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Video message for Itachi Sachiko


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YE 41
A message - from an anonymous sender, tracked back to deepspace. Most likely sent from an outlaw or backwater sector.

"Alright, so this thing is on," the soft voice of the silver-haired elf infront of the camera resounded. One eye with lengthy eyelashes shut - the scar of a sort of scrape visible. She rolled her shoulders - before sucking a deep breath. "I'm not too good at these things, but here goes. Hello Sachiko, I hope you're well during the viewing of this message. I've gotten your contact info from a friend, someone I know I can trust, so you needn't worry. My name's Zoeichi Saksen-coburg, also known as Zoe. But, if you don't recognise me-... Well, I don't know how much Setsuya told you about me, if anything at all. But, I'm your mother. You're the gift after a beautiful night I spent with Setsuya, something I wish to assure you I don't regret at all," she gave a gentle smile. "I'm sorry, for not reaching out and this being the first you hear from me personally. But the Star Army of Yamatai has a particular dislike for me, hence contact has been scarce." There's a noise of something crashing down in the background, causing the elf to be distracted for a second, before turning back to the camera.

"I'm truly sorry for all that, but I hope from the bottom of my heart you wish to speak to me live - through a video feed of some sorts. Maybe you've seen pictures of me before, but I sadly haven't the damndest way to even know what you look like. What you sound like, what you like or dislike. I understand, however, if you don't want anything to do with me, if you don't wish to contact me, this will be my last message and I will leave you in peace." The elf bit her lip momentarily as she glanced to the side again, taking a deep breath to steady herself. Before looking back into the camera once more.

"In any case. I hope you are well and truly happy. And I hope the same goes for Setsuya. Send her my warmest if you see-... And want to, of course." The elf visibly choked up, before wiping the back of her palm underneath her still-functioning eye. "I'll never forget about you, though. It warms my heart knowing I've managed to bring life to an otherwise dark universe. Stay safe." At that point - the video ends, going back to a black screen with a small 'replay' button.

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A message from an unknown source, which was indeed an odd thing to see. But she knew it was likely to occur more frequently when her time in the army is up. So the former youngling decided to watch this video message since it was given to her.

She found herself convinced to contact her since she remembered hearing about Zoe.

The recording was covered by her hand for a moment as she fiddled with the technology to make sure it’s working, and then she removed her hand Zoe would get to see the daughter she had helped create. “Ok, its working, not sure if you can hear me, “she said then shifts to the left to look at something before she shifted back “ok, it’s showing my voice should be clear, so I am Sachiko, Itatski Sachiko, I must admit I was surprised to get the message from you, since I was told was that it would be difficult to be able t talk not just because of the time difference but distance as well. But anyway, I am happy to have gotten a message from you, now I can thank you for helping to bring me into this sector of space of ours “ she said finished with a happy smile, slightly tilted head.

her happy smile widened “I totally want to be able to live chat with you when possible, and-“ here she gasped when she remembered where she was “oh pardon the mess behind me, “ she said with the blush at the messy location full of tech parts littered everywhere. “This place is my tinker space, a place I was allowed to have to deal with my hobby which is tinkering with technology, and through that I can make something new when an idea pops into my mind. “

“I am very well, and happy despite the mess, and I have made some friends here, oh and my Aunties here too. “ She said to her, “so my likes and dislikes, well, l I guess you know one of my likes, namely that behind me,” she said pointing with her thumb. “I also enjoy floating in one of those zero-gravity places despite our ability to fly. “ She said to the camera when she got interrupted by a ding sound behind her. “drat! the power problem again, but either way, I can’t help by notice you look injured, want me to make something? I’m sure it would be alright on humanitarian grounds if I send you something I have made. Thanks again for contacting me, and I’ll be sure to send mommy, my warmest greetings too from ya. Also, here’s when it's free for me to be able to talk,” she sends the data through the recording

She gives another smile before she pressed the stop button