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SYNC To: Star Army Personnel | From: Senator Iemochi

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RP Date
24日 1月 YE 43
To: Star Army Personnel
From: Senator Iemochi

To whom it may concern,

As the war has come to a close, I'm expecting Virginia to recover quickly and for life to resume its usual norm.

Direct oversight by myself as Senator is becoming less necessary, and I trust in my subordinates in the civilian government of Virginia to handle the welfare of the people as of now. Currently, I'm mostly handling escalations via SYNC, rather than arranging for evacuations and such in person as I was doing during the more hectic days of the war. Like other Senators in the SAOY often do, I've remained in service, but I'd like to enrich that service now my duties allow me to fully serve the Star Army once more.

A unique opporuntity presents itself to me, to travel into space once again and see how I can help boost morale to those worlds hit hardest by the war. Virginia is relatively untouched compared to so many others such as Essia, and I'm certain we would be able to lend aid where appropriate. Even beyond this goal, I miss the feel of a spaceship under my feet and contributing in a very real way to the defence of the realm.

As such, I'm in the process of finding a position on a ship where I can best fulfill this purpose. However, I feel like my progression and utilisation within the Star Army itself has currently reached a roadblock. As of three years ago, when I was elected as a Senator, I was an Ittô Juni and I still am today. Obviously, there's no set progression pathway left for me to go down and I feel I can be of more use to the Star Army and have far more experience than my rank may suggest. Especially in managing, having to make arrangements for the planet I am responsible for.

It's my understanding that some I served with on the Kaiyo who enlisted at Santo Hei are now Junis and above. I was brought in as a Santo Juni on the Kaiyo as there were no positions remaining for officers at the time and a senior scientist with a PhD like myself was still required. It quickly became apparent that I was doing an officer's job but obviously, there were no commissions remaining for more officers and the pay was better at my rank at that point anyways. Since the start of my service in YE 39, I have received only two promotions (the ones I was directly eligible for), due to the reasons above and others.

Therefore, I'd like to request a promotion or other such transfer into the officer ranks if possible. I've acted as an officer many times as Chief Science Officer, if memory serves. Such as commanding a squad to repel an NMX breach, against Advanced Forms and with no access to power armour. As well as during the Battle of Komorebi Cabin, leading an armored division and later commanding a flanking force (despite being fifth officer in rank precedence), resulting in the capture of an L'Kor craft with no casualties under my command. Additionally I directed the entire ship during a planetary exploration, which resulted in the capture of 2 more L'Kor craft. I led a SOFT team during missions in the field, commanded a dimensional research team during a month-long covert mission, and now I direct a planetary government. There are other examples, but I feel this is sufficient as a summary. I believe this practical experience shows command experience beyond my station as a Juni.

Below, I'll list some more of my acolades and experiences, in case you need more information regarding my service history, in chronological order:
I served as Chief Science Officer on the Kaiyo and subsequently the Kaiyo II, despite being intially of the rank Santo Juni. During my second mission as Santo Juni, I advised the use of the Graviton Beam Projector which ultimately prevented the detonation of a shuttlecraft against the hull of the Kaiyo, which may have destroyed or seriously damaged the ship. When the Kaiyo encountered a L'Kor Battleship, I estimated the layout of the unknown class of ship, allowing the Away Team to cripple the target from within and the Kaiyo's squadron to destroy it. During this event, I acted as the translator for the first L'Kor-Yamataian dialogue on record. I commanded and organised the Kaiyo's crew to survey a previously uncharted planet. The survey ultimately recovered 2 undamaged L'Kor fighters/bombers, which were sent to SAINT for research. Mishhuvurthyar attacked the Kaiyo and punched through into the cargo hold, where we were only a skeleton crew of non-combat personnel without power armour or many weapons. I managed to command the successful repulsion of the NMX from the hull breach, which may have cause the ship to be overrun, which included Advanced Types. On a secret mission, I managed to make groundbreaking discoveries about the nature of the universe and dimensions. I was a commander in the Battle of Komorebi, flanking and breaking the enemy using the troops under my command. I later engaged in melee combat with an enemy and managed to capture their ship intact, for study by SAINT. I was the team leader of SOFT 501, surviving a suicide bomber and a detonated station with few casualties, but ultimately completing the mission we had been tasked with. Ultimately, I created a new subspecies of Elysian while aboard the Kaiyo II - the Neo-Caelisolian - engaged in talks with Elysian Senators about the repercussions of my invention. This later led to my being elected as Senator of Virginia and arranging for how we handled refugees fleeing to us, as well as the eventual civilian evacution of Virginia.

I hope you get back to me, as I would love to give my experience and knowledge back to the Star Army in the most useful way possible.

Kindest regards,
Senator Iemochi Seinosuke

@Wes - following on from our Discord call earlier
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Our fearful trip is done,

As your former commanding officer, I wonder if there is a place for you where you can spread your wings more fully. The science dome on board the ship was never quite big enough for you. In fact if memory serves the last time you were on my ship you sat in a bridge seat you had barely ever occupied and locked my sensors operator out of science controls, much to everyone's displeasure. My bridge officer had always worked her science sensor station without your intervention just fine and, frankly, it was one of the most awkward experiences of my working career. That is one such example of why I couldn't find reason to promote you. I found it wondering just what exactly you think you did on my ship. Don't tell me, though, this is for your edification. I don't need to know.

I'm just letting you know I didn't see a big shot on my ship. I saw a person who had taken on leadership roles, gotten people killed under his command, and resigned into himself afterwards. You've obviously grown past that but questioning my reasons for your promotions has led to me spelling it out to you. Maybe on the YSS Kaiyō I you got things done, but from what I could tell you helped yourself on my ship, but never helped my ship.

