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[Tsumi] Volume 1, sidestory 1: Fleshgod Apocalypse


Retired Member
RP Date
YE 41, 0830 fleet time
RP Location
Tsumi support freighter, Tsumi main fleet
"Kamro!- Fuck!" The purge leader tried to call out to their wounded comrade, but he had to duck deeper in cover as several bullets razed just past his head. Dallen glanced over to both Kmza and Grior on the other side of the door. Before thumping his helmet against the wall. Bullets slamming into the walls of the blast doors. Causing him to turn his head to avert his eyes from the metallic shrapnel. "Whatever you're doing, techpriest, do it fast," he barked again. Tossing a cautious glance from his cover before cowering once more. " They're moving in - when they reach us, we're dead meat!"

The battle-scarred Tsumi next to Kmza grunted in response. Shoving her to the side as she stepped past teathrically. Pulling up her massive shield and holding it infront when shouldering her warmaker in her other two arms. And without as much as a second though, the Tsumi woman stepped into direct line of fire with a soft grunt. Warmaker clattering bullets down the hall as she bought her purge precious seconds now.

Kmza regained composure from being slammed into the opposite wall, and then her dull blue eyes just sort of took on a drained, tired scowl.

Hot lead and screams might have filled the air around them, but the smaller grey-skinned creature wasn’t in any rush. Her bare feet ached after treading the cheap metal floor-grids of the ship’s interior all day, and the manacles weren’t making it any better.

This, right now, was the one situation where they knew they could tell their masters to go screw themselves… Though that course of action would probably result in their death, too.

Shrugging, they eventually pulled out their power drill, and clanged the butt against the metal panel adjacent to the bulkhead. Took them a few attempts because of all the background noise, but eventually they found the sweet spot of the hydraulic jack underneath. All it took was a well placed drill-hole to splash the surroundings (and themselves) with the black pressurized liquid, slamming the door closed with pure gravity, and blocking off the corridor off from aggressors.

Well, for now.

“...'s been done, sah.” A blank expression. “...Anyfun else, sah?...”

As the doors slammed shut, Dallen exhaled a soft breath, before shaking his head. "Fuck'n Kamro. Ywach be kind on your soul," he murmured as he pushed himself from cover. The bullets that slammed into the doors were mere pinpricks and lacked any punch to actually penetrate and cause danger. Exhaling a soft breath, he glanced over to Kmza and Grior again. "You in one piece, Grior?"

With a loud, positive grunt, she only nodded. Though in the midst of picking a bullet from her shoulder. "Alright, We've cut them off from getting to the engineering bay," he exhaled. Pulling up a small map of the layout of the ship. "Boarding and escape pods aren't too far. It'll be the next target for those dogs," he snarled, spitting a bloody wad, tooth accompanying, on the floor. "Let's move. See if you can disable that door as well, techpriest."

Kmza felt something involving Danmadan, the cursed one, roll on their lips, but immediately felt the recoiling power of Kamro's newly emergent soul take offense. As the others scattered away and lumbered their battle-weary forms towards the escape pod sector, they instead took a moment to stay behind and bite into the upper part of their hand; It was blood for an arcane sigil which they quickly drew onto the disabled door... No way the harmful aura could get past that.

Had to hurry now. Barreled down the hallway after the armoured giants, following their own memories of the engineering section to keep pace. Even knew where the adjacent bulkhead was since they had worked on it a few weeks prior, and went about the same motion of drilling through it's vitals to put a physical barrier between them and the enemy.

Actually following her masters this far was starting to feel a little wrong, though... Standing there, in the dimly lit access tube, they wondered if the pods were just going to get shot down anyway... and what would happen to them personally, even if they decided to let some lowly tech-thrall onboard?...

Turning around and meeting their gaze one by one, the internal tension was a little obvious.

The Tsumi dissidents jogged down the halls, as fast as their heavy armour allowed them. Passing the intersection that would lead to an elevator, they instead went straight ahead. Another corridor to the right, that lead to the armoury. Though as both Grior and Dallen ran past, both witnessed a pale flash of light, a reflection of metal. Before a javelin pierced through Dallen's arm. Causing him to be knocked to the ground with the force. "Fuck!" He called. Scrambling to his feet desperately to toss himself back into cover. Grasping at the projectile lodged in his arm and snapping it off at the base.

