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[Tsumi] Post-Volume 1, Sidestory 2: Heretic Hunt

Primitive Polygon

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RP Date
YE 41, Several Weeks After The Fleet Betrayal
RP Location
TFS Saweya's Light, Jaytorr’s Barrack
Guest starring @club24

It was early morning, the perfect time to go on a hunt in Jaytorr’s opinion as the warrior stepped back into his room, having left for food. “Kmza! Get out here, it’s time for you to actually learn a little something about heretic hunting.” The zealot banged his fist on the, somewhat large cupboard the little grease monkey liked to hang out in during the night, to the best of his knowledge anyway. Sure Kmza was in his room but he wasn’t responsible for her actions or where she was at every hour of the day.

“I’ve got a target to track down, you’re coming with me.” The shorter Tsumi retrieved his axes and made sure they were sharp before hitching them to his belt and chest rig. “Make sure you bring a weapon, but if you draw it without my order I will skin you alive and flay you with a salt covered whip.”

“KMZA IS LISTEN!” A loud, obnoxious voice started back as the door swung open, revealing the small ragged form working on… something… by candlelight. It looked like a crude canvas doll, but there were some gears jutting out of it, and several needles jabbed into its eyes. Kmza was quite visibly reluctant to leave it, by now becoming very at ease with their surroundings and Jaytorr. Probably far too much at ease. “I AM DOING AS LORT JAY-TORR SAY!~”

A very big smile, though one filled with some pretty wonky teeth. They were practically writhing with positive energy, at the mere thought of going out and carrying out their god’s will.

Despite this, their selection of a weapon was pretty haphazard. They weighed up a bunch of the hanging tools, actually taking their time a little, before settling on a large, two-handed sledge hammer. They didn’t so much sheath it away as cradle it like a baby.

Eyes wide, they dreamed of smashing in the skulls of others, gyrating back and forth with immense glee. But it still felt like they were forgetting something…

“OH YES! KMZA AM YOUR SPEAKER OF THE MACHINES!~” They remembered very loudly, then darted over to one of the other cabinets in the room. The bottom drawer contained something draped in black cloth, which was immediately swung around in their lower arms with yet another layer of delight. “HEATING UP IT DOES USING THE ELECTRIC-TO-BURN-THE-BADSOULANDALSORIPPINGTHEMBLOODYJARTASOSTFFO!!!~...JAYTURRNEWSWURD!!!!~...Ahahahgahahahau!~”

Out of breath now. Still swinging it around whenever the oxygen presented itself. Their eyes were filled with stars, and they really really wanted Jaytorr to know about this! But the words just couldn’t escape.

“I’m glad to see you’re so excited for your first day out, a fine choice of weaponry as well, but there’s a better time and place for such racket. Now stop talking for a minute and take a breath, then start again.” Jaytorr said calmly, almost tempted to reach out and give the thrall a firm pat on the head for being so energetic. But he was not the kind to express emotion like that, and she was bouncing all over the place too.

Kmza still couldn’t breathe enough to talk, or at least find the right words.

In the end they just passed the black-shawled package up to their upper right hand, held it over their head, and then pressed something which clicked and immediately caused the fabric to catch ablaze. With orange cinders flowing downwards, the bundle quickly revealed itself to be an oversized falchion with a black blade, and a brass hilt with crossguard. When somebody pressed the trigger on the handle, it evidently pressed a brass hinge up against the back of the blade, causing the leading edge to become white-hot.

“-IT K-KILLL!!!!~” They finally sputtered out, only just restraining themselves from touching the back of the burning blade. “-JAYTUR K-KILL! -WITH KMZA WEPPON!!!- HE D-DOES!!!~”

The warrior’s eyes lit up at the sight and a large grin slowly split across his face as he drank in the sight of the magnificent blade. “Well well well, this is quite a fine weapon, did your blackened fingers really create such a magnificent instrument of death?” Jaytrorr eyed up the weapon and tentatively reached out to take it, though despite the fact it was apparently for him he was still wary of trying to take anything from this thrall woman.

“This will make for a perfect test of your new creation, it’s time for us to go down to the lower decks. I was informed of at least one heretic hiding among the heart of the ship, however rumours have mentioned an accomplice as well so we must stay on guard.” Jaytorr retracted his hand without taking the weapon, another idea coming to mind instead. “And it will be your duty to carry and protect that glorious weapon until it’s time.”

