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[Tsumi] Volume 1, chapter 1: With overwhelming force


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Rekkin glanced at Marraken as she spoke, though the one-horned bull nodded mutely. He found solace in what Marraken had stated, but that didn't take away from the pain surging through his body. Then again, the pain was what told him he was still alive. Dull eyes befell Sekhmet as she demanded to be hit. Dropping her defenses for Rekkin momentarily. The one-horned bull only snorted in response and stowed his axes at his belt, stepping forward to deliver a rather tremendous blow to Sekhmet's midriff, which was followed by an uppercut that featured his lower right, his whole body moving with the punch as it impacted against Sekhmet's nose. A rather ennerving crack heard as it collided with against the female Tsumi's face.

He had to admit. It made him feel better as well, even if slightly.

Marraken pushed herself up again, having heard the crunch from a distance. Though not paying much mind to it. Slamming the panel shut again as she looked at Horus. "Do it," She stated. Moving over to the door Rekkin and Sekhmet had already formed up at. "Lifepods," she stated simply. Before breaking into a slight jog down the hall. Picking up speed once her purge had joined her. A first of no doubt many explosions resounded, rocking the ship ever so slightly, though not enough to make the valiant purge stumble as they proceeded down the halls, turning a corner to be met with the opposing force having the same plan of evacuation. Though there were only six of them and at least two dozen barrels pointed at them. Though a form broke line and stepped forward. His armour hinting at a former royal guard, a large hammer thumped against the floor. The crest on his breastplate the same as the flag Marraken had ripped off earlier. "Bayrek," Marraken stated his name simply as she stepped forward. More footsteps behind them, Braxton's purge and several other Tsumi came running, immediately drawing on the enemy which evened out the numbers. Though Marraken raised a clenched fist, which seemed to halt her side from firing. This Bayrek individual seemed to do the same. "Why?" She questioned with a frown. "Why you?!" She barked, before pulling the severed head from Horus' belt. Holding it up for the entire bay to witness. Another explosion, though this one caused far more stumbling. Though Marraken was quick to recover. "Your Warslave - dead. Your banner, defiled. Your honour on the floor. Why did you turn to run like a dog, Bayrek? This is unlike you."

The man grimaced. "Mayhaps. But it is unlike our Sovereign to let us starve - to rip us from our homes. Maybe the gods still smile upon her, but I do not. Her penance doesn't comfort me either. Look around you, Marraken. The fleet is dying. We will go on to keep the Tsumi from extinction. You lot can keep to your dying ideals." Another explosion rocked the ship - this time, the telltale sound of warping and creaking metal could be heard. Time was running out. And fighting here and now would be mutually assured destruction.


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Jaytorr shrugged before yanking on Kmza's chains once more and tossing her over his shoulder. "Time to go heretic, and you're coming with us." He said with a bit of a crazed chuckle as he jogged off folowing their leader. When they ran into the enemy forces however his grin only widened, a whole flock of heretic lambs waiting for slaughter, yet they weren't butchering them yet which made little sense. Then again he hadn't killed the small one either, but she was harmless and might make a good experiment back on the fleet, the zealot had never tried reconditioning before.

"Are we going to hurry up and gut this filth?" He asked with an inquisitive tone while eyeing up the warriors before him. It would certainly be fun cutting up a few more before leaving the rest to their doomed ship.


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Sekhmet coughed aloud as her stomach was pushed in violently, followed by the crunch of her nose and a small spattering of blood that covered the air in front of her face. She stumbled back a step or two, head still back from the whiplash of the uppercut. She held there, her chest heaving in anger from the pain, not the attack, but it was what she had asked for and what she needed. She straightened up, cracked her neck and with another sudden snap she fixed her nose. The first seemed to be lit in the Tsumi's eye again as she stared at Rekkin and she yanked both axes from her sides, but instead of attacking, she cracked them over her helmet and grinned.

"Good shot, now let's go." And with little else she turned back to the door and readied herself to charge out head long to attack and carve a path through for her purge.

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Kmza coiled up her legs, still hanging over Jaytorr's burly shoulder at this point. Uncomfortable and dejected eyes observed the ones blocking their way now, former comrades of their old master... Given the choice, she probably would have preferred to fight them, rather than just hanging here with a rotten feeling in her stomach. Now that her loyalty was tainted by being in the presence of these intruders, it wasn't like she could go back, even if they wanted to... Yet it wasn't like the new masters were going to trust them with a weapon, either.

