal, and I need to improve relations with the senate." He said moving to sit again, offering him a seat.

"No problem sir. I just had to make things clear. Fraternization isn't supposed to be part of the workplace after all," Johnathan spoke as humanly deadpan as possible. Somehow, he kept his face straight as well. He was actually impressed with how Gaelan was handling it, but wondered how he'd take this bit of insinuation. "That aside, how can I help?"

"If my sources are correct, you aided one of the fromer Premiers correct?" He asked. Before the Senator answered Gaelan, spoke again. "If that is the case, then I would like you to help me as well." He said. As the Premier spoke, Johnathan sat down in the chair across from his new boss. It was impressive; he didn't budge an inch.

"That's right," he replied. For a few moments, he didn't say another word. "So, uh. How can I help?" Johnathan asked, now honestly sounding a little incredulous. The position of Premier demanded respect, but when it came to two people of power in Nepleslia, and behind closed doors, that wasn't the case. They weren't being watched by judgemental eyes anymore, and that meant they got to act human. Not that Johnathan adhered to the typical social norms all the times anyways. As a Nepleslian, he simply didn't give a damn. At least, not as much of one. 'I really wish I hit on Yui more,' he mentally mourned the missed opportunity.

Gaelan steepled his finegers.

"I need some... insight into the senate. I am, was, a military commander. I know the ways of war, not the ways of politics..." He admitted to Johnathan. As he looked at the man he could tell he wasn't paying attention. He snapped his fingers sighing. "Did you get any of that?" He asked.

"Of course I did," Johnathan's thoughts returned from daydreaming about Yui's figure. It was a lie. A complete lie. He missed what the Premier said, though, that didn't mean he missed it. "I'm running a full body prosthesis after all." That was true. Which also meant that rewinding and going over what Gaelan said in a nanosecond wasn't a problem either. "Though, I'm surprised you're more worried about the Senate than our neighbors," he admitted, loosening his tie and relaxing. "You know something I don't? Not that it'd be a surprise of course," Johnathan quickly added.

"Trust me Johnathan. I know what the real issue is. DATASS is falling apart and Nepleslia Prime is in turmoil. However I can't let anything fall through the cracks." He said with a wry smile. Even a small crack can sink a ship if left unchecked." He added. It was true. With how quickly Premiers were burning out, and it was no wonder why considering how hard the job was, the people were uneasy. But even then?

"Yeah the pop is always going to be uneasy with each change of hands, but it's the same-old-same-old really," the senator began to explain. "It's the same with The Senate too, and the solution is typically along the same lines, as expected. Just divert their attention somewhere else until they calm down. If they don't calm down after a while, then you start to worry since the problem is likely to be legitimate." What he said was as ugly as it was true; people tended to have short attention spans, but if enough of them kept on coming back to a problem? Well, it was a reasonable litmus test regarding how serious a problem something was.

Gaelan looked sternly at the senator.

"This is true, however I have some new intel form the IPG saying that this civil unrest is anything but ordinary. An emergency election always cause issue, however the unrest began the moment I was elected. Not a few hours later they began their protests. That is a little fast don't you think?" He asked. "Plus the IPG has confimed that there is someone or some group behind the unrest, and they are planning an attack in Prime CIty soon..." He said to Johnathan. "This is much bigger than normal post election gitters."

"Well, if that's the case, it's honestly out of our hands. We're politicians - we got to leave that sort of thing to the military. The IPG. I mean, you can enact martial law or some such, but, you asked me about Senators, and that's what you'll get," Johnathan explained, leaning forward in his chair slightly. All of his previous horseplay, seen and unseen stopped as the topic became more heavy than he would have liked. "Senators typically look after their own planet, or are using their spot as a step to something higher up. Maybe both. If someone out there is offering them a deal, some of the more stupid ones might bite, and I tell you, politicians don't always have a lot of public support back home like I do back home for a reason."

That was the sad truth. If things were as bad as Gaelan said, there really was nothing signifigant that they could do. Or was there? He wasn't sure.

"I hate to say it, but this is out of my area of expertise." He rubbed a temple, the handsome flesh covering his chassis tensing more than he would have liked. "We never really had to worry about the cats influencing us like this. Directly, only the lowest Nepleslian would ever bite or follow his dick, and indirectly, nobody really likes Yamatai anyways, so the odds are always against them." It was the truth. It was how things had been for years and years. "But this is something that's flown under the radar for me. And if it's internal, just Neps versus Neps, it shouldn't have."