Grior swept in with her shield on the other side of the corridor. Glancing across the corner before pushing herself back into cover. Letting out a frustrated growl. Giving her rifle a one-over and checking the magazine. Before glancing over to Kmza with fiery, angered eyes. A vile look, one would use to look at filth and rabble. Cursing uselessness and incompetence, before shaking her head. Leaning on one foot before pushing the rifle across the corner in blind fire.

Kmza observed the firefight as it was happening around them purely as trajectories. Various deaths in flight... They ducked whilst running passed the open corridor, using Dallen as a sheild, but also risked a small jolt outwards to collect the snapped half of the javelin, too... Maybe it would help in some way to-?

This disconnection from reality, however, was entirely cut short by Grior's vindictive glance. It was basically hard-coded into them to be fearful at this point, and their body betrayed them by sending a cold shiver throughout their very bones.

That gun... All the mountain of a woman would have to do is just spare one bullet, and...

Cameras. Where there any cameras watching them? That would be a good indication of who was actually winning this fight.

Kmza slowly made their way down onto the floor, keeping an eye on Grior's turbulent mood, and assessed the current situation around them.

Grior seemed ill interested in Kmza at this point. And more interested on keeping the new enemies at bay. Slamming a new magazine in her rifle, before continuing to send blind shots down the hallway. Darren leaned against the wall and huffed out a soft breath as he glanced at his now unusable arm, before glancing up at Kmza. Before readying his rifle himself.

There wasn't much Kmza could do but provide fire support at this point, there wasn't any door to shut down or no panel to fiddle around with. There was however, loose plating on the walls. Sparking electronics seen within the cracks. Mayhaps the plating could be of use. Mayhaps short circuiting the light would allow them for a swift escape.

Kmza was distinctly worried about standing up still, not sure how the others would take them messing around with the exposed pannel. Ended up staring at Darren's blood pooling on the floor instead, spattering slowly though those grates...

Being this close to death for so long was just really, really tiring.

Haggard eyes looked upwards again, and they decided on another course of action instead.

"...Spare gun?" The woman shifted closer, pooled their hands, and lowered their head in submission. "...They kill Kmza also.... S-so... You having this spare gun?..."

Grior kept firing, though a distinct sneer was heard as Kmza pleaded for a spare gun. However, Dallen seemed more reasonable. Ducking back in cover before offering a soft sigh. Grasping at his belt to pull out a bog-standard service pistol, holding the grip out to her. "I want this back - and you owe me, tech-thrall," he snorted. Before averting his gaze from more metal shrapnel that spattered everywhere due to the gunfire. Before he broke cover and laid down surpressive fire on the enemy.

"Thank you gen-o-ruoos man!" Kmza smiled and seized it to their face as one might a stuffed toy, though their smile was made a little more disturbing by the situation and the fact they were still covered in oil.

Now that he had broken cover, too, that made them feel a lot safer. Well, relatively. At least Grior was still distracted.

Passing the weapon down to their lower right and and pulling back the bolt, they then scrambled over to the metal pannel and wrenched it off the stray bolts that remained. Even if there was nothing useful inside, the pannel might be.

"Blast, we got to move from here!" Dallen shouted as he stepped back into his cover. "We can't stay here, they outnumber and outgun us," his eyes found Kmza once again, before thumping his helmet head against the wall as Grior growled in agreement.

"What in Stetark's inferno are you even doing?" He shouted over the gunfire, before sending another volley of blindfire down the corridor.

The answer to that question came relatively quickly, as the lights around them blinked out, and a low clanking sound began to be heard. The lights turned on painfully high in the corridor that the enemy were stood in, exactly as water began to spray. This had the effect of hiding Dallen and Grior's end of the T-junction in complete darkness, that the glare-afflicted eye couldn't adjust to.

Kmza just looked up at them over the bent panel after this, not sure how they would take her actually helping them.

Grior and Dallen both seemed confused at first as the lights died out, the flare of lights from the corridor they were firing down now properly blinding as well as the sprayed water from the fire-surpressant system caused them to be obscured enough. Both knew what was going on and both knew this was the odd woman's doing. Dallen exhaled a soft sigh and nodded at Grior, who offered a grunt of approval for Kmza, before pushing herself up straight and dashing past the blind surpressing fire the enemy was giving them. "Good job," Dallen only murmured to Kmza, before moving down past Kmza. Making the final jog for the escape pods. "Get this door overridden," he barked then, glancing at Kmza once more.

They had a chance of making it out, if not, make sure most could make it out. As long as Kmza remained as cooperative as she was being now.

