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Approved Adoption Umeki Ayame


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In the continued interests of saving old characters from the dustbin, I am seeking to adopt this former YSS Eucharis Medic Mini-Nekovalkyrja (one of the only inactive player made ones on the wiki) who was featured in Mission 21 & 22 and use her for @Gunsight1 's new exclusive mini-Neko plotship, the YSS Takamagahara. The user has been inactive for 1 year, so she should be available to be adopted.

Doshii Jun

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I've sent a PM to Pleiades with this request attached. We'll give it three days. If Pleiades does not file a response, the character is yours.


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This an update to state that I relinquish control of this character and they are free to be adopted or used as an NPC by any GM.