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SYNC Weapons Request - Galactic Horizon


Everything Is Magical
FM of Neshaten
Game Master
RP Date
Late YE40 (Oct)
To: Galactic Horizon corporate relations

My name is Kirinov Se'Kosa and I own and represent the recently formed Kirinov Automotive Servicer and Supplier company within the Kingdom, since hearing of your arrival in our lovely homeland a little time ago we've studied your technology and designs and are now approaching you with the intent to contract your services. Since we now handle all new vehicle contracts for the Navy and DoPS we're in need of a little firepower here and there which isn't really our strong suite.

As a little investment on our part and a test of your abilities, please attempt to complete a weapon based on the attached design requirements, it shouldn't be too hard using recycled technology from several of your public designs and we look forward to seeing the result.

We'd also like to contract you for a set number of Hyper-Shift Rotary Chainguns each month to use in some of our designs, this deal can be discussed in more details later in person perhaps but we're looking at a 3 year contract minimum.

Sonic Aggression Turret, placeholder
A turret suited for vehicular mounting which is able to safely incapacitate targets at a range of at least 150m, preferably an acoustic weapon similar to your gauntlet and rifle designs this turret must be small and light enough to mount atop an APC style vehicle and be operated by a combatant manually or remotely by a passenger inside the vehicle.

Best regards; Se'Kosa


Everything Is Magical
FM of Neshaten
Game Master
RE: Weapons Request

It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance Mr Se'Kosa, I'm Kryss Black, the head of corporate relations and daughter of the CEO and founder Riccard and will be processing your request today.

The contract for Hyper-Shifts we are definitely interested in and will definitely be pursued further at a later date, in person would be exceptionally beneficial to both our entities however as you said it can wait until a later date. As a show of good faith we'll include a bracket mount for each one to help you more easily equip them to your vehicles, now on to the juicy part.

The specifications you've included are definitely doable, as you pointed out we've already made two acoustic weapons in the past so we already have the equipment and experience to make more, this turret project has piqued out combined interest here as well so consider Horizon on board and willing to accept this order. We'll have a prototype done within the month to send you for your own testing and approval.

We look forward to hearing from you again.

Kryss Black