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Uncorking the Bottle


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YE 36, Rok'Veru Orbit

Black warships drifted through the debris as shuttles and Power Armors darted from piece to piece. Five years ago, IPG space forces had engaged the NMX invasion above Rok'Veru. The IPG had presumed everything to have been lost in the fight, both the warships and the personnel aboard. But now, thanks to a reliable source, the IPG had found that their work on Rok'Veru had not been completely lost. Survivors in cryostasis survivor pods still floated amidst the wrecks and damaged prototype warships lay waiting for their owners to return.

"We've got another one," one of the Operators in a Raider said, attaching wire cables to another life pod. There was only one occupant within. "Welcome back, soldier."
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