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Upgrades for the Nozomi Scout Ships


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This thread is for suggestions and discussion regarding updates and upgrades the new Nozomi-type scout ship. After the next couple missions are done, the Nozomi will stop at a starbase and the ship will be refit.

So far I've got a few:

-We need a passageway connecting the two main passageways to the rear of shuttebay. Currently, one has to go through the bridge.
-Move MEGAMI to under the monitor room (should free up space)
-Install baths behind captain's quarters
-Detail captain's quarters (Yui's bed, fridge, etc)
-Mark locations of blast shutters
-Separate dishwashing room (scullery) and kitchen (galley) into two rooms, both adjacent to the wardroom.

-Possible decriptions for each room on the stats page?
Can we make the Nozomi an overall larger ship? But those are good ideas but why behind Yui's room? why not use the open space for a recreation room where people can watch movies or whatnot? And room detail would be creative, perhaps players can detail their char's room for a good idea how they live? ... dates.html

This page shows the 6A, 6B, and 6C variants. The 6C interior is on the bottom.

-Added side-to-side passageway
-Moved MEGAMI to under the monitor room (no longer on main deck map)
-Detailed captain's quarters (no shower installed, though)
-Divided dining areas
-Moved Armory to infront of bridge
-Added recreation room
-Larger shuttlebay
-Marked doors to Mindy bays
-Moved Armory to infront of bridge
Upgrade is now complete and the Nozomi guys can return from the Mirai.
Type 28 Star Army of Yamatai Scout Ship (SSS)

Updated Mission Profile
The Year 28 Nozomi (The Ke-D2-6D) must be able to perform of missions to meet the ever-changing requirements of the Star Army of Yamatai. It's future mission roles must include excellent performance for:

-Survival in prolonged campaigns (Self-repairing)
-Extremely long distance travel at high speeds.
-Scout Missions (Stealthy Non-Combat Observation and Mapping)
-Recon Missions (Searching for and identifying military objects)
-Survey Missions (Highly accurate mapping and sensor data collection)

The Nozomi will not be designed for:

-Diplomatic meetings and accomodation of alien guests.
-Prolonged battles.

Other Features the Type 28 SSS should include:

-Nodal System
-Combined Field System
-Hull Integrated Systems with new-type escape pods and SSP.
-Emergency Shutoff for Nodal System (Just in case!)
-Emergency Shutoff for MEGAMI System (Just in case!)
-Automatically Replenishing Nodal Armory (so called "Magic Ammo box")
-Back-up computer system
-Remodeled bridge with spherical deisgn and displays in all directions
-New advanced sensor systems
-Advanced Cabling System
-Advanced Medical Bay
-Advanced Laboratory
-Sensor Probes
-2 Scout Aeroshuttles
-1 Combat Aeroshuttle
-16 Power Armor

Other Features in Consideration:

-Some sort of automatic food production system.
-2 Lounges, one between the lab and medbay, one at the center of the quarters.
-Virtual environment headset systems on bridge chairs.
Any suggestions for future Nozomi upgrades?
Yup, plenty!

First of all, I think the Nozomi should upgrade to the Type 29 Torpedo launcher to have twin firing tubes instead of just one. Secondly, you might want to stick it with a weapon other than an anti-fleet cannon like it has: anti-fleet attacks is supposed to be the strength of a Sakura-class in the non-capital ships category.

Also, it's long been my belief that the Nozomi's shuttlebay positioning as well as those crawlways were mighty inconvenient. If eventually the Nozomi would get a interior layout change, that'd be the first thing on the list. I'd totally remove the central shuttlebay and increase the size of the launchbays to the rear to include power armor and shuttles. It'd change the ship silhouette, sure, but getting rid of those crawlways would be worth it! XD