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SYNC To Yamatai Department of Immigration Re Highly Skilled Visa


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RP Date
6 月 23日
Yugumo Corporation

Tokyo, Jiyuu III

From: Motoyoshi Tachiko, Fuku-shachō, Yugumo Corporaton
To: Yamatai Department of Immigration ATTN: Director, Neshaten Services
Re: Highly Skilled Visa


Enclosed is the application for a highly-skilled exemption to citizenship, sponsored by Yugumo Corporation. We will furnish all processing, expedition, and other fees. Subject is Cecily Winters (Trade), expatriate from Neshaten, who has job skills that qualify as "difficult to recruit" per regulations. Exemption reasons listed below:

Job Skills: Weapons systems design and engineering, Executive leadership

Thank you,
Motoyoshi Tachiko, Fuku-shachō
Yugumo Corporation
Ketsurui No Motoyoshi

Supporting data enclosed.

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