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RP Traitors and Turncoats


The Ham Lord
Dawn Station - Departure Terminal
Evening, Station Time

In the crowd of people waiting on the transport to come from Nepleslia, one of them stood out. He wore the pants and boots of a man who worked in a particular field. His torso and head were covered in a thick coat of grey and red with a collar that obscured his jaw. His remaining portion of his head was covered by a silver-gray hood.

The man was dressed as the IPG, and by the way his optical implants quietly observed the area, he was waiting. The IPG no doubt knew where he was, he had gone through and reactivated all of his implants, transponder and all.

His cranial implants kept trying to access the head database, and the obvious errors returning only further confirmed that they would see him. To make sure, he made one final item: a transmission on IPG frequency in an outdated cypher.

'I have information and a request, I will only speak in person. Interregnum-Seirra-Six Out."

For several minutes things remained quiet. Just a normal day on the station, until an object was placed into his back. "So the prodigal son returns?" The speaker asked.

James didn't give any movement, "Will you listen to my request?"

The figure pressed the barrel into his back. "If it were my choice you'd already be dead... However it isn't my call. Get moving." With that 4 more figures emerged from the crowd and surrounded Seirra Six. All of them dressed in standard civilian clothes, yet he knew who they were. They formed up around him and nodded to the man behind him. "Get moving, traitor."

He nodded to all five at once, before lightly stepping off towards the airlock. He moved his left hand gradually outward to show he wasn't making a hostile move and gently pulled the hood down to collect around his neck. His hair had grown out and was done up like he was going to a dinner party. His face was grim, but in his eyes was the tinge of true happiness.

The operatives led him through the airlock and onto a shuttle. They sat him down and began searching him. They took any weapons, placed a jammer on the base of his neck which disabled his augments and finally cuffed him.

The traitor let them do their things, cooperating extremely well for a prisoner with such high crimes on his name.

The half hour ride was done in complete silence. Then shuttle's skids hit the deck of a larger warship. The door slid open to reval a hangar with even more IPG commandos waiting there and watching. The original 5 led the traitor through the hangar and through the bowels of the ship, finally leading him to the brig. He was tossed in and the door shut behind him. Inside was a cot and toilet.

The man moved himself to sit on the cot, leaning back against the bulkhead. He untied the hood and sat it down next to him. He brought a leg up to lean an arm on and he quietly began whistling a random tune to himself. He listened to the reverberation off the walls and gently closed his eyes in wait.

He sat alone for another hour before the door to his cell swung open. The man who stepped inside had an IPG uniform on and wore the rank patch of a commandant.

"You have come quite a ways, at much personal risk. Why then did you come back to us? You know the penalty for all your crimes is death..." The commandant said stepping into the cell.

The traitor stood up and snapped to attention as if he was still in. "Sir, to be honest, closure." His form stood rigid, his expression bleeding away from his eyes. "I am admitting that I made a mistake in following the upper command staff of the Nepleslian Star Ship Interregnum in defecting for the IPG, Sir."

"That is a fucking understatment." The Commandant said coldly. He crossed his arms. "Well then, why should I stay your execution?" He asked.

"I only ask you to stay it until I can see my family one last time. After that I will give the information I said I have and allow you to get your vengence, sir." He seemed oddly at ease, but it was evident in his eyes that he knew exactly what was going on.

The Commandant sighed. "You really aren't in the place to make demands... How can I trust you to give us the information after you get what you want?" He asked questioningly.

"For two reasons, sir. First is that I came all this way with my suicidal death wish to give this information to you and wouldn't have come if I didn't plan to give it. Second is that I have nothing tying me to this angry universe except my conscious. May I ask a question, sir?"

He raised an eyebrow in return.

"Where were you during the bombardment of Rok'Veru?"

"I was a marine back then." He replied uncrossing his arms. "I was a young officer back then. I was part of the Rok'Veru offensive to take the planet back..." He replied.

"I was a Marine then, on the detachment sent to guard the world before we lost it. That's how I got into the IPG. We were one of the last NSMC units to be able to find a way to leave, and on that spaceport deck I was able to watch the building where my wife, sons, and infant daughter were fall into rubble. I died that day along with my family, and I swore that I'd defend the Imperium until my breath ran out and I failed them." He stopped for a moment, the emotion visible on his expression, "I intend to ask for forgiveness, sir."

The Commandant was silent for several seconds. "There is only one man in the sector who can forgive you... and that ain't me. However, I will add it to my report to him." He said flatly. "Where are their graves?" He asked.

"Los Apagos Memorial Graveyard." The traitor's expression was neutral again, his optical implants looking straight into the commandant's.

Several seconds ticked by without a word. "Fine." He said. "You get your last request. Then you give us what we want and you hold nothing back." He added.

"Understood, Sir." His response was crisp, the marine side of him breifly making an appearance.

The Commandant nodded and strode from the cell, leaving the traitor to his thoughts.

Nepleslia - Los Apagos Memorial Graveyard
Two Days Later

Under guard, the traitor stood in front of the small markers denoting where the remains of his loved ones laid. He was quiet for a moment, looking down at the headstones blankly. "Hey Jenn, kids, Daddy made some pretty stupid decisions a while ago and no doubt made a fool of himself. I just want you four to know, Daddy is sorry for everything he's done. I'm sorry for all the forgotten birthdays, missed games, and late nights. Tell you all what, I'll make it up to you all one day. One day..."

He crouched down and put a hand on each name individually, before looking to the empty plot next to the one that said 'Jennifer.' "If you still have my will, and allow me to be buried, please put me here."

He stood up and faced his guards and the Commandant. "May I have a map?"

The Commandant and the other guards stood a repectable distance away as the man visited his family.

As he finsihed, the Commandant took his datajockey and tossed it to him.

James caught it and walking over next to the Commandant. He pointed to a local sector not too far away from Nepleslia itself. "They destroyed the ship here, and the survivors escaped in the dog's mother's personal shuttle. Then they went to Dawn Station and from there across Yamatai space into the former UOC worlds at about the same time the Lorath did their thing. After that, they were at Asura III for a wedding. I do not know if they are still there or not, all I know is that they are in Asteria or whatever they call it." As he spoke, he had drawn a path from place to place, with extreme detail.

The commandant listened intently as the traitor explained the events. "Well then. Quite the adventure you and your comrades took." He replied."Is this everything?"

"That and I believe that Asteria was confirmed to be added as a Yamataian Suzerainty which makes legally sending the IPG after them impossible. Besides that, I can answer questions to the best of my ability."

The commandant nodded. "I see... Well I think I need to deliver this up the chain then. As for you... we might still have use for your information." He looked to the guards then to the traitor. "Sergeant James Calloway, you are formally charged with manslaughter, theft of restricted military equipment, desertion, destruction of military property, and conspiracy to commit high treason. You are officially hereby senticed to death." The Commandant pulled out his pistol and in one swift motion fired a bullet into the empty grave. "Unoffically I am throwing your ass into the deepest, darkest hole I can find. You might still be useful to us and I will definetly have more questions for you." he said, placing the weapon back in its holster. "Let's go, your new home awaits."

James looked at the Commandant with a neutral expression before walking behind him, "Aye sir."