“Jayturr kill with Kmza weapon, he does.” The one-horned scraggily thing was holding their chest from exertion, but still felt to need to repeat themselves. The look on their face made it seem like Jaytorr and only Jaytorr was supposed to kill people with it.”I am hordling eet until you make it embed in the sinner’s flesh?...”

Their lower right arm, basically acting on it’s own without them looking, mimed out some kind of arcane symbol. The upper left spooled some chain from the bottom of the tool rack, though that was with the more obvious use of attaching the large weapon to themselves.

“Kmza would like…” More squirming. They rubbed their cheeks, quite possibly blushing. “...Kmza would bless wee-pon and do the rights on the scene. It is most dangerous. It is most holy.... Jaytorr will put the sinners to... pieces...”

“Yes, you will hold it until it is time for me to rend the flesh of the unworthy. And yes you may bless this glorious creation, after all you are the one who created this glorious weapon.” Jaytorr finally decided, and put out a hand, placing it firmly but somehow gently in his way, atop her head for a rough pat. “It needs a name, something as beautiful as this sword deserves a title.”

“Sin-eater, him ‘oo makes the flesh as black, him ‘oo abzulves all off sins.” Kmza replied almost as if the blessing of the item was already in progress. They flinched when Jaytorr moved to put a hand on them, but instead ended up grabbing his sleeve. Tugging it downwards so that the palm was directly over her mouth, with fingers on her brow… Maybe the blessing was already in progress? “It longs for the blood of many, and Jaytorr, him with hands oo-poon eet, shall deliver...”

The warrior smiled a toothy smile, the strange mutterings were almost natural to his ears after only a few days of having the thrall live with him. “It shall indeed my little friend.” Jay left his hand where it had been moved incase he was now part of the ritual, but he was now itching for the fight he knew would happen this day.

“I don’t want to disrupt you, but these heretics won’t just kill themselves hmm?”

Kmza didn’t really respond verbally, but instead just made a sort of high pitched excited shrieking noise, holding the hammer above their head with both upper arms. Eyes and mouth were wide open, looking ready to follow the stocky red-haired warpriest into Stetark's fire itself.

“I’ll take that as agreement then.”

Abandoned Boiler Room

After a mostly uneventful trip down to the lower levels of the ship in which Jaytorr had been forced to control Kmza only a few times they finally came across what he’d been searching for, the hiding place of his heretic target and general den of low born scum and deranged thralls. “Ignore the rest of them, we are looking for a big brute with a cracked horn and a missing eye, probably hiding deeper in and may be disguised.” Jay spoke to kmza as they entered, once upon a time this had been his own hideaway but no longer, now the occupants shrank back in fear as the Zealot strode past their ragged and filthy forms.

As his keen eyes scanned the forms huddled and standing alike he spied someone who he knew would have information, grabbing the other thrall like creature by the throat with the speed of a viper he hefted him into the air. “Where is the heretic, I know you are well connected but if you do not answer me, some parts of your body may become, less, well connected.” Jay smiled toothily at the other pitiful creature while his lower arm reached for an axe to give depth to his threats.

“Gluk, gah-” Spluttered the thrall within Jaytorr’s grasp as he clawed uselessly at the strong fist around his windpipe. “He- he knows you’re here… He he he will END YOU!” This was apparently not the reply the Zealot wanted as he threw him to the floor with force, stomping on one of his arms mercilessly with a loud crack making the onlookers wince in pain.

Kmza had been surprisingly quiet up to this point, mostly staying behind Jaytorr. Moving with a certain paranoia, mixed in with a very dramatic, rather theatrical swooping gait. They looked as if they were in a Tsumi children’s play, explaining how to hunt heretics, not actually doing it for real.

Then again, literally every other time they had been in this situation before was as the one being hunted.

After their master broke the random thrall’s arm, they reflexively moved around him themselves. Unsheathing a bone-huen dagger and embedding it into the shrieking contact’s ribcage, as calmly yet accurately as one might begin carving a vegetable.

“Shhhh.” No anger. They put a finger over their mouth, and closed his eyes. “Sleeping now.”

Then Kmza looked back up to Jaytorr as if absolutely nothing had happened, cleaning the bloody knife with the fabric of their short green cloak.

