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RP: United Outer Colonies [UCS Vanguard, Former Asuka peeps] Mission to Mitsuya

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A communication was sent out to all hands, with new orders...a surprising shift in the command structure was also evident.

Hello, crew of the Asuka...Akigumo...Yugumo II, whichever you wish to be known as. I'm your new CO! When I heard that Miyako-chan's group was withuot an experienced CO, I rushed right over. My own group is being commanded by my old XO now.

Anyway, Lieutenant Minami is commanding a ship which will tag along with us, the UCS Companion, while we go to Mitsuya in the UCS Vanguard, under my command. I hope you don't mind the sudden change. Please come to the Vanguard ASAP! First to get board after getting this message gets an immediate 100 HS bonus!

Kogayane Yumiko
UCS Vanguard

Then another message came in, from Minami.

Gomen Nasai, crew, but that lady just swept on in like she owned the mission and took command...still, I have a ship and can assist as needed, and the higher ups were glad to send a more experienced person to head the mission. I look forward to working with the Commodore, in spite of everything.

Lieutenant Minami
Lolion after reading the first message he just received grabbed his bag and headed for the door as fast as he could. Money especially free money he never passed up even if the requirement was as simple as reaching the new ship first. Lolion then received the second message and stopped for a moment at the content. He sighed and cursed under his breath. "Great now I'm confused about who is really in charge" Lolion grumbled to himself as he walked out the front door gear in hand. He received Noboru's message and replied back to him telling him his location.

Lolion soon reached the same transit he was on when he came with the others to Yaichiro's residence and asked how to get to the Vangard. He got the information he wanted and was soon traveling towards it on the transit.
Noboru had (as mentioned in "Waiting for an Assignment") brought up a map of the city and was now diligently making his way to the Vanguard on foot. Needless to say, rotting in a Kyoto War College class had made the young Noboru very lethargic (attending classes didn't have him doing much more than sitting through lectures), but now that he could pilot again he figured he would need the exercise, so he did just that. By walking.
Roken did not realize until to late that he also received orders for reassignment. Now instead of following Noboru, he was in a full jog, pulling out his data pad for directions to the vanguard. He closed the distance between him and Noboru giving him a pat on his shoulder as he continued on, “see you there.”

Roken, relived for the new assignment and the bonus for being there first and he knew that the others would be heading there as quickly as possible. I wonder what the ship looks like.
After getting off at a terminal close to the UOC Vanguard Lolion shouldered his pack so that at a break neck run it wouldn't come off and started running. He had gotten directions from passengers who were on the transit and had passed by the Vanguard a few times and remembered where it was. Up ahead was a street he was supposed to turn at and right as he was about to make the corner when he saw both Roken and Noboru coming up going in the direction he was. "Crap I guess I have competition after all" Lolion though to himself as he rounded the corner and met stride with Roken who had just passed Noboru. "well, well, well, If its a race you want you got one!" Lolion said as he pulled up ahead of Roken. "I don't know about you but I intend on getting that bonus." AS far as Lolion was concerned this speed he now was running at was no where near as hard or grueling as the road marches his father put him on when he was younger.
Noboru was keeping a steady pace, not really caring about the bonus. "I don't know about a race, Lolion-san, but I'll run anyways!" he said nonchalantly, keeping up his pace ahead of Roken.
Yumiko beamed, watching a video feed of the soldiers running to the ship. She really enjoyed this part of her assignments.

"And they say there's no motivation for physical activity in these Yamataian bodies...but if nothing else, it's entertaining! I wonder who will make it first..."

She giggled, while sitting cross legged in the CO chair.
Mist arrived aboard the UCS Vanguard in a small taxi-thing with a few other personnel, including Miyako. The former sprite looked around the bay as she stepped out of the compact piece of metal and machinery. Turning to Miyako, the medic smiled cheerfully, "It's so good to be in space again! It feels like... home." She sighed, totally relaxed for some strange reason.
Miyako toted her things onto the ship. "Mhmn, I hope they let me know where to put these things quick." She sighed after boarding the vessel with the Medic. They had made it in due time, announcing herself aloud she registered with the ship. "Sub-Lieutenant Kotonoha Miyako, reporting." Peeking her crimson eyes around for anything of a welcoming committee.

