• 📅 January 2022 is YE 43.7 in the RP.

What Are Star Army's Treasures?


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Today is Heritage Treasures Day! Thinking this, what are some treasures that exist in Star Army? What are the sacred things each culture/nation possesses that can be passed down to future generations? I remember we touched on this in #worldbuilding a while back so maybe so of you have some ideas.

As Yamatai's FM, some things that came to mind for Yamatai are Yui's sword, the Uesureyan Fortress, the Pagoda at Pagoda no Uesureya, and the starship YSS Yui.

I'd really like to have some more of these, though. That's one reason I had been considering a crown for Empress Himiko. Do you have any ideas for new ones?

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