“Well I was hoping to get a little more information from him but he was bound to alert the heathen-“ The warrior began before noticing they weren’t actually dead yet, it seemed his apprentice had simply been trying to do as he did. Though the thrall on the floor wouldn’t last long regardless.

Crouching down Jaytorr exchanged a few very soft words with him before he died, not everyone in this dank hell was a heretic after all. “Right, we’ve got a location. Come along Kmza, prepare the…” he paused, never having decided on a name for the new sword. “Prepare The Inquisitor.” He said proudly, deciding that at least for now that name was fitting, though if Kmza had something she wanted to use instead he would definitely use that being her creation.

Kmza nodded rapidly as they followed, stumbling slightly over their own feet as they decided what kind of sanctification to perform. The lower right hand unbundled a candle, and they lit it with a match, before untying the ribbon that held the black cloth around the ‘Inquisitor’ in place.

The ashen blade was fantastically, obsessively polished, shining underneath the candlelight with a mysterious, arcane glow. It made the one-horned thrall dart their attention between the weapon and the war priest's back rapidly, evidently quite overjoyed to be involved in this whole bloody affair.

For once, they were also hideously quiet, narrow eyes curving with perverse glee as they guided a white cloth along the blade. It had red sigils on the small doily, and a caustic white powder dusted along the inside. They never seemed to touch the blade with their own hands now, perhaps in fear on contaminating it in some way…

“Go, my mashtur… Mashtur Jaytorr is going…” A curved, venomous whisper now escaped their lips, tongue rolling along hungry fangs. ”Cut them, let their innies flow to the d-decks… Spools and sacks of what was in… Kmza’s head sees… You are the one… Breaking them ivories, the meat inside squeezes…. Mashtur Jaytorr is going to s-s-.…”

Jaytorr attempted to listed to the strange mutterings but eventually gave up, partially because he couldn’t hear and partially because it sounded suspiciously like heresy. The tsumi watched the thrall continue to prepare the blade, wiping over it and lighting the candle. “One of these days, one of these days Kmza you’re going to get into a lot of trouble with your ways.” The warrior said coolly, not so much a threat but more of a warning, despite himself he’d come to be intrigued by this creature that now lived with him.

“How long until the sacred weapon is ready?”

Kmza’s blue eyes looked a little confused, a little distant. She had very strong, unwieldy feelings towards the imposing red-haired preist now, but she knew she had to be careful what she said to him. There was only so many times Kmza could tell him she didn’t choose to be a messenger of the dark one, she was simply chosen....

“Once this livin’ enorgy gone into this blade, once it gots it’s own soul it does… It always hungry...” Why was he being so nice to her?... Did he expect a new show of dedication, one that was not forced out of her?...

There was one more thing they could do to wake the weapon up, of course. But it was not exactly cannon scripture.

“Fhatah Inquistah vo gyinha voth.” She closed her eyes, and then slid her upper right hand along the blade, wincing painfully as it sliced into her flesh and pooled a deep red fluid upon the cutting edge. The language was recognised by Jaytorr as one of the oldest homeworld languages. “H-hradrah yuedei vo gah d-deim reath!”

Face contorted slightly by intense discomfort, they then raised the heavy weapon into the air and pumped the activation handle, incinerating the blood. Only then was is apparently ready for her to bow down, presenting it to Jaytorr with head lowered.

Jaytorr folded his arms while waiting for the thrall to complete her ritual, though he would never publicly admit to such heresy he was starting to somewhat accept her strange Hayden blessings and rites. He would never participate himself but it was becoming more obvious that he wasn’t going to be able to change her ways before he ended up flat out killing the poor creature.

When it was offered to him the warrior grasped the handle firmly and raised it into the air, testing out the activation handle a couple times and hearing the hum and buzz whenever the blade came to life. “Truly outstanding work Kmza, I can tell you aren’t any normal heretic. Now let’s go and put it to the test.” The warrior Tsumi kicked down a door as they reached the end of the corridor, a great many voices cried out in terror as it clattered to the floor, more filthy degenerates living away from prying eyes.

Jaytorr scanned the panicked crowd and spotted his target, with an animalistic grin and a low growl he threw himself at the other Tsumi, shoving aside anyone in his way. With a grunt of effort he drew a knife from his boot and threw it at the heretic, the wicked blade embedding itself in his quary’s thigh and giving them a limp as they tried to escape. Looking down at Kmza he smirked, “Alright. Fetch.” He said, aiming the point of his new sword at the fleeing heretic, this would make for a fine test of her ability.