Lolion rounded a corner to the UOC shipyard flashed the guard his ID showing he was a member of the UOC Peacekeeping Forces. After being let through and warning him that there were at least two more behind him he broke off at another run Towards the ship he was told by the guard was the Vanguard. He noted a taxi pulling away from the ship in question and his hopes sank. "Damn!" he cursed out loud, as he passed the taxi now moving towards the exit. "maybe there will be a consolation bonus for those of us who came as fast as we could." he though to himself but knew that it was doubtful. HE continued on at his pace either way eager to finally have a place he could somewhat call his own again. He hated depending on other people for help if he couldn't help it.
Next up was Noboru, who was almost red-faced with exertion, having run a long way from that bookstore. He flashed his UOC ID card and stepped through, meeting up with Lolion on the other side.

"Good run, man. Don't believe we've been introduced; Peacekeeper Recruit Akio Noboru."
Miyako was greeted by a familiar face, when Yumiko stepped through the door...

"Konnichiwa, Miyako-chan! Mist-chan! I see you arrived by taxi...hnn...well, not as entertaining as the men running here, but you were here KS bonus for both of you arriving at the same time! Still...I don't want to disillusion those runners. I like to watch people rushing to"

She telepathically granted 125 KS to Lolion, and 25 KS to each runner who tried to arrive first.

"It's good to see such a vigorous crew! I'm a bit jealous that you've had them to yourself, Miyako-chan! I hope that they won't tire me out. I'm their new CO, after all!"
Mist nodded as she announced herself along with Miyako, "Peacekeeper Recruit Kage Mist, reporting." When the commander showed up, the former sprite didn't recognize her, but she seemed to know Miyako somehow. The thought didn't last long in her head as she noticed the runners, some of which seemed totally exhausted.
Roken was last to make it to the others, he flashed his ID quickly not really giving the guard a chance to do anything. I am out of practice, Roken thought as he finally ran up next to Noboru. “Guess our vacation has made me soft,” He noticed Mist and Miyako and frowned a little. “Guess this means you won the race then, oh Petty Officer Second Class Roken Techard reporting for duty.”
Noboru bowed, and snapped a salute when he stood up again. "Peacekeeper Recruit Akio Noboru, reporting and ready for duty."
The XO's eyes fluttered a little bit, just a series of blinks as she tried to swallow her heart back down from inside her throat. "Yumi-iko..." She said softly, absolutely taken off guard. Miyako wasn't expecting to see her again, what was she doing commanding the Vanguard?!

She complicated things, and after seeing her Mist would put two and two together from the night at the bar. "I..where should I put my things?" Her voice was a little breathy, and her mind was wondering how complicated things could be with her lover finally getting what she wanted. How to act around her wasn't exactly written in her manual, so she just stood frozen waiting for the Commodore to say something, anything. The pilot would have run off to her quarters if she knew where they were supposed to be.

For moment at least, she had maintained her cool but her cheeks were starting to match her eyes, even her ears were joining in.
Lolion after catching his breath some made it on the ship behind Miyako and Mist heard Noboru from behind him. "Yeah that was a good workout. The names Lolion Reglo, i look forward to working with you more." Lolion breathed out as he settled himself. He walked up to where Yumiko was thought at this time he only knew her name though the message. "Lolion Reglo reporting for duty" he said as he went to attention and gave her a salute. He then waited for the other people to show up and for more orders.
"Nice to meet all of you...I'm happy to be working with you....since I feel that the effort of running was worth more than using the taxi, the first runner has received 125 KS, and all other runners 25 KS...update your accounts accordingly. It will be a pleasure to work with you all!"

She bowed ever so slightly, then shook everyone's hand in turn...however, when she got to Miyako, she grinned, picked up the smaller girl off the ground, and kissed her flat on the mouth....and even slipped a little tongue to her.

" look so cute as a Yamataian, Miyako-chan! I'll have to dress you up in some nice clothing again soon, just like a little doll!"
Noboru was updating his account via datapad when he chanced an upward glance and caught this... Awkward moment. He crooked a finger and gawked.

"Uhh... Guys, am I interrupting something, or did I just pick a bad time to look up?"
Lolion grinned at the news that he was getting a bonus for being the first runner here. He made a mental note to change his account balance later when he had some time. In the mean time he was still at parade rest awaiting for new orders when he saw Yumiko and Miyako kissing. He flushed bright red in the face. Lolion looked down at the ground and tried to ignore what he just saw when he heard Noboru speak. " Uhh I would have to say that the second part would probably be the best thought at this point" Lolion said trying to suppress a laugh and did so well enough. He looked back up and stood there waiting, for what he still didn't know.
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