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SYNC To Cecily Winters From Yugumo Corporation Personnel Director


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RP Date
6 月 13日
Yugumo Corporation

To: Cecily Winters
From: Personnel Director, Yugumo Corporation
Re: Offer of Employment


We at Yugumo Corporation are pleased to offer you the position of Vice President, Armaments Development and Acquisitions. Please notify us of your soonest possible start date.

Rank: Buchō
Pay: 48150 KS per year (5350 KS per month)
Signing Bonus: 32,100 KS (6 months at 5350 KS per month)
Contract Term: Yearly

You are assigned one KAIMON Ascendant Consort as a personal assistant.
You are assigned command of one Yugumo Fleetworks Yugure-Class Merchant Destroyer, Chairman Model, CIRN and name pending, and crew.
You will be provided housing at Port Jiyuu for yourself and two dependents.
Yugumo has sponsored expediting your immigration status via highly-skilled immigration program.

Welcome to the Yugumo family.

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