It might have been the adrenaline, or maybe the sudden shock of being surrounded by so many people, but Kmza was suddenly feeling rather euphoric about the whole situation. The other ragged figures were making so much noise, but clearly they must see that the divine and holy work was at hand?... That’s right, it couldn’t be screaming. They must have been violently cheering!

The one-horned heretic took no more pause after this delay, rapidly shambling after the wounded figure, even climbing right over some of the more decrepid or lame vagabonds that didn’t remove themselves fast enough.

What came next was a hammerblow to the back of the target’s shins, a long, lunging motion that put three of her four arms to work.

Jaytorr was impressed, she’d managed to catch up quite quickly and deliver an incapacitating blow to the legs as well, most impressive. The warrior sauntered over to the writhing and whimpering mess on the floor and looked down an Kmza. “Well done, you certainly have some skill but you could use some training.”

Probably the closest to the truth he could have gotten. The girl was completely self-taught. Still, it was just a means to an end. Their eyes said they were more interested in finishing the savage act on their quarry, still straining to heft their crude weapon at shoulder level with an uneasy intensity.

“Kmza sees it, Mashtur Jayturr, Sah…” Almost mumbling, though heavy breaths. “Seeing his sins, sticking to his skins, crawling… worms…”

Eyes changed, stance loosed just a little, looking up at the priest, then to the arcane holy weapon, and then back again… A small smile formed… Were they…. blushing?

“You can see them?” Well, that was unexpected, Jay knew his targets were heretics and sinners but he had never had or heard of some kind of ability like this. “Well then, thats an interesting ability. And what are you going red for?” Jaytorr didn’t quite glare but definitely gave Kmza a strange look before raising the sword above his head.

“In the holy name of the Sovereign I end your life heretic, for you have sinned and rejected our one true diety!” Jaytorr brought the blade down hard, decapitating the heretic cowering on the floor infront of the pair. “There we go, Kmza! Leave the body, grab the head as a trophy. You can do what you want with it.” The warrior sheathed the sword after deactivating the blade and stretched he back and arms, “Now we return, don’t fall behind.””

“HFOR MHEEE!?~” Kmza made a really undignified shriek of surprise, picking the head up without hesitation, whilst her other two arms bowed outwards like it was a curtsey. The last thoughts before brain death hit the decapitated heretic were of being submersed in the cloth of Kmza’s chest, where they hugged it to themselves like a child’s stuffed animal. “Many things I can m-make, sah! Very good yes!”

Probably for the best that they were completely oblivious to the reactions of the other wretches, at that point.

“Do what you wish, come along now.” Jaytorr chided while grabbing her collar with his lower hand and pulling her along behind him. Her reaction with the head was enough for him to know she’d be somewhat dazed a while longer.

The return journey was much quicker on account of not having to track their prey, Jaytorr kept an eye on Kmza but she seemed occupied enough with her prize not to be a hassle. Upon reaching the barracks Jaytorr flopped onto his bed with a sigh, it had been a busy day and he was tired, though he was intrigued to see what Kmza would do now that they were home.

Considering that they had spent all day dumping coal on the bonfire of Kmza’s ecstatic gyrating bloodlust, the answer perhaps should have been obvious. The sinner’s head was mere material to them. Not even a trophy, but a ritual resource that could be broken up, and used to perform yet more ‘holy’ acts. Jaytorr might have been the train that the heretic had gotten on, but it was Hayden’s rails that they were riding along. The next task would choose her, just like all the others. No resistance was offered towards being pulled along by their electric collar because that was just where she was fated to go...

Didn’t mean they had no imagination, though.

Eyes immensely wide and unblinking, she gazed randomly around the room at the rippling auras in her head. It made her heart thunder, and her teeth expose themselves in such a wide smile that it was a little painful. The head dangled from hand, through shook like a meaty plaything, every now and then.
“JAYTORR, SAH!!!?~” Her head shot around, eyes intense with misplaced empathy, as if they could read the subtitles of his thoughts in some manner. “HEY JAYTORR, SAH!!!??~”

“YOU KNOW HOW KMZA IS YOUR ONLEE FRIEND- WELL, I MEAN, not your only friend-” They looked up. The gods were his friend too. “-I MEAN, LIKE, KMZA IS YOUR LITTLE GLOWING FRIEND!-” They put they put their hand on their heart, underneath the bloodstained shirt- “...I mean, but I’m not actchully your friend?...” The hand kept going and reached their collar- “BUT ACTUCHULY KMZA IS YOUR FRIEND, SAH?”

