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Interest Check Tripathi's Tyrants - On the Bounce!


There's a distinct lack of Nepleslian plotlines going on, and I aim to change that so that new people, and people who haven't had a chance to play Nep Marines in a while can get a chance.

Tripathi's Tyrants is going to do that, so on your feet, marines! The Tyrants are a new outfit of the Nepleslian Space Marine corps, a 30 Marine platoon stationed onboard a Hray class Gunship, the NSS Count the Cost. Newly formed, the Tyrants are part of a scheme by the DION to see just how well a unit with non-Nepleslians can work, with an eye on how mixed operations on a small unit level would function with the Star Army of Yamatai. thus, the Tyrants are in a bad place: not only is most of the ToO&E filled with newbies; not only are some of these newbies weird aliens; not only is there a foreign observer there watching them; a few of his corporals and noncoms are straight from Yamatai as well.

But it's fine. Nishant Tripathi has seen worse, been through worse. He's a businessman, you see: his business is being a Marine. He worked his way up from the very bottom as a 16 year old grunt, and has fought just about every enemy of Nepleslia you can name. And even if he's been dealt a bad hand, He's going to take this platoon and turn them into something worthy of their nickname, even if he has to be a Tyrant himself. By the time they reach their scheduled wargame with that Rikugun unit playing the Opposing Force, he'll have a well oiled machine of killers. Or he'll want to see all his marines die before he dies first.

The Tyrants, that is, 3rd Platoon doesn't have an easy job ahead of them. They're Marines, and no day in their life is easy. They drop from their transport into battle and hit the enemy hard, then pick up for retrieval. The plot is intended for new players who seek an action and military oriented introduction to Star Army, as well as for people who just really want to play Nepleslian Marines. It's also open for people who want to play some of the lesser used races of Nepleslia, and some Star Army people who want to make drops with the best of the best. Most of the plot is going to be single posts, with players expected to post at least once per week. Joint Posts will be scheduled whenever possible, especially for combat. Players can also do their own joint posts to interact.

The inspirations for this plot are, well, pretty obvious in that its an attempt to get back to 'basics' with Nepleslia while still letting players have more options. Starship Troopers and Aliens are a major inspiration, of course, as is John Streakly's Armor, the Astarte series of 40k fanfilms, as well as the Band of Brothers tv series. Numerous video games and anime go into this, most notably DOOM, Section 8, Wolfenstein, This specific scene in World in Conflict , as well as the 08th MS Team.

Do you have what it takes to join the Tyrants, see the galaxy, and be part of the strongest fighting force ever seen?


Just to clarify, can I get a sound off from everyone who's interested in joining and the character they intend to toss in, before I get started on the first thread?


New Member
Do we need to sound off again if we already sounded in a previous post? Since I'm already repeating the incredibly obvious I'll just round out the request and say 'Allen Lowell'.