From this small character study, anyone could see you are someone who can't be contained, Mochi, and are someone who needs to keep exploring. You need to spread your wings. I should trust Teien Eden's judgement on you and I CC'd her. She had faith in you, though, so I'll give you some advice. If you want to be a big shot, be a big shot. But don't ask to be a big shot, got it? Don't ask for a promotion if you want one. Do something worthy of one. Ask for a commission -not a new rank!- and get orders and go out in there in the big wide world and DO! I know you can, buddy. There's something for you out there! But there is nothing for you if you ask for things without doing more!

What's the reason for wearing that bright green on your chest if you don't go out and do what you do best?!

O Captain!
my Captain!

((OOC: Science position characters can, "investigate old lore and create new lore through their player character!" I think you can, too! I think your style of RP is too big and broad for just transmissions and communications, senate proposals, and news posts. I think you should GM through Iemochi! Or write longer solo RP or collab with Arbs, idk. but there's a story you want to tell, so write it!

Sorry if she was harsh I've just seen the recent RP about your time on the Kaiyo II and Mochi's captain sees it differently than he does. This is mostly advice to you through her to spread your wings, dude. Walt Whitman poem is in reference to how Iemochi should have been on the brink of death when squashed between tectonic plates in that RP where he took Asuka's sensor console that I mentioned, but you wrote he was fine instead of him squashing. A lot of people gave me flack for not hurting Iemochi enough, but I understand how that could be muddied, just like RP between two people that don't vibe. Remember to try to RP with those you vibe with. Good luck in all.))


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TO: Star Army Personnel (exc. Hoshi and Eden)
FROM: Iemochi Seinosuke

I'm unsure how and why my former CO has been privy to this message chain, especially after effectively two years since its time of origin.

As per my original message, I never found my efforts - which are also detailed in my original message - recognised. I saved the ship from an explosion, translated L'Kor, led surveys and captures of enemy craft, led counter boarding actions, discovered the secrets of a different universe, was a battlefield commander and was selected to lead a SOFT team. In four years of service, I was never once promoted or given a medal/ribbon/award for any of these actions by my CO. I had to ask for them to be backfilled by Personnel and now have a Red Tessen, for example.

Officers who pushed buttons and never left the bridge were promoted at least once in their service. I worked both on and off the ship, in both leadership and technical roles. In all the four years I served, I was never promoted once by my COs - in the same time that some Santo Heis were made into Santo Junis aboard the same ship.

It's clear that the Captain and I had our differences, but with respect before we had our first Shoi, I was in rank second officer right after the XO, as a Santo Juni. If the casualties referred to the SOFT team, that was due to bad intelligence. The simulations show that there had been no time to react to that suicide bomber. I would have kept fighting after that mission, if the SOFT team wasn't dismantled. While it weighed on me for a time, we didn't have the correct intel or mission briefing in hindsight - just a general target to destroy however we could.

I miss many of the crew of the Kaiyo, including several who I saw as brothers and sisters, as did they I. I met my wife aboard. However, I am very glad that I've finally been recognised for my achievements as all other crewmembers aboard the Kaiyo other than myself were. I can proudly say that I work closely with the XO of my current posting to provide support to other crewmembers, just as I did on the Kaiyo, but with an appropriate rank and without missing ribbons.

There was a lot of drama back then between you and I, Ame. I imagine that's one of the main reasons as to why some people got from Santo Hei to Juni for doing things less notable than Mochi, in the same time he never got a single promotion. Maybe I'm a bit sore about him not getting a single recognition for all the 4 years aboard your plotship, but when ever officers like the Captain were getting unnecessary promotions I don't know what else to think.

Especially given this is SARP and PCs are supposed to have recognition and growth of responsibility in their roles. I honestly don't even remember that thing with the science console, which shows how little of an impact that made on Mochi or I. It is definitely weird to say no to a CSO when they don't want you messing with their responsibility, though, if that's what happened.

I mostly had to make my own moments on the Kaiyo from what I remember, so I remember all the cool things like leading one of the NMX repulsions.

I'm mostly just confused as to why Hanako would forward this to Hoshi after 2 years, and why she'd care about things that happened effectively 6 years ago, especially given he'd never been promoted in all that time by Hoshi or Eden. Which is, certainly, very very strange and wouldn't smell right given characters usually get a promotion a year.

Respectfully, I just play my RP by ear and take opportunities that show up. I don't have any grand overarching intentions. Mochi might make a good Captain but I don't have time in my real life, or much willpower to try and bring that to reality. Not to mention it's probably not his calling.

This message was just about using the Juni -> Officer programme, basically, which many have used. It wasn't extreme for him to ask this of Hanako, especially after 4 years of being a Juni and the need for new officers. I actually had to make excuses for him to even get to Itto Juni, if not for that he'd still be a Santo Juni if he'd stayed on the Kaiyo, no doubt.

Characters can have different views. Clearly, Hoshi described him as nothing but a failure and didn't mention any of what he listed as achievements. Mochi sees his life on the Kaiyo as one thing, his old bosses can see it another. However, it's kind of weird to hop into a 2 year old thread without an IC reason first. Like, I don't know how Hoshi or Eden are when privy to what Mochi says about the Kaiyo aboard the Resurgence unless they have SAINT feeding them conversations. It's kind of meta.

Time hasn't changed my feelings towards you and I'd like you to not go into 2 year old threads to rattle cages, or for that matter 1 year old settings elements too. It was pretty unnecessary to stir this pot.
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Spread your wings,

You've been making waves. Take it from the ocean when she tells you how to ebb the tide.

May you find your port,

((OOC: This was a letter regarding the same topic and I didn't want to create a new thread. Sorry.))


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