Kmza's body refused to move under their gaze again, betraying them once more. Their brain wanted to seek guidace, to sit and drift off into another realm, and think about what the gods intended for them in this scenario. Were these two masters not just working for themselves, here and now? What purpose could running away serve, in those that had decided, for themselves, that destiny meant fighting to the death?...

Hands shook, bringing themselves to the keypad that managed the escape pod control console. She'd heard rumours that her collar would explode or shock her for messing with these things.

A deep breath. Unscrewed the side, and then made sure that there was no pressure trigger hidden underneath. So far so good.

Actually, the electronics seemed rather old inside. Still didn't stop her from worrying about cameras watching her do this. Or what her two 'comrades' might do to her if they succeeded... The food and air in these escape capsules was limited, after all...

Another deep breath, tucking their hood inside the prongs that kept their collar centered. Got their wire cutters out, found the positive wire of the direct power source lead going into the unit, closed their eyes, and then internalized a small prayer to Hayden...

-Preserve o'me for d'is one night, oh gestalt lord, and I will deleivereth ye two un' return, I would...-


The gunfire down the T-corridor they had come from had finally ceased halfway through Kmza's prayer, heavy, clunking footfalls resounding down the hall. Kmza could see how both Grior and Dallen raised their rifles and stepped forward. The sillhouette of a foe appearing on the floor, before the doors slammed shut once more. Causing Dallen to breathe a sigh of relief. He turned on his feet and grabbed one of the landlines that crossed through the ship - making sure to contact the bridge. "Engineering and escape pods have been cleared," he spoke into the intercomm. "We've managed to lock the intruders between engineering and this room. They were coming from the armoury, so they'll have to go back." Another voice crackled with static, but responded positively. "Good, find your way around to engineering and gaurd it - a Warslave is on the way." Dallen swallowed thickly, but only nodded. "Understood, ma'am," he croaked, before looking at Grior and Dallen. "Guess we know what to do."

Kmza was standing in a bit of an odd pose during all of this, staring at the open circuitry with eyes wide. Had Hayden himself really just responded to her prayer?...

Her face slowly turned and nodded towards Dallen as he gave the command, but her mind was filled with imagery of twisting flesh, the baroque planet-sized tangle of malformed rage that was their former home... It was a pact now. The great lord of death and hunger had marked her soul.

"...Do yu know the tunnels, sah?" A meek tone. They already had the taste of blood on their palette. Didn't want it, but it wouldn't go away. Was it just a memory, or was it real?... "Gon hav' to go up an' around on tha main-tu-nance duct, likely?..."

One hand covered their chest, and another pointed urgently to somewhere further down, past the escape pods themselves. Their masters spent all their time killing each other, so they might not understand the ins and outs of the ship as well as her... Or, at least, that's what the smaller creature was counting on.

"No," Dallen retorted as he glanced back over to Kmza. "We're not tech-heads, you are. I presume you know them?" He asked, before offering a soft sigh and shrugging. "If you don't, we can loop around the armoury and get into the engineering from the other side. So, do you?" He asked with a frown.

"Yis. You gon have to crawl som'of'it, 'doh." They did their best to look attentive in response, though not daring to remain in eye contact with Grior for long. "Coolin' lines go right from them aft guns, up and ovar, yah see? It all goes to righ' behind the power syis-tem it does. Right round."

Moving a bit further towards the end of the launch tube section that they mentioned, there was indeed several wrungs mounted directly into the metal plates set into an alchove. None of this was a lie. Though she did wonder if the much more brawny creatures would actually fit.

Grior seemed intent on staring Kmza down as she spoke, before glancing over to Dallen, who seemed to mull it over, before nodding. "Alright. Lead the way," he answered with a soft sigh. Causing Grior to let out a low growl of irritation. The male glanced over and snorted. "What do you suggest, Grior? We lost Kamro, I'm hurt, you've sustained damage. Going through them and dying? It's not like you can suggest anything, you feckin' mute." This caused Grior to hiss and shake her head, before shrugging and pulling up her shield. Falling in line behind Kmza. Though not seeming at all too pleased, both that they were now following the commands of this borderline heretical lunatic, but for the snark she just recieved. A soft thump resounded as Grior's shield hit the floor and the back of an armoured hand was flying for Kmza's cheek. With sufficient force to knock the lither Tsumi off of her feet. Offering out a threatening growl, before gesturing at the entrance. Dallen only offered a curt sigh and shook his head, tightening the strap of his rifle.