The entire gambit of emotions contorted across their impish, youthful but venomous face in a millisecond. Entirely running out of words, they then leapt onto the bed with the far more muscular creature, and pressed their face close to his instead.

“...You thinky you’cud tell tha sawayen holy uns’ ya own me?” Regardless of subject matter, they were smiling. He could feel the heavy breathing. Those damn blue eyes still didn’t blink. One hand pawed at the right side of her face where the curving black heretic mark was etched, as if struggling to make a point about it. “Othawise they gonna hear Kmza do this… They gonna see Kmza walkin’ round’, and pull ‘er aims and leegs off soona or layta, sah?... Or somethin’... worse?...”

Jay’s eyes flew open as the thrall leapt atop him before grabbing her by the collar once more and tossing her aside. “Quit screaming wretch, you’re giving me a headache.” The warrior growled while sitting up in his bed, she did have a point though, it would be dangerous if she had no official reason to assist his business, and he wasn’t sure if their purge leader would accept her otherwise either.

“I will claim ownership of your pathetic body just to keep you alive for a bit longer. But if you continue screaming like that I’ll tear your arms off myself.” Jaytorr said sternly, holding eye contact for a while longer. “But yes, you’re almost a friend. I wouldn’t say glowing your still rather filthy, you need to get cleaned up.”

Kzma simply projected an irate stream of scream-laughing, covering her face but entirely unable to block out the sound. The concept of being owned by somebody wasn’t really at issue here; They were all stuck inside a great big fishbowl with limited resources, and being free but expendable wasn’t going to see her last very long. On the other hand, the one-horned creature felt like Jaytorr accepting her was the same thing as becoming his new occult muse...

She could fulfil her divine tasks fully, now! Hayden had provided her with a strong and holy guide, to keep her on the true path! And in return they would insure that he completes his own destiny, carved into the universe with blood!

Taking his comments about being filthy to heart, they immediately rejected their gore-stained clothes and threw them to the floor, piece by piece... There were so many random leather cords and random metal relics and bone talismans that it barely made that much of a difference.

The grey-purple form of a sinister naked banshee, lit in the cabin’s open corner ethereal candlelight. They took a sponge and bucket from their cupboard of ritual equipment, and systematically began cleaning all of their trinkets as well as their body, in complete disregard for any concept of modesty.

They were humming something really off-kilter and unrecognisable, sloshy soapy water all over their shoulders and down onto the floor.

Jaytorr watched in silence for a moment before shaking his head and lying back down, he had stopped trying to understand what Kmza’s mind was up to long ago, they had personal shower blocks down the hall yet here she was casually stripped naked in his room for the second time. While the warrior wasn’t so crude as to blush or spy on her like a perv he was definitely not like others from his species who wouldn’t think twice. Instead he averted his gaze and rolled over trying not to think too hard about it.

“You know there’s showers on every deck right?”

Kmza froze, sponge mid-armpit, and made an uncharacteristically blank face. Wasn’t that, like, the water-hose place for actual people? Last time they were there it was when Ulzna, their master on the traitor ship got angry at them for being so covered with oil, and practically hit them with a mop… But it was probably best not to bring them up.

“B-but… I do have a bucket right here, though, sah?” Blinking. She was also kinda wondering why he turned away. There was no way that the devout force of nature that he was had become scared… “Lots of random wairrioohz… Didn’t think you’d wanna clean Kmza yoozself…”

Rather than trying to think of the answer like a normal person, they walked over and climbed onto the end of the bed, standing over the priest like a vulture here to steal the meat off his bones… No concept of personal space meant zero modesty. Their taut, athletic flesh was glistening with moisture…

Crouching down, they crawled, and- OH SHIT HOW WAS SHE STABBING-

Spikes. Iron riveted spikes on the front of her steel-plate underpants, complete with a swinging padlock, to which the key was presumably lost. Kmza wasn’t trying to jab his legs, it was just there.

Because of course it was.

And now she was staring at him point blank again. A long, raspy exhalation...

“-ehhh~What’s wrong with you Jaytorr, sah?~...”

