• 📅 February and March 2022 are YE 45.2 in the RP.

To: Adria Pine - Messages & Communications


🎖️ Game Master
RP Date
YE 42
*Static messages before a clear audio file could be hears with a text following underneath.*

"H-" Static cuts off before it clears up. "Hey!" A young man's voice come's through, "So yeah, I know it's been a few months, but Harrison grabbed us that died on Sirris and brought us to PsychoPomp to get us revived. I know I could have responded sooner, however the recovery took longer than I initially thought it would. Since my new body doesn't have vocal cords I can talk now! It's weird... I mean, my tongue always feels off and I get tired easily since I haven't done it before. The only reason I know how to is because they injected a learning program while I was in a tube. So... call me when you get this."

Sender: Ydrin McMaster @Noodlewerfer