Kmza hit the floor hard, though it was more of an indistinct clatter considering all of the random prayer beads, bells and wax talismans attached to them. Their head spun for a moment, making them fumble around, before finally getting up again. Their left cheek was pretty bruised, but it wasn't the worst they had suffered. Not even from Grior personally.

"Ghw-" Opened their mouth, reached in, and removed a bit of tooth- "We go this way now." They pointed again, going back to showing as little emotion as possible. Climbing up the wrungs, they flipped down the upper pannel with the manual crank-release, and then pushed the access cover inwards. It made a bit of a poping sound, low internal pressure and cold air rapidly flowing down onto the two warriors. "...We doing crawl now..."

Large insulated pipes, above, turning the corner from the aft and heading into the interior of the ship, like they said.

For Kmza, who wasn't wearing much on her lower half, the deck plating was almost unbearably cold against their bare knees, but... This was the only way. This was what Hayden had told them to do. She had to complete this god-given task now, no matter what.

Kept their ears open. How this was going to work hinged on who followed them first. Grior or Dallen?...

Without addressing the issue at hand, or commenting on how smug and statisfied Grior looked, Dallen cleared his throat. "Go," he commanded to Grior. Who rumbled out a soft growl and strapped the shield to her back. Moving up behind Kmza, crawling up and through to tunnels with annoyed grunts and groans. Dallen seemed to wait up a bit for the wrungs to be cleared by the purge's mute enforcer, before exhaling a soft breath. "Saweya preserve," he murmured, before grasping at the metal bars and beginning to pull himself up.

After about twenty metres, there was another pressurized hatch. Kmza seemed to struggle with it because of the build-up of ice, which gave plenty of time for Dallen and Grior to catch up.

And so they did. First came Grior, who let out a soft grunt to indicate that she had caught up, but also one of impatience and frustration, making sure Kmza'd hurry up. Or there'd be more of where her bruised face came from. With a soft clunking, Dallen also joined them. Tilting his neck to let it pop ever so slightly. "What's the cause of delay, techpriest?"

"C-c-Cold, is..." They responded simply, before one more jolt pushed the small door open. Again, they were hit by a wave of frozen air. The previous hatch back to the escape pod room could be heard swinging around violently because of it.

Kmza crawled forward a bit more, through the apature. Cleared the door, then stopped again.

It was a blur of motion. They slap-fired the pistol from the hip as they rolled over onto their back, completely missing Grior, but exploding chunks out of the pipe above them.

Pressurized coolant gas immediately jetted out and flooded the small enclosure, violently slamming both hatch doors closed because of the extreme drop in air pressure sucking them inwards.

Shivering, shaking, crying, smiling, eyes wide...

Kmza pressed her face to the other side of the hatch, and drew another sigil in the permafrost.

"Iyem' sorry Dha-heen." She whispered, her heart thundering. "Kmza serve... a greatur master now..."

"Just push on, we don't have the ti-..." The shot rung out. In such an enclosed space, it was deafening. Grior reached out to grasp at Kmza's leg, to pull her back all of a sudden. Fire raging in her eyes. Though the hatch slammed shut with overwhelming force, causing bone to crunch and flesh to split as her arm was ripped off completely. Both the Tsumi were screeching and shouting, agonized screams muffled by the airtight seals of the tubes. Agonized screams that slowly died down. Ever so gently, until nothing but the hissing of the coolant pipe was resounded.

Alone now. Kmza stayed there for several moments longer than neccisary, long after their feet had gone numb from the cold. Couldn't tell if the brand of heresy on the right side of her face was hurting because of her actions, or if it was her tears freezing into ice.

The debt was paid. Hayden's hunger knew no bounds, but she had given him a greater quarry on this day.

Still... Now the only direction they had available still lead them to engineering. They had to get moving again, before the cold claimed them regardless. Tired limbs ached, accutely aware of the manacles now more than ever... Ears were still ringing, too...

Maybe there would be something that could help them there?... A warslave, too, they said... One of Hayden's own... Maybe this was fate, truly?...

Dragging themself onward, they slowly made their way to the other end of the tunnel, opening each suplemantary hatch in turn, until they finally made it to the next horizontal one, and listened to what was occuring below.

Sounded like there was something going on a couple of rooms forward, sure... The screech was truely something horrifying...

She'd stick to the shadows, then, and pray for the success of Hayden's messenger.