"Death rolls an' thundurs like an ocean, zealot. It's commin' no mattah where you place it." A newly clear, piercing whisper entered his ear. If they still cared about being beaten, they had temporarily forgotten. This was more like something they just had to tell him. "Better to use fire or cold, is... Dey'wul suffah before the end anyhow, they will..."

A sick, weary smile crossed their face. They were imagining it in detail already.


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Another explosion rocked the ship, more severe in it's force, a panel crashing down between the two opposing forces. "We are fighting to the escape pods. We fire, we move. If we have the chance, we leave," Marraken stated between clenched teeth. Seething with anger and rage, though powerless in the face of mutual destruction. She was visibly as antsy as Jaytorr seemed to be, willing to make a last stand. But she couldn't. Things weren't as simple as that, she still had her duties to fulfill, death could wait. "This isn't the hill we die on," she spoke under her breath, barely audible due to the warping of metal. Another explosion caused a piece of debris from down the hall fly past at near terminal-velocity. Whizzing past Marraken's purge before coming to a halt with a crunch and a splatter as the man named Bayrek dropped to his knees as the massive shard portruded from his chest. "NOW," cried Marraken as she raised her shield up, rifle tucked against her upper shoulder to blindfire into the enemy crowd. Braxton seemed to follow suit, some of the Tsumi that were both out of luck and out of ammo didn't have any alternative to drawing their melee weaponry and leap into the enemy ranks. Either to be cut down instantly, by foe or ally, or to thrive in the thick of battle. Whether it was chalked up to stupendous luck or divine intervention, the strategy seemed to work. Or maybe there was another reason?

"Their weapons are shite! Their blades are dull and they only have a handful of ammo!" Marraken's voice cried out above the heat of battle before a cackling laughter resounded from the blonde Tsumi. Though it was answered by an ominous thrum that pulled through the ship. A certain foul smell in the air, a taste of iron in the cotton-mouth that slowly dawned upon everyone. Thick, leathery tongues wiggled and felt disgusting, tasted disgusting. There was no other explanation than radiation poisoning. The ship's core was going nuclear, any second before it detonated. Then again, being blown to bits was one of the better cases. Being pulled in the vacuum of space would be an agonizing death.

"Cease fire, conserve ammo!" Marraken called with raspy throat as her Warmaker dropped to the side and she charged to drive a wedge into the already disorganized enemy ranks. Stabbing and slashing wildly, laughing and hurling obsceneties as a path was forged forward to the escape pod.

Marraken practically hurled herself inside, hoping her purge would be right behind her. She turned on her feet to pull Rekkin in as well, who had taken to a bad limp and a wobbly demeanour before settling down and beginning to work on the terminal. Though as everyone, or rather, almost everyone piled in, she smacked a fist down on the keyboard and the hatch closed and sealed.

As the pod was launched, Marraken couldn't help but tear her helmet off and to the side. The nausea was too much as a violent retching resounded, blood-laced spittle trickling down. "A-... Anyone packing-... Anti-rads?" She breathed "and where the fuh-..." A violent coughing interrupted her momentarily, "is Horus?" out as the escape pod began it's journey to deliver the purge back to the main ship.

Rekkin nodded at Sekhmet, before breathing out a soft, strained sigh and moving on. Trailing weakly behind the purge, a dull ache throughout the several wounds he had suffered. Not to mention the concussion he felt. Light was intense and burned the eyes, which in turn caused the sharp headache to intensify. As if needles were slowly pushed into his skull, only intensifying with each strained thump of his heart. He watched with vacant eyes as the scene before him unfolded. Let the highborns do the talking, he wasn't interested, he didn't care. The only thing he cared about was death, which was waiting for the slightest lapse in judgement.

Though a soft hiss left him as he suddenly felt his throat grow more parched. A disgusting taste of metal in his mouth ensued and his hands seemed to be on fire. He looked down swiftly, only to notice the smoke rising from the cracks in his gauntlets.

