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Wes's Waifus

So I've been playing around with the AI-driven website Waifulabs making cute characters on it and I've been recruiting some of them into the Star Army by editing the images.

Here's what I came up with:

download (47).png

download (63) edited.png

download - 2019-11-23T224620.063.png


I also did these ones for @Glein:





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Whats the usage on stuff from waifulabs? Is there a license or free use or~
I tweeted that question to them to ask but they didn't reply. There's no TOU on their site either. Since it's a random generator - e.g. there's no human author of the images and there's an unlimited number of random images it can make, I think it's probably fine to use them as long as we're not trying to sell them or anything.


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Noice. That MP girl reminds me of a Saiga sister/daughter/cousin/etc.


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I thought we were just posting our Waifus, but I also wanted to get the background and uniform added too. So this is probably going on Sacre's wiki.


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Freakin out cause I just thought of this slogan!!!!!! !!!!! !! !!!!!

PNUgen Corporation: Voted Yamatai's best waifulabs!

Okay I can't figure out the best phrasing but PNUgen was basically 100% waifulabs AND AI. Wes, you made waifulabs before they were cool!