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Approved Character Very first character Submission


Well-Known Member
This is a very nicely put together bio, on the whole. Just need to do some minor edits in grammar and spelling. Rogue (criminal) and rouge (bright red) are entirely different terms, for example! Other than that, I'd actually prefer it if you listed the name of the father (and any other relatives) just as a formality, since having known unknowns don't really contribute any more to the character's development than unknown knowns, if you understand what I'm getting at.

Oh, and I imagine his name comes from his father being a member of the large Nepleslian Hispanic community, correct?

This character is pending.


New Member
Well, I labeled him as unknown because Armundo never knew him and frankly, neither did his mother. Names are not important in her line of profession, you see.

Thank you for your compliment, I spent the better part of four hours typing it up, so I was hoping that it would come together pretty well. Sorry about the spelling mistakes, I shall fix them as soon as I can.

As for the father, I think I will make him if "Spanish" descent, though there is technically no such thing. In any case, I shall get on those changes right away.


I fixed the items mentioned on my profile. I will attach Armundo's inventory when I find out if he will serve planet side or aboard a ship.


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I added some wiki links at the top of the form, and fixed a few typos left after your edit.


Okay, create a User page by using the red link that has your name.

Add your character to Star Army Characters

Since your character is Nepleslian descent, you should put a comma between Soichiro, Armundo. Yamataian names have the family name first, Nepleslians like most English speaking countries put the family name last. The comma will make sure people refer to him by his proper name.

Next you need to put in a request for orders

Look here for current plots Active Plots

Welcome to SARP.


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I'm adopting this character for use as an NPC in the Resurgence plot.

NeonPhoenix hasn't logged on since 2013 so I think this shouldn't be an issue.

Got to get my money's worth out of my chibis lol.