The rest of his purge could notice how gauntlets clunked on the floor. A wide-eyed Rekkin staring at his hands in disbelief. To anyone other than Rekkin, it was nothing. But he saw it. They were charred - black and covered by ash. Cracked like charred wood with an orange glow that lurked beneath. The fire began to spread, everywhere. It hurt - it burned, pain he never felt before and he could never ever hope to describe. A sin-burdened, was he becoming one?

Suddenly, Marraken's shout ripped him from his hallucination, though the pain remained a distant memory. And the only memory in his mind right now as he gripped his axes without a word and lead the charge into enemy ranks. A bullet dented his helm and another chime of pain pulled through his head, though his body kept moving. As if he lost control. Someone else was using his body and he merely spectated how his axes sliced and diced. A throat ripped out with a simple ax-punch, a chest caved in and a head rolling at his feet as he racked up kills. Moving ever-forward towards the escape pods. Noticing Marraken suddenly joining his side and pushing forward. Though as she leapt inside, his body ceased movement. The second wind, the sin-burdened that took him, whatever it was that kept him moving now disappeared. Rekkin slowly felt his consciousness slip. The thumping increased and soon, the noise of battle was drowned out by the slow thumping of his heart. He was about to fall, before he felt a hand ripping him out of it and slamming him into a seat.
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Enemy vessel

escape pods

A smirk formed on Jaytorr's face as the command was uttered. Good, no need for words any longer. Let their weapons do the talking in the trials and tribulations of glorious battle. A final push was required, one that the gods no doubt would be watching. And it was the duty of every self-respecting warrior to make sure the gods would be amused, if not exhilirated by his ferocity. Determined to not disappoint, he followed Rekkin and Marraken's example after tossing Kmza on the ground. Though the chain still firm in one hand. Yanking, dragging the tech-thrall Hayden worshipper across the floor if need be. Though then again, there were more uses to both the chains and the weight.

A particular roar was bellowed out by Jaytorr as suddenly the chains tightened around Kmza's wrists. Who was but a puppet to his whims at this point. "We can 'elp, Kmza ca-..." Was what the tech-thrall tried to offer. Feeling the rather venomous taste of radiation already gathering on her tongue. Though her words were lost as she was suddenly airborne, used as a makeshift projectile, for a lack of better wording. Crashing down against two of the enemy before being dragged back as Jaytorr moved in for the kill. An opening formed, his purge leader dragging Rekkin's form in an escape pod. He followed soon after, giving a particularily sharp tug on Kmza's chains to get her into the pod as well.


Sekhmet cracked a foul scowl as she heard Marraken's commands. Somewhere, she felt her gut burning, alight with seething anger and rage. Though the more reasonable part of her conscience also told her to be careful. She was hurt - Rekkin was hurt, they also had a prisoner in tow. Her helmet was lifted for a second as a bloody phlegm splattered against the floor, followed by a loose tooth she spat out along with it. Her helmet was lowered swiftly enough when all hell broke lose. The call to conserve ammunition followed, which she gladly listened to. Charging forward into the heat of battle, an angered shout as she tossed an enemy to the ground. One hand grasping at the Tsumi's throat, while the other battered her face in. Wide eyes examining the blood and viscera with a keen curiousity, ears twitching with the cracking of bone and ripping of flesh as she caved the enemy's skull. Whilst she was seeing barely anything but red, she was covered by Rekkin, Marraken and Jaytorr who had just flung Kmza around. A frustrated, angered cry resounded as her metal gauntlet hit metal flooring. Though when she calmed down ever so slightly, suffocation caught on her throat - the vile taste of iron left her. While she hadn't done tremendous damage to enemy ranks, the sheer brutality and anger was enough to make any of the survivors turn and run - allowing a clear exit to the escape pod she saw her purge boarding. An exit she, without second thought, took.

The taste of iron was thick on her tongue and only increasing in frequency.

