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Interest Check UNLIMITED ANIME - New Faction & New Plots - Don't Let Your Memes Be Dreams!


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Star Army is heavily inspired by anime, of course. But it's only about 70%-75% anime, on average. Over at Zenjinkaze we try to keep things hovering around 80% anime.

What if we went full anime?

I am interested in introducing a new faction to the site that is 120% anime. It will not just be inspired by anime. It will be anime. Your catgirl wouldn't have to have years of genetic research involved in her creation (unless that's how you like your catgirls). She can just be a catgirl. Our mechs won't be hampered by boring things like physics and mass. Our martial artists won't need inertia controlling artificial organs, just chi. Our magical girls will use real magic, not just technology indistinguishable from it. Our zombies are soulless husks, not corpses animated by alien parasites. Dragons, just, in general. You get the idea.

Here's the basic premise: a massive chunk of land amalgamated from a wide variety of alternate universe versions of Tokyo unexpectedly materializes in the Star Army universe. This may possibly involve @Alex Hart and his Exodus Fleet along with the WIP Starlight Road. He's done some of this faction stuff before, so he might be able to keep me on the right path. This new entrant to our universe brings its own technology, magic, physics, rules, etc. contained within its home space. The first Open RP plot would be concerning its appearance and arrival, and possibly involve a threat to it and/or the Exodus Fleet.

After that, we would hopefully have more GMs interested in either running smaller plots within the discrete sections of the merged Tokyo, or ones that would work with me/Alex to run larger ones involving all of Tokyo, possibly interacting with the Star Army universe at large. We could have regular SA characters enter the plots or cross over with this faction, and once the faction/meta-plot has gotten firmly anchored in Star Army we could even have characters/plots from this faction moving out to join/interact with other plots in the wild.

I would like to build this idea around a few main 'pillars' of extremely anime content:
  • Super Robots & Space Battles
  • Henshin Heroes
  • Impossible Martial Arts
  • Supernatural & Paranormal
  • Swords, Sorcery & Souls
  • Combat 4 Kids
If anyone has a suggestion for a main 'type' of anime I'm missing (that isn't just a specific/popular sub-type of those) please shout it out here.

I will be trying my very best to run this as by the book as possible, clearing it through the NTSE under the same guidelines I've seen any other universes appear with, and following the rules for similar new factions. I'll probably need some help, as I'm fine with writing text and prettying up wiki pages, but not so great at figuring out all the content I will 'legally' need to have.

Post if you're interested! PM me ideas! Bug me on Discord! Tagging @Wes @Ametheliana @raz @Legix @Glein @club24 @Blizzard @SirSkully @IQ @SageShooter @Charaa @Charmaylarg Dufrain @SpaceEye to help catch the eyes of some people that might be interested.
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Alex Hart

Filler arc exploring daily life in Space tokyo seems plausible. One thing I had an idea for was something based loosely on Macross 7, with players being a part of a rock band that uses transforming space planes to fight giant monsters with the power of song.


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I think I might stick to the same general setup as ZHS. Which is kinda a test of this idea, I guess.

  • General Faction Plot Name (like Anime World or whatever)
    • Specific Sub-Plot/Show Name (Magical Girls, Super Robots, etc.)
      • Season #
        • Episode # Name (main 'mission' threads)
        • Filler Name (non main action/mission PBP threads)
        • OVA # Name (collected JP posts that take place to the side of Episodes or Filler)


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Hey, I can bring in one of my Bleach OCs with virtually the same power lmao

Yes I have Bleach OCs, but I promise you, it's not as edgy as it sounds. It was a very system-heavy and combat focussed site. It was amazing.


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I mean, I have two Bleach OCs as well. Soul Eater too, G Gundam...I could go on for a while.

Been hashing out some plot/setup ideas with Alex. But, for now, I'm thinking we'd want 6+ players/characters to start with, one for each of the pillar genres I mentioned. I would assume Alex would be taking the Super Robot one for himself. And then come up with a basic character idea with a few key fields filled in. Then figure out what all we'd want to see on a character sheet/wiki page for this faction, maybe use Alex's as an example. The first people who join up would be helping set up the foundation for this whole new world.


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Tsundere of swords sorcery and souls, or impossible martial arts, whichever ends up being convenient

Charmaylarg Dufrain

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I know this was made from the tensions of last night. And if it worked i mean i'de do it...

But you've made a fatal mistake in allowing me to make a magical girl who is undefeated so long as she adheres to the powers of love and justice and fanservice oriented costumes. How could you ever hope to win?!

Tbh tho i have some chars i could make if we're being serious tho, ye. Just go full on meta-tokyo where its everyones tokyo combined into an endless city that like takes up a whole moon or small planet...

Im sure we'de get flak in the NTSE if we're being serious here and im sure it would be soft/non canon unless we figure out the bullshittery. But im fine with riding the spite train that made this into having some fun while it lasts!


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I made a slight edit to the first post, reworked the categories slightly after pondering them today.

  • Super Robots & Space Battles (Gundam, Macross, Yamato, LoGH)
  • Henshin Heroes (Sailor Moon, Kamen Rider, MHA, One Punch Man)
  • Impossible Martial Arts (DBZ, Ranma 1/2, Fist of the North Star, Bleach, Jojo)
  • Supernatural & Paranormal (Hellsing, Fate, FMA, Bleach, Jojo)
  • Swords, Sorcery & Souls (Lodoss War, Berserk, Slayers, FMA, Bleach)
  • Combat 4 Kids (Pokemon, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Build Fighters)
As you can see, I broadened a few categories and combined robots and space. I listed some prime examples, and pointed out how there's a good amount of overlap with some shows. Especially very long running ones. Hopefully the general idea of what I'm going for is easy enough to understand.

I think we've already got a few good ideas percolating. Some that could be assigned to multiple of these. Keep brainstorming and sharing here, I'll be thinking about it, and preparing to get to work on this a little more seriously later in the week.


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Tbh I'm not fussy, I wouldn't mind slipping into Henshin Heroes, Supernatural and Paranormal or Swords, Sorcery and Souls because well, JoJo, One Punch Man and Berserk are just fun lol

But yeah I'll just keep floating around until something more solid comes of it ^^


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Well I think we have a starting six here already.

  • Super Robots & Space Battles (Alex)
  • Henshin Heroes (Char)
  • Impossible Martial Arts (Club or IQ)
  • Supernatural & Paranormal (Skull or IQ)
  • Swords, Sorcery & Souls (Club or Skull or IQ)
  • Combat 4 Kids (?)
A few of you just need to settle on one, or at least narrow it down. Maybe think which 'flavor' fits your idea the best? Jojo in Martial Arts is Part 1-2. All parts fit supernatural, but for different reasons, going from vampires to psychic abilities to ghosts and religion. I don't want to just shove Sage into the final open category there, but if you have an idea that'd fit it, might make things easier. Although a Stand is also just a buddy that follows you around to duel other people who have the same magic buddy with them...


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Tsundere pokemon trainer, could be funny and sounds interesting. I’m assuming we can sort of have whatsver battle buddies in that category? If so then I’ll take it.


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"I-it's not like I even want to be partners with you, b-baka!"

And yeah, it's a catch all category for 'why are they letting kids complete in this incredibly violent/dangerous sport/game or why is the fate of the world on the shoulders of a kid and his pet dog/magic collectable toy?'