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September YE40
At the behest of wife and self over safety concerns with my current vehicle, I am looking to upgrade. The current vehicle is a green EM-K4-1a Zephyr with extensive aftermarket modifications making it orbital flight and reentry capable. However, due to the fact that it's modified well outside its normal operating range and a bit on the small side, it is relatively unsuitable to carry my self, my wife, our four children, and all of the associated gear safely.

Whether trading in or buying new, I would like to keep the orbital flight capability whilst going up a size or three to a mid sized station wagon or minivan style vehicle. I would be willing to meet at an Emry's dealership nearby to new Section 6 territory to negotiate pricing, tradeoffs, and possibly broker a healthy trade relationship between our newly formed independence and your company. Following are specifications for the current vehicle. I would like to see these improved upon with better safety features for my family.

EM-K4-1a (Modified) Ser. no. AXK4463WD38AA
Build date May YE38

EM-K4-P3301 Replaced w/ S6 fusion maneuvering thrusters
Inertial damping protocol in reprogram package
Reentry and orbit stabilization protocol
Altitude limit removed
Speed limiter removed
Space flight maneuvering/parking protocol
Gravitic lifter simulated inertial damper
Autopilot expanded to allow for nonthrust exoatmospheric operation
Autopilot operates when driver unbuckles
Computer-Geist interface
Hull reinforced and plated with graphene PEEK
Lower hull graphene heatshield
T6 cascade barrier nose mounted

Thank you for your time.

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Dear Customer,

Thank you for your interest. We will need some time to consider the requirements that you have complied.