The meaning was all too apparent.

"I see..." Gaelan said, contemplating all Johnathan was telling him. "I'm guessing we either find who is stiring up trouble before shit hits the fan, or prepare for the worst." He said tapping his desk with his index finger. After a few moments he spoke again. "I will divert IPG assests to this man hunt, as well as deploy an extra shaik of marines to the planet. I'll tell them it is for urban warfare training..." He said, thinking aloud. Johnathan's usually upbeat demeanor was up by now. As a senator, this was all out of his league; he might be a fighting man, for which he was popular amongst other things, but, he was not a military man. He knew this.


"Gael, if you wanted to stir up trouble in Nepleslia, would it be a problem for you if more marines started patrolling the streets?" he asked, refusing to meet his eyes. "Or, would you be able to do something with that?" Johnathan was no military man, but that didn't mean he wasn't well read, and if he wasn't well read on something, he could be in just an instant. This was one such moment. It wasn't like he still had the same shackles as everyone else did after all. At least, not anymore. Gaelan looked back to him.

"Not quite. It won't be an issue to have more men out if I spin it right. HHaving a Shaik come back for some CQC training and instruction can look good. Shows that we still keep our men in the best condtition possible. It shows strength, while increasing security." He answered. Johnathan shook his head.

"That's not what I meant." Turning to face Gaelan again, he asked, "Assume you're the one trying to cause chaos. A bunch of marines have arrived, and for now, the excuse the government has given is going to work. What do you do next?" The senator wanted to see if the new Premier would notice it, would realize it, like he had as well. But, even if he did, what then? This was an old saying, a 'Catch 22' they called it. A damned if you do, and damned if you don't kind of moment. No idea why it meant that though. "In this position, you wouldn't give up, would you?" he asked again. "So, what would you do, now that there's soldiers in the streets? Nevermind that the people don't mind for the time being." Gaelan thought again. Then spoke.

"It is true that deploying more soldiers could bite me in the ass. However, I think I have a solution. Deploying a unit from the first defense fleet, say three Orca Battlecruisers. Have them house the Shaik and have them docked at the starbase. Now there are Orcas in orbit and an entire shaik that can be quickly deployed. Plus the civis won't be able to start a fight with them unless they go to orbit." Gaelan answered.

"Wait, isn't that the same as just having them sent somewhere, but stay in their base instead of patrolling?" Though he sounded a little incredulous, some of his previous joviality was coming back. He let out a hearty chuckle. "Leave it to some politicians like us to realize there's a military problem, but not have a clue how to deal with it." Sighing, he reached into his pocket and pulled out some candy. Specifically, some ginger chews. He held one out, offering it Gaelan. "Where's someone from the IPG when you need them? Not that I'm complaining - it's better they stick to the shadows than play bodyguard for someone anyways," he remarked.

They were still right where they started though. With a problem on their hands, and no clue what to do.

"And that is why I said we have two options." Gaelan said taking one of the candies. "Our other option is to deploy the IPG." He said with a grin. "I will have the IPG deploy their best assets to Nepleslai Prime and get to the bottom of this." He added.

Johnathan raised an eyebrow.

"I thought you said you'd divert the IPG and send in some marines?" A wry smile came to his lips as he said this. They both knew that Johnathan remembered things all too well given his full body prosthetics. "It's really only the second part that worries me to be honest," the man admitted. "If we send in the IPG, I'm sure we'll also give them everything they need." After all, why wouldn't they?

"Then that is my course of action. I'll send the IPG in to handle this situation covertly." He said leaning back in his chair. "We will just have to hope that they can find who is resonsible and shut them down." He added.

"Agreed," he solemnly replied. Despite being men of power, they were ironically without power when it came to this. All would rest in the hands of the good men and women that made up the IPG and the military. "So, been up to anything fun lately? Good food, strong booze, pretty ladies? All three maybe?" Johnathan asked a moment later.

He raised an eyebrow.

"Um... none. Been to busy trying to fix the shit storm I landed in." He replied seriously. As Johnathan unwrapped his candy, he practically did a double take in surprise.

"R-really? I mean, you're kinda useless if you're constantly wound up - you're going to break. This is a matter of national security. We need to get you out there, c'mon!" Johnathan rose, pulling Gaelan along with him.

The ride never ends.

"What - hey!" Was the premiers reply as he was literally dragged out of his office.

There was no use resisting Nepleslian cybernetic might.