TFS Saweya's light

Hallways -> Throneroom

The throneroom buzzed with other soldiers, harried and ragged looking. It seemed Marraken’s purge wasn’t the only one met with sizable resistance. The commander in question had issues holding straight. A particularily nasty dent was visible on the side of her chestplate. The blood leaking down from her waist was also enough of an indication in and of itself. Adrenaline faded and pain flooded her head. Which was also throbbing quite harshly. The battle-weary purge stood there, between soldiers who rushed to reunite with their purges and others who rushed for medicine. As Marraken moved over to one of the tables presented and grabbed a bottle of tablets that would soothe the poisoning. It wouldn’t clear it, but certainly with the painkillers she held in her lower left hand, it’d be better. Practically ripping both bottles open in tandem, she swigged down a more than would be prescribed portion, chewing shortly before swallowing it. Coughing as she felt now the chemicals flood her systems. “Saweya,” she muttered, “have mercy,” was sighed in relief before the bottles were tossed to the sides. A purist like Jaytorr who held Kmza on a close leash didn’t seem too keen on medicating. Preferring the stinging of a bottle of disinfectant that was almost empty by the time he was done rinsing his own wounds and passing it on to Rekkin. Who discarded the bottle with a snort, knocked back painkillers and a fresh bottle of disinfectant to do the same.

All under the watchful, yet surprisingly distant eye of the Sovereign. The throne roon was lengthy, almost preposterously so. A guard took the stage, around thirty meters away from the purge leaders who were waiting for their names to be called, having done the almost ritualistic progress of Tsumi debriefing. The loud thumping of a polearm resounded as the man slammed it against the ground, causing the otherwise chattering purges to slowly grow silent. “Marraken Brynnfen-ae Ywach-ben,” was the name he called first. Causing the commander to turn to Jaytorr and clear her throat. “Taking court!” She shouted in response, causing the red-cloaked guard to nod. “Thank you. Birn Malzenhart-ae Philisur-Septan next. As you were,” the guard concluced, causing the crowd to upstart again as more purges seemed to walk in behind them. “Give me the thrall,” she commanded, before being handed the chains. A sharp tug to make sure Kmza wasn’t feeling overly pretentious before moving over to take the stage. Standing before the Sovereign with inclined head. Pressing her boot down in the back of Kmza’s knee before kneeling herself. “Your grace,” she stated before holding her tongue. Waiting for Mithrandis to speak. “Marraken and,” she trailed off. Cold eyes befalling Kmza as the Sovereign slowly got to her feet.

“A prisoner?” The blonde nodded, exhaling a soft breath. “Yes, your grace, she’s a tech-thrall, a worshipper of Hayden.” The Sovereign halted as a guard handed off her poleaxe. Which was lowered to have the spike softly inched beneath Kmza’s chin. Forcing her to look up. “I asked for prisoners to make examples off, but this one’s more oracle than tech-thrall,” she lowered the pike and moved back to the small flight of stairs that lead up to the throne. A guard moving in to gather her poleaxe once more. “Report,” Marraken nodded, before speaking up. “I require stitches, upper left shoulder,” and as soon as the words left her mouth, a court healer moved up with a small cart filled with medical tools. Leaving it next to Marraken, before bowing curtly and kneeling down to begin to work on the woman’s shoulder. “We have destroyed TRS Bayon III, destabilized the generators as we wouldn’t be able to get control of the bridge in our state after fighting a Warslave, which now lies dead. I would provide proof, but the one carrying the head has died or worse, went turncoat.” A soft hiss at the medic next to her before she cast a vile gaze at the medic. Who merely inclined his head and continued. “Then how do I believe such rash claim? A Warslave is no mere feat, Marakken, is there anyone to back up such bold claim?!” She shouted out, looking at the gaggle of Tsumi that were still busying themselves but now slowly ground to a halt. A voice, through the armoured warriors called out. Braxton’s voice, the green-skinned Tsumi walking forward as she spoke. Having done away with the armour plating, only her lower half remained armoured, her upper only covered by a breezy and stained tanktop. Blood was obvious, the disinfectant was logical, though other bodily fluids seemed to stain it. A large, bruised eye that was barely open – with a cut split down the middle. “I can affirm this claim!” Was what she called out loudly. “A warrior capable of such feats demands respect, your infinite Benevolence, but I wish to be selfish and request a duel with Marraken!”

With how she seemed to carry herself. A slight limp to her step, the blood that still flowed from open wounds, the wobbliness. Anyone would be hard pressed to deny this was a challenge ill-timed. “Then I shall be your arbiter, patch her up as best you can,” she called out before looking back to Marraken. “The rest of your report.” She stated coldly as several other healers hurried over to Braxton. With tool-carts similar to the one that just got done stitching Marraken up.