Jay grimaced as she scrambled over him, partially from the spikes and partially from having to yet again deal with a creature void of modesty. “There’s nothing wrong, I just, didn’t expect you to immediately start washing right here.” The warrior continued to turn his face away as best he could, women weren’t his thing at all, he could never have those kinds of conversations without getting annoyed and starting fights. To top it off she was soaking him as well, not his favourite state to be in.

“Just go and finish your cleaning, your getting my bed wet snd dirty.”

Kmza just ran off and continued cleaning themselves and their clothes, still entirely oblivious to what reaction they had provoked. Their much too optimistic tone continued as the second verse of the humming song was belted out, this time even more screechy and off-kilter than before. Just a fragment of recognition told him that it was a real hymn, just being performed really, really badly…

A cushion stolen from his bed earlier made a good perch for sitting down and cleaning under her manacles and collar, an uncomfortable but practiced exercise. After a few minutes more… Well, they just sort of forgot what they were doing, and sat their cross legged, with their back turned. One hand was stroking the polished clean skull they had from years ago, whilst another was stroking the hair of the newly decapitated head.

They were still humming, now with their eyes closed. Somehow that was even worse than being stared at.

“Lort Jayturrh is gonna be the one… he’s going to break open their skulls and eat their brains he is…” Soft, doey whispers, as if cooing to a child. “Kmza... gonna show him how…I gots to, sah...”

Jay listened to her mumblings for a bit longer before groaning, he didn’t quite regret the decision to save her from that cupboard before, but she was proving to be more trouble than he expected, especially if she decided to go crazy on him one night. “Oi! I wanna know something Kmza, where do you go at night after I go to sleep, cause I know damn well that you’re still awake after I drift off.”

“Oh, I’m right here Jaytorr-sah!” They craned their neck around, though they were still stroking the heads. “Kmza would never let anything unholy happen to Jaytorr-sah…”

After a moment longer, they wrapped themselves in some of the black furs that the priest had from what was once their planet, bundling themselves up and giving him a really warm expression. “Sometimes Kmza sleep in coo-bard, but sometimes I get bad feelings… No worry you Jaytorr-sah. I protect. I make pure. You do sleeping, holy one…. K-Kmza work never end…”

Jaytorr nodded and rubbed his chin, sure she might technically be his slave, and a heretic and a lunatic. But he still held some sympathy for the creature who spent her time scrambling around trying to do whatever she could to assist him. “I’ll only make this offer once, and don’t make me regret it.” The warrior cleared his throat, he really didn’t know why he was even suggesting this to her but he knew it was something he had to do, in the same way he was often directed towards his fate by the destiny bestowed upon him. “From now on, if you behave. I will allow you to rest on the end of my bed, with the trouble you go to you have impressed me and the gods and have earned a comfier bed that the cupboard.”

Kmza made a completely irate shocked noise, expression going blank with disbelief. A pause, and then another shocked noise. They bounded onto the bed with that cat-like agility, then sat down, squashed into a happy black mound of bundled fur with some eyes and one crooked horn sticking out.

Due to no shortage of getting hit, they didn’t relax immediately. Didn’t really make a happy noise either, just a noise.

“I’m guard your feets against the curses. Your gods give me this task, so Kmza will do it.” They slowly let out an exasperated sigh, with a burgeoning befangled smile. Their weight wasn’t much and they were soft in the blanket, but every once and awhile, there was something prickly just beneath the surface. “Jaytorr-sah…”

A bit quieter now, but...Those red-ringed, predatory eyes just wouldn’t stop staring. The task had become ‘serious’ now.

“Yep, you can guard my feet.” The warrior didn’t really know what else to say, clearly they’d interpreted his gesture of slight kindness a little different but he couldn’t be bothered trying to correct her this time, it wasn’t like he hadn’t expected this. “Just make sure you get some sleep tonight.”

It was too late. As suddenly as they did anything, Kmza was unconscious on the spot, slowly slouching into a less restrained pile at the foot of the bed. The lingering smell of wax and incense coming from their hair wasn’t too bad. Snoring sound was like restless pack animal somewhere under several feet of snow.

Peace. Of a sort.

Jaytorr was glad to know she wouldn’t be spying on him all night at least. This small joy sent him to sleep, unaware of what awaited him the next morning.
As the warrior awoke he first noticed the light, coming from many candles scattered about his room along with an odd smell in the air. Kmza was nowhere to be seen presently but he had no doubt she would be hidden nearby. “What is the meaning of this!” He bellowed, standing from his bed and looking around the room, eyes narrowed in a glare.

