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OOC We go where we are needed (YSS Wakaba)


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Far as I'm aware, the latest is that they have not been able to contact Yamatai as of the International Relations Conference


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Sorry for the late response. Yes you guys are correct. The Wakaba is still in the past. We're fast approaching almost a year IC of being gone. What are your guys' thoughts? We can keep going and just see whenever they get out of their current situation that they start heading back home and it just takes them a while to get back home. We could go ahead and start another thread of when they return home. It'd be interesting to see how each character reacts to coming home after so long. What do you guys think?

Also, I put a new post up and I'm pretty sure I addressed everyone specifically.


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I'd like to get an idea of where to take this plot. As I mentioned before, Wes has said he'd like to do an overlap of the Wakaba and the Res where the Res comes and finds the Wakaba and helps it get back to Yam space. That's the very short version but you get the idea. Now some of you guys have mentioned that after the current fight that the Wakaba finds itself in you'd like to see kind of a long voyage back home where they have to figure out; how do they get back home? Which direction? How can they repair the ship? ect.

I love that idea and think it would be a lot of fun. My only thought on that would be that it would take us a very long time IC to travel back. If this plot started in lets just say late YE 43, we're looking at possibly late YE 45 maybe even YE 46 before they get back to Yam space. What we could do is start a return journey home plot, but then make another one whenever Wes and the Res are ready and have them rescue us but we still have the other plot going. What are your guys thoughts?

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I like the long journey option when the Res coming in for the rescue if/when the plot is coming to an end before the date. It'd be a long running plot and anything can happen in between.