“Ofcourse, your majesty,” Marraken replied before continuing; “after the generators were sabotaged, we fought to the escape pods – found the heretics and layed waist to as much of them as possible. Ship-commander Bayrek Boyartsch-ae Saweyal-bren’s banners hung. We do not know whether he is alive or dead.” A soft hum came from the Sovereign as she shrugged, “mayhaps another purge commander will tell me of his fate. You do realize killing a Warslave entitles you to one,” a soft chuckle came from Marraken. “I wish to dedicate that honour to you, your Sovereignity, all I ask in return is the life of this tech-thrall is mine,” a soft huff as Mithrandis pondered briefly, “very well,” came her reply before looking up at the medics that awaited her command next to Braxton. “If you are ready, the duel will begin. State your stakes, green-skin.” Braxton grunted under her breath. “My skull and all of little value to my name.” Marraken, after soft urge of the Sovereign to rise and take center stage, did so. With Braxton following her example. “What do you request in return?” Came Mithrandis’ question. “Her skull – all to her name. Her purge in my servitude,” a sick grin spread on her face. “I am in dire need of a new one, your Grace.” Slowly descending the steps that lead up to the throne. “Very well, do you accept these stakes, Marraken?” A soft growl under her breath told the Sovereign what she needed to know. “Very well. All those that are not purge leaders and wish to depart, may leave. You also may stay to watch the fight.”

Bets were closed as money, loot and prisoners began to change hands as some of the soldiers seemed rather happy with the prospect of a bet. Even though prisoners would most likely be confiscated, favour with the Sovereign was always welcome. And the bar was set impossibly high – after the news of a death Warslave any attempt to impress would be difficult.

Marraken, about equally armoured as Braxton was, spat a bloody phlegm on the floor. Which was met with the one eyed, stone-cold gaze of Braxton. “Begin,” Mithrandis stated simply as her hands folded behind her back.

And neither warriors needed more motivation, where many would expect bloodthirsty roars as the two opponents faced eachother, there was harrowing silence. Only interrupted by the gentle clunks of footfalls on the metal floor. Then, there was the brutish slam of shields colliding with eachother as the two faced down in the first measure of strength. Though having the bulkier shield, Marraken was able to throw her weight in more, causing Braxton to lose valuable ground and have a swift stab from a longsword heading her way. One she narrowly dodged to let Marraken fall through, who swiftly turned on her feet to block the incoming spear before using the brief window to give Marraken a good slam to the head with the massive brunt of metal. Her advance was pressed and first blood was drawn by Marraken as Braxton’s nose seemed to explode under the force. Causing the green-skinned Tsumi to stagger backwards. A moment of silence as Braxton wiped the blood from a thoroughly fucked up nose and charged forward in what seemed a blind offense. Spear flying in a wide arc overhead. Though Marraken realized too late it was a feint and felt the sudden blunt end slammed against her forehead – before a shield hammered against her skull once. Which was subsequently followed by a fist that tightly clenched around one of her horns. Though under the sudden flurry of attacks, she noticed the sheen of a sharp edge flying her way. It was too late to act on and she felt steel lancing through her abdomen. Though she had to trade blows, not take them. The split second of haze that ensued, subsequently followed by rage as she dropped her sword and saw another brief window to make this worthwhile. A thumb suddenly jabbed forward into Braxton’s remaining eye. A howl of pain as the spear was driven deeper by Braxton – though Marraken didn’t relent, she did the exact opposite. Pushing farther until a loud snap resounded and Braxton was screaming in absolute agony. Letting go of the spear and dropping her shield as all four arms moved up to pull the thumb from her mushed up eye-socket. Blindly wobbling about as Marraken took a moment to catch her breath and stand up straight again. A loud clunk resounded as she tossed her shield to the side and began inching out the spear, before glancing over as screams died down to pained sobs and murmurs. With a hiss of pain, she retrieved her sword from the ground and with a substantial limp, she made her way over to Braxton’s failing form slowly. Glancing over at Mithrandis who merely shrugged and vocalized; “Your decision,” the Sovereign uttered.

With a harsh kick to the back of Braxton’s knee, her wobbling form was dropped down. And a single mighty heave made sure that her head dropped in her lap.