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We Need You for Art Commission Ideas!


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Tonight at our community meeting, Wes brought up how we could get some larger scene commissions done by SARP in the future. His idea is to get commissions that tell stories and that can be used often in various ways, such as promoting the site to new players or at our community meetings!

@Wes said: “Yeah, I would like to have more scenes, stuff that would work in a picture video set to music or something…Not just characters floating in the middle of space, which is our usual”

A lot of players suggested scenes, here is an aggregate I made to the best of my ability:

@AntediluvianIntransigence: representation of a cool battle in a thread!…Hanako Shall Fall has had some pretty brutal battles. I think a battle scene with a bunch of characters who are all distinct from one another all doing their own cool thing would be best. My fungoid dude splitting someone's head in half with an axe attached to a centipede bursting out of his arm while death metal blares in the background…Something that could be cool would be a picture of a squad of characters in some combat oriented RP. Like those images you see of a platoon or something on a 70's quality camera showing them chilling in front of a helicopters. The sort of thing that has "okay so which one of these dudes didn't make it home?" energy.

@RaWolfe: Battle of Nataria. The Fall of Himiko, The Battle for Hanako's World. The Battle for Nataria. All art that would be very epic. Glorious arrival of Nepleslia fleet at Nataria.

@Alex Hart had an idea for murals that could be IC, too: Mural 1: The space battle of the Yamataian fleet - Mural 2: Space battle of the Nepleslian fleet - Mural 3: The ground battle for Nataria

I will think of some ideas, myself and these are all really great! I think it is safe to assume the Third Battle of Nataria would be appreciated :]

We would like to know what else people think would be cool to get some of these larger scene commissions done of! Let us know!


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Insides of starbases and space stations! Dawn Station is a popular place for many plots and characters to visit; Most Star Army ships visit the Zodic class star fortresses a lot, lots of other groups have star bases! Lots of the Sector's population also lives in these bases. what do these every day places look like inside? it'd be need to see, instead of just a paragraph or two of generic text.


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Oh hey, we can post in here!

What immediately came to mind when this was posted (apart from many different battles) was something like the Hanami festival, there is a lot going on in one big scene there if we want something more social instead of a battle, or in addition to a battle?

People in line to see Hanako, the grill there, lots of old friends catching up, pictures being taken, hugs and stories being traded, and a lot of general fun being had, though really there could be some seasonal commissions in that thread for that matter? To mix in with our regular amazing high-tier sci-fi ermazingness? Neko kurisumasu! Spoopy Nep cyberspoopaweeen!

Something to at show extra dimension to all the great shots of action, if it wouldn't ruin an amazing montage?