“I’m guard your feet against the curses!” Kmza repeated exactly what they said the night before, as if they were confused how Jaytorr had forgotten. The sound came from behind some of the cabinets, that had been pushed away from the wall in the far corner and turned into a sort of miniature alcove. Most of the worst smells seemed to be coming from there. “This one is being useful!”


Some kind of power tool started up, as if they had been waiting for the priest to wake up and jumped at the chance to finally use it…

“Guarding my feet doesn’t constitute this when I wake up you wretch, what shit have you been doing while I was asleep.” The warrior growled, stomping towards the smaller creature with a wicked look. Sure he may have decided to be nice last night and let her sleep on the bed but this was ridiculous. “And what’s that sound.”

The sound turned out to be a rotary saw with a buffing head attached, which they were using to polish up what was presumably the other heretic’s decapitated head. It had already been cut down the front in order to affix it to a considerably large metal pauldron, perfectly matching a second pauldron that used that skull they already had.

Such a job was finished just as the priest turned the corner, and when Kmza put the new garment on, it turned out to be laughably huge combined with the claw-bearing dark brown animal fur cloak. Most likely it was Jaytorr sized, so this could have been intentional.

“What is thinking mashtur, sah?” Turning around only made it obvious that they were also still naked over than the metal underpants and this fancy new armour/garment piece. They had probably been like that all day. “Thinking you is wearing this and doing shoulder-in’s to those bad bad atheists and tray-tors?”

Jaytorr regarded the armour, it wasn’t his usual style to wear armour like this though it would definitely strike fear in the hearts of sinners. “It shall become armour for my hunts and strike fear in all those who witness.” He said walking over, still not smiling. “But it doesn’t excuse this horrendous noise so early, don’t forget your place Kmza.” In way, though he was scolding her he had still used her name, showing a slight restraint instead of just beating her skull in. “But for the love of the Sovereign, put some clothes on before some fuckstick finds you and tries to claim my property.”

“My place? The noise?” Kmza’s sharp, brooding eyes slowly shifted from bewilderment to an arcane, new sort of determination. Their body language displayed zero concept of fear despite the sweat of her ash-hued bare torso glimmering between the dusty shadow of the baroque armoured robes. “Jaytorr-sah, d’you think I’m your pet? Your guardian spirit, even?”

“Batter me. Rip me open and expose my organs to daylight. Ravish me yourself, if that’s what it takes to feed your rage and bloodlust...” Their eyes grew wider and wider now, clearly imagining greater and greater horrors, things far more terrible and twisted than the large priest's mere fists could project. Fingers stuck out like talons, and lips curled around the pressure of their slightly oversized fangs. “My place as your muse is to inspire you to do our lord’s work... It is to keep you on the path of malice and holy retribution that this whole rotten race deserves down to it’s very core. You are the weapon that eradicates sin, Jaytorr…”

“Kmza makes you these holy tools so you can kill. Kmza bless you so that you can kill. Kmza protect your heart, because I know you see the sin as this one does… You have Kmza body. Kmza give you my body, you can do anything you want with it… But in return, you must kill.”

“I kill heretics because its what the Sovereign commands! Not because of you, your life is only worth something to me for as long as you can assist me.” Jaytorr snarled, cracking his knuckles before thumping the slave once in the gut for emphasis. “I got you out of that closet and I’ve given you a chance to achieve something with your existence. You don’t get to demand anything!”

The warrior’s chest heaved as he panted, his gaze on the thrall on the floor before him, she had many uses but her attitude had to be kept in order. “I have no desire to rend your flesh, nor do I want to ravish your body. If you wish to die then find someone else, or, keep pissing me off.”

“Now, let’s get back on track. After all there’s still much to be done. Isn’t that right, Kmza?” The warrior priest said, smiling at his thrall companion, somehow he was finding it hard to stay mad at this girl despite everything telling him he should be.

“Hayden commands… He demands… My soul is in his fingers…” Kmza looked up at him resolutely, only hushed because of how winded they were. There was a look of absolute conviction, as if they might finally be able to break Jaytorr’s mistaken faith, or at least die doing it… “Don’t you see great one? Kmza’s priest?”