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To Widow Lmanel From Ironhart Research Associates


RP Date
10/ YE 40
Due to some recent expansion, Ironhart Research has opened new, permanent job listings and shortlist contract positions. Due to your crucial support during the HX-14 mission and subsequent Roanoke investigation, you have been selected as one of our primary on-call biochemists and xenobiologists. If ever you find yourself looking for work, feel free to give us a call. We will be contacting you in the event of a contract that is best suited for your skillset.

On a personal note, thank you so very much for your help with that contract. It was nice to see someone who spoke the same language, as Lorathi is not so commonly spoken. Ironhart is currently an NDC registered corporation consisting of a few people and a few ships. We still have the Eyesore as a support bird, but we need to upgrade soon.

I have also financed three Eye III class vessels, fully loaded, plus a small fleet depot of pod casements, rerigging the Eyesore as our fleet carrier. She is currently in a Yamataian dock recieving the modernizing overhaul and total refit. Plus a thorough cleaning. The onboard labs and medical facilites are being completely modernized and NDC graphene crystallography computers with supermassive memory and processing is being installed. I admit a fair ammount of my savings has been burned on this project. But I believe that with some luck, it will all be worth it.

But the Eyesore isn't complete without a Captain. I have the Oracle. Observer, Angel, and Pioneer need pilots as well. And we will eventually need permanent berthing for the fleet.

What you do with this information is your call.

With regards,


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To: Thorn, Ironhart Research

Noas jhay'rd, Thorn. It is good to hear from you again. It was indeed a pleasure to collaborate with you on the matter of the so-called Lost Colony mission -- an outing that was of.... mutual benefit to our research. I also must thank you again for making me feel comfortable after recent events with my people weighed heavily upon me. Your attempts to speak Ly'thir were also refreshing... perhaps we could both improve our language skills, as my Trade is still lacking.

You are a very unique human, who has proven to have the stones far in excess of one's size to do great things and survive adversity. I look forward to what unique challenges these contracts you speak of will lead...

To that end, I move to accept your offer of becoming an operator of one of the Eye III scout vessels. I plan to make modifications to improve its use for xenobiology & chemistry studies, and other concepts for further development in propulsion and biocoatings which I will share with you privately when we next meet.

There are planets in the northeast quadrant nominallly under the former Occestian Lorath republic, now Nepleslian, that I wish to do a deep survey as an initial test of its capabilities. This information could prove useful to the right people, and may possibly lead to a... suggestion, on the issue of berthings for your fleet. But this is dependent on the attitudes of my former comrades in the LSDF, which unrest in the sector has made sour. But this is a matter best solved by a Lorath.

Lines of communication will remain open. My gratitude again to you for this opportunity.

Uieh jhay'rd,
Aran'ya Widow Lmanel