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Type 30 Rations


New Member
Not really. At least some of the MREs we were given in JROTC were not too disimillar. Sometimes including the...oddities in what came with what. If anything, they were more luxurious...though I doubt anyone eating them would call them that. Of course, I understand they are obsolete and have been replaced with something new these days.


FYI, French MRE packs are the awesome. Venison in an MRE is jsut win. =)

But in regards to this, why matches? Do these come with a mini heat source like our current MRE packs have? I don't quite see the matches as a good way of heating this stuff.


Founder & Admin
Staff Member
FM of Yamatai
Game Master
No, they don't. I'll probably introduce a lightweight reusable heater pack if it turns out it's needed. In the SARP, battery lives are long enough that we could make one that lasts a long time (and could perhaps be recharged with a pistol battery magazine) and carrying one instead of a bunch of disposable chemical ones could cut down on weight. Matches are there for fire starting in case no heating device is available.