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Type 32 Spire

50,000 people and no hospital facility?

The Medical and Laboratory of the Chiharu

The ship contains a massive, incredibly advanced hospital and laboratory complex. Cutting edge medical procedures, experimentation of all sorts, memory backups, body synthesis, and, if necessary, torture of prisoners can be performed here. The rooms inside and the labs themselves can self-clean and sterilize equipment automatically using a combination of mechanical and nodal processes.

Upgrades ?
Type 30 Mental Backup units.

A large Autonomous Medical Treatment Center was added to serve as a Triage Center during emergencies
I reccomend this for approval. Things like this are what make the setting fun: Silly stuff that could be done better using science, but is cooler with SIANTZ!
I've already stated my desire to nose dive Chiharu's into the ground to make these spires. I approve.
This review is for: Spire

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[x] Use major unapproved sub-articles that should be submitted separately
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Artwork would be nice, and I know Wes is working on one. But its not required for a building. So I am approving this really cool, statement making object.

I intend to finish this review by: Complete