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SYNC To: Iemochi Seinosuke, From: IIS


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Dear Iemochi Seinosuke

We thank you for your kind donation of weapon and ammo plans to IIS, we will be sure they are put to good use, for the good of the company and member states.

Plans in question are the infantry-carried MAW anti-power armor rifle and IRIS payload ammo.

Kind Regards
Kentari Venlyn
IIS Acquisitions
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Iemochi Seinosuke

We apparently have copies of all the necessary paperwork. If you wish to take your own family to court feel free to do so but perhaps it would be best not to. Our father likely procured the paperwork through his contacts. If I could do something I would, know we don't all worship him like you think we do.

I hope to meet you personally in the future, brother. I've added some funds to your account as recompense, my apologies but it's out of my hands.

Iemochi Nagamura


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@Wes @Amethelina wants you to FM approve the sale of the IRIS-MAW before she goes ahead with my Build Your Own Ship submission