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Neshaten Information Network Unrest Spreading and Attacks Increasing


Everything Is Magical
"Good evening to all our listeners out there, before we begin I would like to address that the studio is doing everything they can and working with authorities to find our two missing hosts who would normally be talking you through this segment, for more information or if you want to find out how to help visit our webpage."

The stand-in Laibe gulps in the studio, ever since the old building had been burned and no trace of their 2 early evening hosts found the entire staff had become shaken up with some just straight-up leaving out of fear for their lives and families. But he couldn't blame them, these stories he had to read out weren't exactly the kind of low profile news he was used to.

"For our first story, in recent times it has become apparent the general populous is uneasy, the once-bustling areas of the major cities the planet over have become far more orderly with folks going to commercial districts with tunnel vision, getting in and out without the usual browsing and casual atmosphere many of us have come to miss. Many theories and a fair bit of social research suggests a major cause of such a drastic change has been the spike of missing persons and sightings of black-clad figures sneaking into homes, the same group rumored to be behind the possible kidnappings though at this stage the law enforcement and navy still have declined to comment on the correlation."

There's a pause and the sounds of controlled breathing as he composes himself to continue on with the worse news.

"Also suspected to be linked to the strange black shadow group, the rise in hostile action across the nation, while many attacks and incidents have been directed against the navy or other law enforcers recently the list of targets has included some high ranking officials within the scientific and academic communities. While the royal family and government advisors don't yet believe it's a cause for concern in the education sector there has already been numerous teachers and staff from intellectual institutions resigning or taking leave out of fear, on that note I have just been handed new information in regards to an older story, according to new sources the kingdom authorities were in fact not responsible for the martial law at the prestigious school. Should this prove to be correct we can only hope the students and faculty are safe and haven't been harmed by whoever was behind closing off the Acadamy nearly a month ago."

The presenter's hands shook as he finished reading the latest news, he knew exactly what report it was talking about, the nation had assumed it was some sort of protective measure at the time but should this new tip be true, then no one could know what had been happening within the walls of that school. His own younger brother had been in that school when it was cut off a month ago.

"C-currently the tension between citizens and the authorities has been manageable but may become volatile at any moment, the Netoshen Broadcast Network advises listeners to continue following the guides and instructions of authorities and to avoid any extremist movements or potentially dangerous protests until more information comes to light about the nations current situation. In other news a ship belonging to the Imperium of Nepleslia was attacked and destroyed while docked at Kester, this ship belonging to the kingdom's new diplomatic contacts had been sent here with a small party of outsider officials who were discussing more details about international trade happenings in the near future. Thankfully the ship was vacant when it was attacked but the destruction of property and clear threat to the officials has caused yet another increase in border security with many trade families now restricted in their movements."

The voice shuts off as the next batch of songs plays, the city was beginning to come to life as the sun set, plenty of Laibe and Daur alike growing restless and weary of each other, no one was telling them anything about the threats on their doorstep and it was starting to show with small divides in communities popping up every day. Unbeknown to the average citizens the prospect of all out civil war was brewing deep within their society, Kingdom Fall had shown their face to the vulnerable and disgruntled and now had tendrils influencing almost every aspect of the nation. It would only be a matter of time until the population snapped from restless to lashing out at each other.